Best Ford Models for Trunk-or-Treating

Best Ford Models for Trunk-or-Treating

The current custom of going from car to car to collect candy is known as "trunk-or-treating," and it brings together two of people's favorite things: Halloween and cars. If you own one of these Ford models, you have a fantastic vehicle to customize for this year's trunk-or-treating festivities in Orlando, Florida and you can make amazing best trunk-or-treat plans. These events will take place on October 31.

Ford Mustang Mach-E

A traditional costume for Halloween involves dressing up a head from a mannequin and connecting it to one of your shoulders so that it appears as though you have two heads. This concept is given a new spin by the contemporary new Ford Mustang Mach-E, which features not one but two trunks. Because it does not have an internal combustion engine, there will be an additional 4.7 cubic feet of space available for you to use under the hood.

The EcoSport from Ford

You won't find another SUV on the market with a cargo door quite like the one that comes standard on the Ford EcoSport. Trick-or-treaters will have an easier time reaching in and grabbing their candy if this frightening sports SUV has a rear swing gate that opens from right to left rather than up and down.

Trunk or Treat Ideas

Trunk or Treat Ideas (Soruce)

Maverick, Ford

Even though the Ford Maverick does not technically have a trunk, it is still an excellent option for the trick-or-treating portion of Halloween. The Maverick is frighteningly adaptable and practical because to its compact FLEXBEDTM measuring 4.5 feet in length and its multi-position tailgate that has an integrated bottle opener.

Are you looking to brighten up a hot new ride for Halloween this year with best trunk-or-treat decorations? Visit Pimp My EV, and take a look at the current essentials of brand-new Ford automobiles that are available.

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