Protecting your Tesla against future wheel damage

Protecting your Tesla against future wheel damage

Some UK drivers use a plastic ring around their wheels to protect them from kerbing, while many others don't like the way they appear and/or claim they don't provide enough protection for their wheels. In other words, the question of whether or not they are beneficial cannot be answered definitively.

Depending on who you ask, they're either universally loved or universally despised.

Preventing damage to wheels is preferable to fixing wheel damage, and the following tesla tips may prove useful when it comes to Upgrading / Modifying / Fixing tesla wheels:

  • Some people recommend always backing into a parking spot, while others recommend only reversing into parallel parking spaces.
  • Drop your mirror as you reverse by adjusting it (it remembers this setting)
  • Make some space for yourself
  • Keep in mind that the vehicle's width is far greater than that of most other vehicles on the road.
  • If the road is too narrow, you should either wait or slow down. Be patient; it will pay off. It's quite unlikely that you'll close a gap if you don't believe you can.
  • When parking, try to avoid garages with more than one level.
  • When making reservations for the Eurotunnel or similar services, it is imperative that you indicate that your car is a high or large vehicle.
  • Recognize the difficulty of accurately judging the position of the near side wheels (left side in the UK) when negotiating a sharp curve.

What about fixing kerb Tesla damaged wheels?

Most neighborhood businesses can fix a wheel for you for around £30 to £50. The services provided by Revive UK have been highly recommended to us.

Insurance for Alloy Wheels?

With ALAAlloy *'s Wheel Coverage, you can protect your wheels from damage for three years at a cost of about £150. This covers up to three repairs per year, and the company usually offloads the repair to a company that specializes in giving old cars new life.

Consider Alloygators or RimProTecs.

Any of the Alloygators or RimProTec (Alloy Wheel Protection)

Alloygator costs around £60 to buy and install yourself, or £110 to have done professionally (if you have a proper 3-tonne jack and know how to deflate and inflate all four tyres and have a rubber mallet). Some customers have had their fittings on 21-inch wheels come loose and harm the paint job, so it's important to inspect them every few hundred miles or every time you wash the car.


Alloygator Wheel Protection

Alloygator Wheel Protection (Source)

RimPro-Tec is more user-friendly but not as scratch-proof as AlloyGators. Forum users are just as divided as to which is superior, however, Rim Pro Tecs have the advantage of being repairable should the inner section become compromised. They are less expensive and won't damage your tyres. The choice is yours; choose whichever one appeals to you most aesthetically. Both of these things are available in various hues.

Problems (however unlikely) with alloy wheel protection:

  • They might get unfastened if they aren't properly fitted or if you have particularly hefty feet.
  • If you check them every week or so, you should be fine with a loose one, but if it comes entirely off the wheel, it may do a lot of harm to your paint job.
  • Small stones or dirt can get between the alloygator and the wheel, causing damage over time if you're not cautious.

Protecting Tesla Rims

There are a variety of wheel protection alternatives accessible to motorists. While some prefer to take a more defensive stance behind the wheel and make no attempt to touch the curb at any cost, others do. But it's tough (if not impossible) to avoid every hazard on the road.

Our experts will fit AlloyGator rim protectors on your Tesla's wheels for maximum defense. These modifications, made from an exclusive combination of extremely durable nylon, are a seamless addition to your wheels and provide superior protection against damage. AlloyGators are the only wheel protectors on the market that have been approved by both the TUV and the MIRA.

If you love keeping your Tesla Wheels upgraded and well-performing, check out these Tesla wheel accessories now!

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