Tips For Road-Tripping With Tesla

Tips For Road-Tripping With Tesla

Road excursions are a fundamental component of the travel experience, and they become even more thrilling when you're driving a Tesla electric vehicle. With its cutting-edge technology and extended range, Tesla has revolutionized road trips. In this blog post, we will discuss some useful tips and techniques for making your Tesla road trip an electrifying adventure.

Plan Your Route Considering Charging

The importance of route planning for a successful Tesla road journey cannot be overstated. Tesla's navigation system is an effective aid for locating Supercharger stations along your route, but it is prudent to plan your route planner and charging stops in advance. Utilize the Tesla website or mobile application to plan your route and locate Superchargers and other charging options along the way.

Plan Your Route Considering Charging

Utilize Superchargers for Efficiency and Velocity

The Supercharger network of Tesla is optimized for rapid and efficient charging. Superchargers can replenish a substantial portion of a battery in a brief amount of time, typically between 20 and 30 minutes. While you can use other Tesla-compatible charging networks, Superchargers are typically the most convenient option for lengthy trips. Check the availability of Superchargers at all of your intended stops to avoid delays.

Utilize Superchargers for Efficiency and Velocity

Regulate When Charging Stops

Effectively timed charging stops at gas stations can maximize the efficiency of charging session during a road journey. Plan to charge your device during meal breaks and while visiting local attractions. The navigation system of Tesla can estimate your charging time at each Supercharger station, allowing you to effectively plan your route.

Regulate When Charging Stops

Pack Essential Charging Equipment

To ensure a full battery charge and a smooth road trip, remember to bring the necessary charging accessories. Maintain your Tesla mobile connector and adapter close at hand. Consider bringing an extension cord-free charging, in case you need to reach a charging station that is a bit further away from your parking location.

Keep Track of Energy Consumption

Maintain vigilance over your Tesla's energy consumption. Knowing the consumption rate of your vehicle allows you to anticipate when you will need to recharge. Tesla provides a variety of information regarding battery percentage and your vehicle's energy consumption via the interface, keeping you informed throughout your trip.

Stay Within Limits

Even though Tesla's range is impressive, it is essential to remain within your vehicle's range capacity to avoid range anxiety. Ensure that the distance between charging stations is well within your Tesla car's range capabilities as you plan your visits. Consequently, you can relax and appreciate the ride without being concerned about gas cars running out of power.

Stay Within Limits

Enjoy Autopilot and Comprehensive Self-Driving Functions

The Autopilot and Full Self-Driving feature of Tesla can make your road trip more relaxing and stress-free. While they do not transform your car into a fully autonomous vehicle, they provide advanced driver assistance and can make lengthy hours of driving more bearable. Utilize Autopilot for adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping, and if you have Full Self-Driving, take advantage of features such as Navigate on Autopilot and Smart Summon.

Consider Safety Always

On any road journey, safety should take precedence. Ensure that your Tesla is in exceptional condition prior to departure. Check the tire pressure, the brakes, and all other necessary components. Additionally, have your charging equipment inspected to ensure its functionality.

Discover New Adventures

One of the pleasures of road trips is discovering new locations. Utilize the quiet, smooth ride of your electric vehicle to investigate less-traveled routes and hidden treasures. Electric vehicles are ideal for eco-friendly travel, so take pleasure in the voyage and be open to unanticipated adventures.

Embrace Sustainable Practices

By deciding to take a road journey in a Tesla, you are already contributing to a more sustainable future. Enjoy guilt-free travel with the knowledge that you are decreasing your carbon footprint. Remember to leave no trace, dispose of trash responsibly, and exhibit environmental sensitivity.

Choose Your Charging Stations Wisely

For a stress-free Tesla road trip, it is essential to choose the correct charging stations along your route. Although Tesla's Supercharger network is extensive and effective, planning your visits in advance is necessary. Utilize Tesla's navigation system or mobile application to plan your route and locate charging stations. Superchargers provide faster charging and are frequently located near popular rest sites.

