DIY Tesla Maintenance Essential Tasks You Can Do At Home

DIY Tesla Maintenance Essential Tasks You Can Do At Home

Do-It-Yourself Tesla Maintenance: Key Household Jobs

The low maintenance needs of a Tesla are only one of the many advantages of owning one of these electric vehicles over those powered by conventional internal combustion engines. Still, regular maintenance is necessary for Tesla's, just like other electric motors, to keep them running well and extend their lifespan. The good news is that you may save both time and money by doing most maintenance jobs yourself.

Tesla ownership feels futuristic, yet some maintenance is familiar. Who thought a wheeled spaceship could use DIY? These home maintenance tasks will keep your Tesla functioning smoothly without a service center visit. In this article, we will discuss several necessary do-it-yourself maintenance jobs that Tesla owners may accomplish with ease in their own garages.

Tire Maintenance:

For convenience, safety, and tire life, it's important to keep the pressure in the tires at the recommended level. When the tire pressure gets too low, the Tesla vehicle's Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) sensors will sound an alarm. At-home tire care for your Tesla is as follows:

Tire Maintenance

Always remember to check the pressure of your tires—including the spare, if you have one—using a digital tire pressure tester. For information on the required tire pressure, see the owner's manual or look at the sticker located inside the driver's door jamb.

To inflate or deflate a tire, simply follow the manufacturer's instructions. Tire wear, fuel economy, and handling can all be impacted by inflated or underinflated tires.

At regular intervals, you should check the tread depth and wear patterns on the tires of your Tesla. Incorrect tire rotation or alignment problems could be the cause of uneven wear.

Water Content:

While oil changes aren't necessary for Tesla's internal combustion engines, there are other fluid systems that do need maintenance. Here's a simple way to keep your Tesla's fluid levels in check:

Water Content
  • Brake Fluid: Look beneath the front trunk, where you should see a reservoir, to see how full the brake fluid reservoir is. Check that the level of the fluid is within the specified range and add more brake fluid if needed.
  • The motor and battery pack in a Tesla are cooled using a special technique. Be sure to check the coolant level in the reservoir that is under the false floor in the back trunk. If the level is low, add more of the recommended coolant.

Interior Maintenance Tasks: Altering The Air Filter In The Cabin:

The cabin air filter removes allergens, dust, and other pollutants from the air within the cabin filters the car, assisting with air quality maintenance. The cabin air filter should be replaced every two years, or as needed, according to Tesla. In order to change the cabin air filter on your own, follow these steps:

Interior Maintenance Tasks

Find the Filter: Most vehicles include a cabin air filter that may be found under the glovebox. For further instructions on how to access and replace the filter, consult your Tesla owner's manual or look for internet tutorials.

Once you've located the cabin air filter, you may remove the old filter and put in the new one. Verify a secure and proper installation of the replacement of the air conditioning filter.

Tech-Savvy Tesla Tamers' Tasks:

Tesla software updates: Always changing! Software upgrades are under Controls > Software. Installing them improves performance, fixes issues, and adds features.

Wi-Fi issues? Software upgrades require a strong Wi-Fi connection. Having difficulties connecting? You can temporarily utilize your phone's mobile hotspot or forget the network and re-enter the password.

Reboot for Refresh: Sometimes a reboot fixes tech issues. Hold down both steering wheel scroll buttons until the screen goes dark. Check whether the issue resolves after rebooting.

Most Basic Repairs: Tesla Maintenance Tips

After installing lug nut covers, installing Aero covers removing and removing the front license plate bracket, replacing the windshield washer fluid, and checking the key fob battery before the Bluetooth phone connecting and phone charging cable, all while replacing the brake pads and removing keys replacing from the ignition is necessary. let's look at the Tesla maintenance schedule.

Tesla Maintenance Tips
  • Cleanliness: Regular car washes keep your Tesla looking good and remove dirt and debris that can damage the brakes or charging port.
  • Wiper Wisdom: Tesla wipers last, but they need occasional replacements. Old wiper blades streak and limit sight. See your owner's handbook for advice on replacing them after wear and tear.
  • Tesla's require less under-the-hood maintenance than typical automobiles, but a fast visual inspection can assist. Check for leaks and loose parts. Tesla has a DIY tutorial for replacing the HEPA cabin air filter at
  • Always safety first! For anything beyond these basics, consult your Tesla owner's manual or schedule service. Handling high-voltage components or critical systems might be risky and jeopardize your warranty.

By adding these Tesla repair tasks to your routine, you can become a more informed Tesla owner and keep your electric drive smooth, efficient, and joyful. Remember, a little TLC can keep your Tesla happy and healthy.


As a preventative measure, Tesla owners may keep their cars in top shape and reduce the frequency of service appointments by doing these DIY tasks for Tesla's at-home maintenance. Nonetheless, for detailed instructions on how and when to maintain your Tesla, see the owner's manual at all times. Feel free to call to schedule a service appointment at a qualified Tesla service center or refer to Tesla's official resources for assistance if you are uncertain about how to do any maintenance procedures on your own. Enjoy your Tesla for many more kilometers of fun electric driving and happy do-it-yourself maintenance!

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