Top 10 Best Tesla Accessories for ALL Tesla Models S 3 X Y

Top 10 Best Tesla Accessories for ALL Tesla Models S 3 X Y

Whether you currently own a Tesla or are still comparing costs, there are a few Tesla interior accessories that might enhance your Tesla experience. The following are important, handy, and elegant Tesla accessories that current (and prospective) owners should consider.

Tesla Touchscreen Protection

Replace a screen protector rather than a whole screen is better, as anyone who has cracked a phone screen knows. So what if your Tesla's massive, super-integrated touchscreen cracks? If the console screen fails, you lose navigation, climate control, and other features that make driving a Tesla enjoyable.

While a Tesla can be driven without the touchscreen, many features are inaccessible. With a $1,500 Tesla service center touchscreen replacement bill, we think you'll agree that screen protection worth less than $50 is a bargain. We prefer matte screen protectors made of tempered glass to reduce glare and fingerprints. At Pimp My EV, you will find touchscreen protectors for your Tesla cars. 


Extra Sentry Mode Storage Space

Despite the convenience of USB drives, SSDs may be used for longer periods of time and in tougher environments. It's possible to secure the drive (and your priceless film of vandals) by plugging it into a USB connector inside the glovebox on the updated 2021 Model 3/Y.

The Samsung T5 and the Samsung Extreme are two reliable SSD options for a Tesla that we've seen. For frequent usage, both are well-suited to climates with extreme heat and cold.

Heavy-Duty Floor Mats

Tesla's default floor mats aren't great for snowy or muddy areas. With a rubber floor mat, you can easily clean your Tesla's floors and keep it looking new (even if you don't plan to sell them). Options vary, but 3D rubber Tesla floor mats offer long-term durability and great spill prevention (and as anybody with kids or pets knows, scuffs and spills are a matter of when not if).

Pimp My EV also sells nice 3D floor mats for the Model 3 and Model Y that isn't nearly as durable but is more appealing (and less expensive) You can also rely on us for many other tesla model y accessories and tesla model 3 accessories.


Tesla Front License Plate Holder

While Tesla's clean exterior is part of the Tesla style, several jurisdictions require a license plate on the front of every car registered. Even though Elon says they "make my eyes bleed," he is required to have a front plate in Texas, a two-plate state.

Unless you intend on drilling holes in your Tesla, which we strongly advise against, a non-marking front license plate holder is a must-have if you reside in a state that requires them (voided paint, rust, and body warranty scenarios would apply).

Door Edge Guards

Door edge protectors help keep dents and paint damage on your Tesla (and the man who parked too close) to a minimum. You'll need to keep an eye out for dirt and moisture accumulation behind your Tesla's door guards, but they're usually simple to install and keep your external edges shining. Not everyone likes the look of the edge guards; they do detract from the overall sleekness of your Tesla. Get your Tesla’s door edge guards at Pimp MY EV.

Portable Air Compressor

A portable air compressor is a must-have item for every car. Then you don't need to remember coins or get out the large air compressor at home. A digital air compressor allows you to precisely inflate your tyres without continually monitoring the pressure. Any 12V digital air compressor will do.


Jack Pads

To keep your Tesla in peak shape, jack pads are necessary for protecting the bottom edges and battery housing. When you're servicing your Tesla, you don't want your vehicle's side skirting or battery compartment to be damaged.

Keeping a set of jack pads in the trunk of your Tesla will give you some piece of mind when it comes time to change the tyres. Doing everything to safeguard the battery compartment is worthwhile.

Cleaning Supplies

Are there any auto accessories such as cleaning supplies? Yes! The reason Teslas don't get dirty is because they're so aesthetically pleasing. And although you can absolutely take your Tesla to the local car wash to keep it clean, nothing beats a full hand wash when it comes to maintaining your paint and spotting any concerns. The cleaning goods and accessories on hand can help you make the most of your spare time. The two-bucket wash system with a mesh debris barrier like this one is ideal for your Tesla, as is an automotive shampoo and cleaning mitt. This is all you need to do a simple load of laundry.

Tesla Key Fob Case

The Model X and Model Y both come with a key fob that has to be protected. A key fob is now available for the Model 3, but not the Model Y. (your phone and key cards are supposed to do the trick).

The Tesla key fob case is just maintenance (and helps you keep track of the thing). All that time in your pocket or backpack (and, oh, falling to the floor after a fumble) can wear down the key fob, so why not protect it with a case? Key fobs for the Model 3 cost $175, while Model S and X are over $300...



Gaming is useful if you or a passenger are bored at a Supercharger. The Logitech F310 Wired Controller is an affordable plug-in solution that should work great in your Tesla for casual gamers.

There's also the wired or wireless XBOX One controller for more serious players (or those who want something portable) (though we recommend wires if at all possible to prevent connectivity headaches).

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