Tesla Model S Steering Wheel Adjustment Guide

Tesla Model S Steering Wheel Adjustment Guide

The height of the Tesla Model S 2015-2021 steering wheel may be adjusted in a matter of seconds. Two minutes tops are all you'll need, and no extra equipment is needed for adjusting the height.

The Model S is typical of Tesla in that it is a synthesis of cutting-edge design and engineering. The Tesla Model S, like many high-end vehicles, includes a heated steering wheel whose temperature may be customized.

Read on for a comprehensive explanation of all the different ways you may tweak the Model S's wheel. Keep reading for details and suggestions on how and when to adjust the steering wheel on your Tesla.

Take Extra Care to Keep Your Model S Safely Parked

Park your Model S and get out to adjust the steering wheel. It's not safe for you or other drivers on the road to fiddle with the wheel while you're moving.

Here's how you pull into a parking space for your Tesla Model S:

  • You should try to find a space that is both long and broad enough to fit your Tesla.
  • Put your foot on the brake and slow down.
  • To park, use the paddle shifters on the wheel. Parking may be accomplished in some models by either pushing a button on the steering wheel or hitting the park button on the touchscreen.

Find the Controls Below the Wheel

The Model S's steering wheel may be adjusted in a number of ways using the levers found under the wheel. The controls for a left-hand drive Model S are mounted to the left of the wheel. If, however, it is a right-hand drive, the levers will be on the right side of the steering wheel.

Adjust the smallest Lever

Find the shortest lever in the set once you've located the set. Usually, you'll find this lever sandwiched between two larger levers.

Turning the tiniest lever under the wheel in the direction you wish to tilt your Tesla Model S steering wheel will do the trick.

  • To bring the steering wheel closer, pull the lever toward you.
  • To move the steering wheel farther away from you, push the lever in the other direction.
  • To raise the steering wheel, pull up the lever.
  • Bring the wheel lower by lowering the lever.

How To Adjust the Steering Effort on a Tesla Model

Tutorial on Changing the Tesla Model S's Steering Feel

On a Tesla Model S, you may change the steering effort to your liking.

Here's how you fine-tune the Tesla Model S's steering effort:

  • Make adjustments using Tesla's touch screen.
  • In the submenu that appears, select Pedals & Steering.
  • Select the Steering Mode button.
  • Tap the screen to switch between Normal, Comfort, and Sport modes for adjusting the steering wheel.

When To Adjust Your Model S Steering Wheel

To help you decide which mode of steering is best for you, here is a rundown:

Standard Mode: The amount of effort needed to turn the wheel remains unchanged. On the other hand, it offers a consistent amount of information about the road's state. Furthermore, the mode provides superb maneuverability.

Comfort Mode: The steering wheel requires less effort from the driver. It also dampens the road's ability to provide feedback. Therefore, you may find that driving in this mode is less taxing on your nerves and more conducive to leisure than Standard or Sport modes.

Sport Mode: The vehicle's comfort features are disabled in favor of increased responsiveness, a more direct steering feel, and increased control.

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