Ways To Make Your Tesla Model 3 Stand Out

Ways To Make Your Tesla Model 3 Stand Out

If you want a vehicle that will make everyone’s jaws drop as you pass by, then consider upgrading your Tesla Model 3 with some Tesla Model 3 interior accessories or exterior modifications. Many of these modifications not only create a custom style for your vehicle but also provide protection and add comfort to your Tesla. Check out some popular ways to make your Tesla Model 3 stand out.

Upgrade Your Grip with a New Steering Wheel

Sometimes, all you need is a new custom steering wheel to make your vehicle’s interior more comfortable and stylish. The standard Tesla steering wheels are okay, but a new, custom carbon fiber steering wheel will instantly upgrade your interior. It’ll also improve your grip and make long drives more comfortable.

Shine at Night with Puddle Lights

If you want to make your Tesla Model 3 stand out at night, all you need to do is install custom LED projector puddle lights. Adding these lights is a great way to personalize your vehicle, and they’re incredibly easy to install. There’s a vast selection of puddle light designs and logos to choose from, such as the white number three puddle lights for the Tesla Model 3. To create a unique look, you can even create your own logo with different colors instead of the standard white lights. All you need to do is send PimpMyEV an email with your logo or image attached, and we will customize your LED puddle lights to your specifications.

Achieve a Sleek Look with Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber modifications never cease to impress. Interior and exterior carbon fiber modifications make any Tesla look amazing with a sleek, modern style, and they also provide additional protection for your vehicle.

Customize Your Wheels

And finally, the last way to make your Tesla Model 3 stand out is to customize your wheels. The wheels are some of the most noticeable features on a Tesla, so if you want to make your vehicle stand out from the rest, you need wheel mods. There are all kinds of different wheel mods and covers that will take your Tesla’s exterior to the next level.

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