The Ultimate Michigan EV Trip Itinerary

The Ultimate Michigan EV Trip Itinerary

Michigan has supercharged its scenic road trips with a $20bn investment in EV chargers across the state. The project started in 2022 to serve 1,100 miles around Lake Michigan.

The state has so far installed hundreds of EV chargers along the highways, in state parks, breweries, restaurants, and vineyards. If you're planning to visit Michigan with your EV, finding a charging station should be the least of your worries.

 Focus on your on your visit to Michigan. What route do you plan to use? What places do you want to visit? Here is a guide to help you prepare your Itinerary accordingly.

1.      Book a Hotel Equipped with EV Chargers

One of the golden rules of owning an EV is to ensure you start each day with your car fully charged. Find a hotel with fast chargers compatible with your car. Also, ensure the hotel has enough chargers.

Some places have a couple of slow chargers. If they’re booked, you have to find a charger away from the hotel. Beyond chargers, consider food, drinks, amenities, and a hotel's overall reputation.

Maybe you love to play online games in your free time. Find a hotel with fast Internet. If you're a casino fan, you may want to stay at a casino hotel. Casinos offer luxurious hotel rooms, plenty of amenities, and hundreds of games.

If you can’t find a nice casino along your route, consider gambling online. Michigan is one of the seven states with legal online casinos. The folks at can help you find the best Michigan casinos.

2.      Plan Your Route

Although Michigan has hundreds of EV charging stations, researching the best routes is your secret to a trouble-free traveling experience. EV travel apps like PlugShare, DTE Energy, and GreenCars can help you pinpoint where to expect charging stations on your way to Michigan.

If you’re a new EV driver, learn about the differences in EV chargers. Some chargers are designed for charging your card overnight. But if you want to boost your car’s electric power during lunch, you need to find a Level 3 charger.

Beyond charging stations, you probably want to follow a route with scenic views of Lake Michigan. Depending on where you’re based, here are some of the most beautiful routes in the Wolverine State:

  • Red Arrow Highway—starts at New Buffalo and takes you through the coastal villages of Lakeside, Harbert, and Union Pier. This route is best suited for someone who wants to explore the beach and loves vineyards.
  • M-22—offers a refreshing view of Lake Michigan. It also, includes a sandy beach on your way to Frankfort from Arcadia.
  • US 23—offers a splendid view of the beach while heading to North Michigan. It also features a waterpark and a couple of campsites, making it a great place to spend a night if you love camping.
  • The L. Michigan Circle Tour—this route gives you the ultimate view of L. Michigan. You'll need at least 17 hours to complete the tour. But with so many restaurants, beaches, camps, and parks along the way, most people take longer to view the entire shoreline.

3.      Best Places to Visit

Although most people tour Michigan to have fun around the lake, it offers a lot more than that. The Wolverine State bustles with beautiful cities, national parks, museums, and galleries.

Determine what you want to experience ahead of time. If you’re visiting Michigan to experience the lake, you have plenty of options. The Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore is an excellent example.

Stretching 35 miles along the lake, you can swim, hike, or take a scenic drive along the shore. Many people who've been to this spot say they would go back any day. If you decide to walk down the 500ft dune on the shore, be ready for a tough climb on the way back.

Away from the lake, you can take a trip to Detroit. You can also explore the beauty of Traverse City, Grand Rapids, or Mackinaw City. You need to spend weeks to enjoy every beautiful spot in Michigan. If you don't have a lot of time, consider these famous locations:

  • The Motown Museum—learn about the history of this famous music studio. Sing on the spots your favorite soul musicians stood while creating their hits.
  • Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation—one of the coolest places to visit if you love cars, planes, and trains.
  • Frederik Meijer Gardens—beautiful Japanese gardens, modern sculptures, plants, and animal life.

4.      Food and Drinks in Michigan

If you’re a foodie, there’s a strong chance you’ll want to try amazing restaurants in Michigan. To make your work easier, we’ve listed the best restaurants in both east and western Michigan.

East Michigan

  • Marine City Fish Company—famous for its all-you-can-eat seafood plans. You can also order individual seafood items and have your meal while overlooking the city.
  • McCallum’s Orchard & Cider Mill—visit this place to enjoy fresh cherries, peaches, plums, apples, and donuts. It is located in Jedo.
  • Blue Water Winery and Vineyard—located in Lexington, this premise is a haven for wine lovers. They provide free samples so that you pay only for the drinks you love.
  • Bake Krazy Bakery—located in Port Sanilac, this is the place to visit for delicious donuts, cheesecakes, and cupcakes.
  • Driftwood Restaurant and Sports Bar—if you're visiting the Upper Peninsula, Driftwood is the best restaurant for fresh fish and crabs. It also serves pasta and steak.

West Michigan

  • Kalamazoo Farmers Market—visit the farmers market in Kalamazoo to find fresh fish, meat, baked goods, flowers, and anything else you might want to take back home.
  • Chocolate Garden—located in Coloma, this restaurant provides mouthwatering truffles, handmade chocolates, and wine made in Michigan.
  • Harbor Haus—located in the upper western Peninsula, Harbor Haus is known for serving fresh food every day.
  • Fitzgerald’s—if you fancy fine dining, Fitzgerald’s is a must-visit restaurant while in Eagle River. It offers incredible views of L. Superior. It serves a mix of seafood with classics like burgers, Schnitzel, and Nachos.
  • Arcadia Brewing Company—located in Battle Creek; visit this company for a delicious beer after a long day touring L. Michigan.

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