Make your Life easier with Tesla tips and tricks

Make your Life easier with Tesla tips and tricks

It's common knowledge that Tesla's lineup of luxury automobiles is distinguished by a number of cutting-edge technologies and capabilities. However, there are many features to discover and enjoy, and it's easy to forget some fundamental advice for making the most of your Tesla experience. What follows is a short list of suggestions for optimizing your Tesla's performance.

Active autopilot:

Make sure the autopilot stays engaged by giving the wheel a little nudge every so often. Alternatively, you may keep the autopilot engaged by either scrolling or pressing one of the scroll wheels.

Apply current speed:

Once the gear selector is held down for about three seconds, the current speed is permanently set.

Windscreen wiper setting:

In order to access the wiper controls, press the button located on the side of the turn signal lever halfway.

Deactivate seat heaters:

Using the Tesla app, you may instantly off the heating function for every seat. To turn off seat warmers, just press and hold the driver's seat icon on the Tesla app.

Air conditioning and heating settings:

Heating and cooling functions, including the seat and steering wheel heaters, may all be controlled through the Tesla app.

Climate menu:

The weather settings may be accessed by swiping up from the bottom of the screen, where a black bar is displayed. If you're in a hurry and driving, swiping in either direction will do the trick.

Climate Controls Tesla

Climate Controls Tesla (Source)

Auto mode for the seat heating:

The ability to automatically heat your seat is available under the temperature settings. Depending on the outside temperature, the front seat warmers in your Tesla will turn up or down automatically.

Leather Care:

Leather requires regular maintenance and cleaning. In particular, white leather needs frequent maintenance. For the greatest results, use a specialized cleaner and the corresponding sealant. There is a matching care package available for purchase here. You can protect your tesla leather seats with leather seat covers

Battery level (kilometers/percent):

You may switch between seeing your remaining range in kilometers and your current battery life in percentage form by touching the range in the upper region of the display. Of course, you can also type it in the other direction to get the desired result.

Live camera:

If you need to rapidly preserve a dashcam incident, a short beep of the horn will save the final few minutes of footage before it is overwritten.

Load port opening:

The Tesla app provides a real-time feed from each of the four cameras. This is a brand new feature to let you keep an even closer check on everything that's going on, complementing the already effective guard mode.

Correct charge limit:

In order to gain access to the rapid charge port, simply press the rear of the door handle. As tested on Supercharger:

Limit of appropriate charges:

Most recommendations place the ideal loading percentage anywhere between 20% and 80%. In addition, a full charge can be applied just before a lengthy drive on the interstate. Never leave the Tesla at full power for an extended amount of time. Prior to going away for an extended period of time, it is suggested that you charge your phone to 80 percent.

Car wash mode:

In recent updates, a car wash mode has been included. To access the vehicle wash mode, put the Tesla in P, go to the menu, and then select Service.

  • Easily toggle between "Drive" and "Reverse"
  • You can choose between "Drive" and "Reverse" at speeds up to around 8 km/h.
  • You may use this to do things like making a sharp turn on the street.

Driver Profiles:

Make a profile for each person who will be using your Tesla on a regular basis. That's why each and every configuration is tailored to the specific driver. The Easy-Entry profile, designed for simple boarding and exiting, is also crucial.

Power consumption:

If you want a global view of your consumption, choose the "Trips" option from the main menu. Here, your Tesla displays all the data you need to know at once.

Jacking point:

These Jack Pads are a need when jacking up your Tesla. To avoid damaging the battery, only raise your Tesla at the specified locations.


When using Google Maps on a mobile device, you may send a destination straight to your Tesla. It also works with addresses associated with contacts on your phone.

Input voltage of 12 volts:

The storage area behind the middle armrest has a 12 volt hookup. Putting a nice box here is a good example.

Parking brake:

To engage the powerful parking brake mode, apply the brake for an extended period of time. If you park your Tesla on a really steep hill, for instance, you should turn it on.

Quick fixes:

You may add as many as four shortcuts at the bottom of your screen. This ensures that you can quickly go to where you need to be at any time.

Final Words

Using the above little tricks and tips can ensure the optimal performance of your Tesla. Also, take a look at our Tesla Model Y, Model 3, and others’ Essentials to get amazing aftermarket Tesla accessories.

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