Tesla Tire Pressure Explained

Tesla Tire Pressure Explained – Model S 3 X Y

The importance of checking the tyres' pressure may not immediately spring to mind when getting into a Tesla and hitting the road. On the other hand, if your tyre pressure warning light comes on or one of your tyres blows out, it may immediately rise to the top of your mind.

Due to the heavier battery packs and higher levels of torque experienced on a regular basis, electric vehicles have specific tyre requirements. Protect yourself, your passengers, and your Tesla by keeping the tyres in good condition and avoiding blowouts. A Tesla is only financially viable while it is in operation. We'll be discussing tesla tyre pressure in this article.

Model-Specific Tesla Tire Pressure

Find your Tesla's recommended tyre pressure on the inside of the driver's door. This is the number that will provide you the manufacturer's suggested tyre pressure (together with the maximum and minimum pressure) for your Tesla's tyres, which may be different from current guidelines.

Remember to inflate your tyres to the recommended pressure as specified by the manufacturer when utilizing a different wheel set (Tesla Accessories or Aftermarket).

The following is a list of all Tesla models along with their recommended tesla psi and how to check the pressure:

Air Pressure in Tesla Model S Tires

  • Cold pressure recommendations are typically between 40 and 42 psi.
  • Traditional 433 MHz tire pressure sensors are used in Tesla's Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) (2012-2022)

Model S TPMS Tire Pressure Check Procedures

  • Tire pressures for all four wheels can be viewed by using the left-hand scroll wheel on the steering wheel to make that selection (should update after about 15 minutes of drive time).
  • Select Controls > Service from the Model S's touchscreen to check the tyres' pressure.

Tire Pressure for Tesla Model X

  • Normal cold pressure is between 40 and 42 psi.
  • For the sake of brevity, let's refer to TPMS as "standard" 433 MHz pressure.
  • Take note that the front and rear tyres on a Model X are not the same size.
  • Tire inflation pressure should be checked regularly for the Model X, especially if the tyres are not factory originals.

What You Need to Know About the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) for Your Model X:

  • To get a visual representation of tyre pressure, move your thumb leftward over the steering wheel's scroll wheel. By doing so, you may check the pressure in all four tyres at once (remember, it might take about 15 minutes of driving to update).
  • From the main touch screen, go to Controls > Service to access these options.

Tesla model 3 tire pressure

  • A normal cold pressure ranges from 42 to 45 psi (42 psi recommended, lower for ride comfort, higher for a small addition to range).
  • Traditional 433mhz pressure sensors (for use between 2018 and 2021 before a redesign) or Tesla's own Bluetooth sensors (for use after the redesign) (2021-present, post-refresh).

Methods for Reading the TPMS in a Model 3 Car

  • To see a visual representation of the tyre pressure for all four wheels, swipe cards (to the left) on your primary touchscreen (either in psi or bar).
  • You can also access Service from the menu by selecting Controls.

Tire Pressure on a Tesla Model Y

  • Normal cold pressure is between 40 and 45 psi (42 psi typical recommended cold pressure).
  • Tesla's Personal Monitoring System (TPMS) uses Bluetooth sensors developed exclusively by Tesla.

Model Y Tire Pressure Monitoring System Instructions:

  • Swipe left on the centre touch panel to access the "tyre pressure visualization" menu.
  • In one glance, you can see how much air is in each of your vehicle's four tyres. Controls > Service on the main menu will also show you the current tyre pressure.

We really hope that you found this quick instruction to be helpful! Do not pass up the opportunity to save a lot of money on the next ride.

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