Carbon Fiber Model Y Mods

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      193 products

      Accentuate Your Ride with Tesla Model Y Carbon Fiber Interior and Exterior Upgrades

      Enhance the interiors of your Tesla Model Y with Pimp My EV’s real carbon fiber covers and interior accessories. Made from 100% genuine dry carbon fiber and carefully made to fit your Tesla perfectly, they are of great quality and will look great. These easily installable covers will give a luxurious and fully sporty appearance to your vehicle. Personalize your Tesla Model Y today, and stay tuned for additional updates on our growing selection of interior and exterior accessories.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      • 1. What materials are used in the interior of the Tesla Model Y?

        The standard features include synthetic leather upholstery, power-adjustable heated front and rear seats, and a heated steering wheel.

        Our carbon fiber modifications are designed to fortify the standard features, offering an additional layer of durability and resistance against wear and tear. You can enhance the protection of your vehicle's interior by incorporating carbon fiber mods into your Tesla Model Y and ensure longevity and greater resilience.

      • 2. Why use carbon fiber mods instead of any other material?

        Carbon fiber mods and upgrades, due to their composition of woven carbon fiber laminated with epoxy resin, exude an attractive, glossy finish, resulting in exquisite and lightweight components for Tesla vehicles. These accessories enhance the luxurious features of Teslas and enhance their uniqueness. Besides aesthetics, carbon fiber is valued for its weightlessness and does not impact the vehicle's efficiency.

      • 3. Is your carbon fiber designed to complement the standard interior features of the Tesla Model Y?

        Yes, Carbon Fiber mods are designed to complement and elevate the standard features of the Tesla Model Y's interior (2020-2023). These modifications not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but also contribute to the overall protection and longevity of the interior components.

      • 4. Are the leather seats back protectors compatible with all Tesla Model Y models?

        Yes, our leather seats back protectors (vegan) are designed to fit all Tesla Model Y vehicles produced between 2020 and 2023.

      • 5. Can I customize the steering wheel replacement for my Model 3 or Model Y?

        Certainly! We offer various personalization options to suit your preferences. You can send us a picture of your desired design, and we will make it for you. Please note that it takes us four to six weeks to deliver custom-made orders.

      Carbon fiber model Y mods not only add flair to your vehicle, but they can also add protection. Due to its incredible strength, durability, light weight, and attractive appearance, carbon fiber is an excellent material to use for EV modification and accessories. Take a look below to find the best carbon fiber model Y mods for your EV. You'll notice that we offer a wide range of carbon fiber EV mods and accessories, such as door handle protection covers, steering wheel replacements, wheel covers, dashboard trim, and much more. To modify your Tesla, add a few mods and accessories to your cart, or you can give us a call today.