Simple Ways To Connect A Game Controller To A Tesla

Simple Ways To Connect A Game Controller To A Tesla

It's important to note that not every Tesla can be used with a gamepad. But if you purchased your Tesla during the past five years, it's probably electric.

Both the Model S and the Model X are compatible with most game controllers and offer a more comprehensive entertainment system and improve the enjoyability. Low processing power and potential incompatibility with certain controllers are also issues with the Model 3 and Model Y.

How Fun Is It to Play Games on a Tesla?

Some basic 3D and 2D games, such as Stardew Valley, Cubhead, and SkyForce Reloaded, may be played on a Tesla. However, AAA games can be played with Tesla hardware.

You may be thinking that "high-end gaming" is a bit of a stretch after glancing at the table above. The latest Model S and X Tesla's are equipped with a GPU from AMD with a 10-teraflop processing capacity, so this isn't too far-fetched of an idea. The PlayStation 5 also features a GPU capable of 10 teraflops, for comparison's sake.

However, while having the proper specifications, Models S and X still have a very limited library of games, a limitation they share with the brand new Models 3 and Y. The selection is minimal, yet you can still find gems like Cuphead and Stardew Valley despite the system's limitations.

Elon has stated that they are planning to integrate Steam into Tesla vehicles, but a release date has not been set.

Does Tesla Permit the Use of Game Controllers While Operating the Vehicle?

The use of a game controller is prohibited when operating a Tesla. Only while the vehicle is parked is the gaming controller permitted for usage. The gaming controls in a Tesla cannot be used when the vehicle is in autopilot mode.

Tesla quietly added the feature in a software update that would allow passengers to play games while in autopilot mode, but the feature was quickly deleted when it caught the attention of regulatory agencies. Once complete autopilot driving becomes legal in major nations, Elon Musk has said the functionality might return.

Is Compatibility With Older Tesla Models Possible?

It depends on the Tesla model and the gaming controller as to whether or not they can be connected. Older Tesla's can play games that utilize the touchscreen or the steering wheel.

Regrettably, there is no simple solution to this conundrum. However, earlier Tesla's can only play the most basic arcade games, such as those from the Atari library.

You can't operate a Tesla with a Joy-Con. All that can be done with a gaming controller in a Tesla is play games and access basic software functions like the music player and the navigation system.

Connecting your game controllers

While playing video games on your Tesla may not be high on your list of priorities, it is doable. Put a gamepad into your Tesla's USB port as the first order of business. The options for accomplishing this are varied:

You may use an adapter, of which there are several, to link your gaming controller to your Tesla. We find this the simplest approach.

Wireless Game Controllers

Wireless Game Controllers for Tesla Model S 3 X Y (Source)

If you have a Bluetooth games controller, you can easily connect it to your Tesla and start playing.

Plugging in the game controller with USB C: Just connect the controller to your computer through the USB port.

Is There Any Way to Hook Up a Nintendo Switch to a Tesla?

If you want to use a Nintendo switch with your Tesla, you can, but it's going to take some work and could need you to root your car. The Tesla lacks an HDMI input, while the Switch has one.

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