Watch out for Tesla ‘Range Anxiety‘

Electric vehicle owners frequently experience range anxiety, and the dread of running out of battery power before reaching their destination. Plan your route with charging points at reasonable intervals to alleviate this concern. It is preferable to charge ice vehicles more frequently and for brief durations than to exceed your range. Reducing the risk of range anxiety, Tesla's navigation system provides real-time range estimates and directs the driver to the nearest charging stations.

Watch out for Tesla ‘Range Anxiety’

The Supercharger Network is a Major Advantage

The Tesla Supercharger network revolutionizes road trips. It provides rapid charging and broad coverage, making it one of the most significant benefits of owning a Tesla. With Superchargers now on cross country trips, strategically located along highways and in close proximity to popular destinations, you can rely on dependable and rapid charging while traveling. Utilize this convenience to your advantage by planning your visits around Supercharger locations.

Inspect Your Tires Before the Road Trip

Tire maintenance is essential for all road trips, including Tesla excursions. To correct tire pressure and ensure optimal performance and safety, check the tire pressure and tread depth. Properly inflated tires can help maximize the range of your Tesla. Under- or over-inflation of tires can affect the energy efficiency and handling of a vehicle. Regular tire maintenance not only contributes to a more comfortable ride but also enhances the driving experience as a whole.

Inspect Your Tires Before the Road Trip

Install the Right Wheels

Consider upgrading the wheels of your Tesla to enhance its performance on the road. Select a set of rims and tires suitable for long-distance travel. Certain wheel options can reduce road pollution and improve ride quality. Wheel upgrades can also improve the aesthetic allure of your Tesla. Simply ensure that the wheels are compatible with your Tesla model.

Some Additional Tips for Road-Tripping with Tesla

Teslas are great for road trips, thanks to their long range, comfortable ride, and advanced features. Here are some tips for making your next Tesla road trip a success:

Pack for all types of weather. Tesla has a panoramic glass roof, which is great for letting in natural light, but it can also make the car hot on sunny days and cold on cold days. Be sure to pack a jacket, sunscreen, and sunglasses for cold weather, even if you're traveling in the summer.

Bring along a cooler. Teslas have a small trunk space, so you may want to bring along a cooler to store food and drinks for the long road trip. This will save you money on food and help you avoid making unnecessary stops on the EV road trip.

Stop and stretch your legs regularly. It's important to get out of the car and move around every few hours to avoid getting stiff and sore. Tesla has a number of features that make it easy to take breaks, such as the ability to pre-heat or pre-cool the cabin temperature and the ability to start the charging process remotely.

Use Tesla's Trip Planner. This tool can help you plan your route, find charging stations, and estimate your travel time.

Download the Tesla app. The Tesla app allows you to monitor your car's charging status, start the charging process remotely, and pre-heat or pre-cool the cabin.

Bring a portable fast charger anywhere. This can be helpful if you're unable to find a fast charging station or if you need to charge your car in a remote location.

When it comes to planning long journeys in a Tesla Model 3, Tesla drivers understand the importance of considering a few essential factors. One of these factors is utilizing tools like the Better Route Planner to ensure a smooth trip. This app helps Tesla drivers chart their course, taking into account factors like charging station locations and the walking distance between them.

Just as one would plan stops at a gas station for a conventional vehicle, Tesla drivers now carefully plan their charging stops. Additionally, understanding the location driving speed and accessibility of charging stations, as well as their proximity to the center door pillar, can significantly contribute to a seamless road trip experience.


Mastering the craft of Tesla road trips requires extensive planning and strategy. By planning your route with charging stops, utilizing Tesla's Supercharger network, monitoring the condition of your tires, and contemplating wheel upgrades, you can ensure an efficient, enjoyable, and stress-free journey. Tesla's traffic-based routing feature ensures a hassle-free and efficient journey by considering real-time traffic conditions. Tesla road excursions are electrifying adventures due to the combination of cutting-edge technology, eco-friendly travel, and the freedom of the open road.

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