Mercedes-Benz EQC SUV

All You Need to Know about Mercedes-Benz EQC SUV

Mercedes-Benz, one of the top automakers in the world, has released the EQC, its first fully electric luxury car or electric SUV, in an effort to attract customers in the market for such a vehicle. The car comes with meaty power, sheer comfort, and massive features. We'll find out if this SUV lives up to the reputation of previous Mercedes-Benz vehicles by putting it through its paces.

Mercedes-Benz Presents the EQC

The Mercedes-Benz EQC is the second electric vehicle in the EQ series, and it blends the Mercedes-Benz ideals of "Emotion" and "Intelligence" in a luxury, technologically advanced SUV. Superior functionality and efficiency are built into a sleek, modern design and plush interior.

The maximum range of the EQC is 255 miles, and it only takes 40 minutes to charge from ten to eighty percent. The EQC's 300kW motor (402hp) and immediate torque make it quick to accelerate from 0 to 62 mph (8.1 seconds) and provide for a snappy driving experience.

All of the technology is encased in a fashionable external design, complete with a stunning black-panel radiator and eye-catching LED wraparound band at the front and back. The interior's ambient lighting, 3D stylistic features, and luxury materials combine to make for a car that is at once striking and comfortable.

Living with the EQC      

The electric vehicle's primary benefit over a diesel-powered GLC is the higher level of refinement it brings to the driver's experience. To add to the opulence, the electric powertrain is completely silent, and other noises like tyre and suspension noise are hardly perceptible.

The car's soft suspension and rear air suspension allow for some roll and pitch, facilitating more fuel-efficient driving, suggesting that it was designed more for luxury than pure aggressive driving. In spite of this, the vehicle's responsiveness improves when the sport mode is used.

Powered by two electric motors, the EQC has instantaneous torque and more than 400 horsepower, making it a sporty vehicle. Since the vehicle has traction control, it can reach 62 miles per hour in just 5.1 seconds.

There are multiple settings for the regen braking that determine how much regenerative braking occurs. When turned all the way up, it's like having a single pedal that does both accelerator and brake. Furthermore, even at its most feeble, the vehicle can be driven freely. Another option is an automatic driving mode, which employs the vehicle's sensors (including its cameras, radar, and global positioning system) to anticipate traffic conditions and adjust the vehicle's speed accordingly. This may feel strange at first, but it helps you maximize your regen power and develop a fuel-efficient driving habit that can increase your driving range.


The EQC's exterior combines coupe design cues with SUV functionality, thanks to its gently sloping roofline, which not only looks great but also provides plenty of headroom for passengers. Subtle blue accents throughout the design allude to the two electric motors that drive the vehicle. The striking LED light designs up front and in the taillights are further indicators of the car's technology and give it a distinctive look both during the day and at night.

The EQC's active aerodynamics—including the air vents all around the vehicle, the eye-catching alloy wheel designs, and the overall sleek and clean appearance—contribute to the car's exceptionally low drag coefficient.

mercedes benz cars design

Mercedes-Benz EQC: Design


The EQC's cabin has all the hallmarks of a Mercedes-Benz, but it also has its own character that hints at the electric drivetrain underneath. Features such as copper-colored accents, blue ambient lighting (configurable in 64 colours), EQ mode on the central infotainment screen, and distinctive materials set this Mercedes apart from the norm. The use of 3D materials, such as those seen on the doors, gives the vehicle a unique appearance.

Traditional Mercedes-Benz features such as luxury materials and leathers, a seamless widescreen cockpit with two digital screens of 10.25", and control by touch, buttons, or voice are also included.

The cabin will leave an indelible impact on Mercedes devotees and curious newcomers alike.

interior equipment lines

Mercedes-Benz EQC: Interior Equipment Lines

Driving Modes

Multiple modes of operation are available, depending on your preference when driving, such as custom, sport, comfort, and Eco. The optimal combination of fuel economy, performance features, and comfort ensures a relaxing drive. Sport mode optimizes performance, while Eco mode maximizes the EQC's range by controlling the air conditioner and providing haptic feedback through the gas pedal. Last but not least, the Individual setting lets you customize the car's steering weight, reactivity, and traction control to your liking.

Mercedes-EQC Benz's is a luxury SUV that costs more than a standard GLC. To entice and persuade people to purchase an electric SUV, the company has included several luxury amenities. You'll receive a 360-degree parking camera, parking sensors for the front, back, and sides, an electronic tailgate with a smart swipe function, puddle lights, and a runner for your feet on the side. The inside has a 10 inch touchscreen with the MBUX system, which includes AI-powered voice commands that manage your every setting, such as the air conditioning, audio, sunroof, navigation, lighting, batteries, and instrument displays. Information like as charging status, current range, and the effectiveness of regenerative braking are also displayed. It has a canister air purifier, three-zone climate control, and ambient lighting (this is a system where you can perfume given by Mercedes and it will dissipate through ac vents). The EQC also has a digital instrument cluster that can be customised with different skins (sport, progressive and classic). In addition, it has a wireless charger, a Burmester sound system with great sound quality, a Mercedes me app connect that provides information about the car's health, service intervals, geofencing, live location tracking, and remote operations, and a 10-way powered and heated front seat arrangement with various massages.


mercedes benz eqc eq driving modes

Mercedes-Benz EQC: EQ Driving Modes

Performance and Drive

The EQC is propelled by a pair of synchronous electric motors, making it a four-wheel-drive vehicle; nevertheless, the vehicle's standard driving mode is two-wheel drive, and its single-speed transmission generates a whopping 403 horsepower and 760 nm of torque at zero revolutions per minute. Performance is breathtaking, as one would want from a Mercedes and an electric vehicle. When you press on the gas pedal, the automobile responds instantly and accelerates smoothly. Despite its heavy weight, the automobile can accelerate from 0 to 100 miles per hour in under 5.6 seconds.

The EQC has three different drive modes—eco, regular, and sport—that alter the throttle response and steering feedback. Therefore, using an EQC is not only convenient, but also a lot of fun.

Accuracy of Control and Comfort of the Ride

Due to its massive size and weight, the EQC's handling isn't as outstanding as that of other Mercedes on the market. It lacks the reassuring sense of security offered by other vehicles in its class when negotiating turns. Comparable to comparable Mercedes vehicles in terms of ride quality. The air suspension does an excellent job of dampening road imperfections such that they aren't transmitted into the interior. The steering is light and responsive, making it easy to manoeuvre in congested areas. Because of this, driving this massive vehicle is a breeze.

Charging Options and Range

The EQC's 80 kW battery has a standard 15 A socket, so you can just put it in and charge it in 20 hours. The included power box charger has a 7.4 kilowatt output and can fully charge the vehicle in 10 hours. The charging process takes only 90 minutes when you use a DC industrial rapid charger. The manufacturer claims a range of 400 kilometers.

charging range of eqc suv

Charging and range of EQC SUV from Mercedes-EQ Middle East

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