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Tesla Panoramic Sunroof vs. Glass Roof

In 2012, the Model S debuted with the Panoramic Sunroof and an aluminium Body-Colored Roof. Fully-adjustable settings on the touchscreen menu (or steering wheel in some circumstances) let the Panoramic Sunroof open from venting to fully open. Tesla's Panoramic Sunroof rose up and slid back on the car's roof as a tiny windscreen (intended to minimise drag) unfolded in front. Many consumers were delighted with this configuration, but the Panoramic Sunroof had dependability concerns. We'll explain afterwards.

In 2016, Tesla offered a Glass Roof option, causing some confusion. To anyone who hasn't seen them in action, Panoramic Sunroof and Glass Roof sound the same (aren't they both constructed of glass for a panoramic view?). Both let in sun, right? The Panoramic Sunroof was technically a moonroof: a movable glass window that always lets in light. Someone online is probably still debating this's semantics. Panoramic Sunroofs open whereas Glass Roofs don't.

Because to the Panoramic Sunroof's motor housing, rails, etc., the ceiling next to the driver and passenger side doors was broad before opening for the glass. This had more headroom than the Body-Colored Roof, but less than the Glass Roof. In cars with a Panoramic Sunroof, a centre support extends from side to side, blocking the whole view of the sky. The Panoramic Tesla Sunroof was (and is) a huge glass panel with a great view (as seen in the video below).

Is There a Roof Panel on the Model 3? When Will We See Model Y? Is that the Model X?

Neither the Model 3 nor the Model Y or the Model X have ever had a sunroof offered by Tesla. This is probably related to the fact that the Model S Panoramic Sunroof has dependability concerns.

Try an aftermarket installation if you really need a sunroof for your Model 3 or Model Y. Both the Model 3 and the Model Y have a fixed seamless glass roof, making aftermarket installation difficult and expensive. As a result, the car's market value would drop significantly.

The Model X's Falcon Wing door assembly completely fills the roof, making it impossible to install a sunroof or roof rack.

Does Tesla Still Make a Model S with a Panoramic Sunroof?

It's not even an option here! Some of the language in one of Tesla's latest patent applications has sparked speculation that the company is working on a new sunroof design. Although a sunroof isn't the primary focus of the patent, it does briefly mention electrical tint and LED lighting embedded into the glass. Perhaps this is just standard patent language designed to prevent the idea from being used by other companies in one context while leaving it available for usage in other contexts. It's possible that a future Model S could still prove useful in your zombie apocalypse convoy.

The Precise Steps to finding a Model S that Has a Roof-Top Sunroof

If you've read thus far, you already know that you'll have to look at pre-owned Teslas if you want a Model S with a Panoramic Sunroof. There is only the Tesla Used Inventory and private sales in that realm at the moment.

The Tesla Used Inventory is often the most expensive option, but it comes with a 145-point examination and a Used Vehicle Limited Warranty from Tesla. Tesla no longer provides photos of the actual used vehicle you may be interested in purchasing (they used to, but Tesla has changed this policy for reasons Tesla has not explained), but you can rest easy knowing that the vehicle has been thoroughly inspected and is covered by a warranty from the manufacturer. If you're willing to pay the price, of course.

Next, you can look at private sellers to see if any of them have a used Model S with a Panoramic Sunroof. You can find better deals elsewhere, but there's always one recurring issue here. Do you recall the problem of confusing names? Where the Glass Roof and the Panoramic Sunroof are being confused by the general public. In the same way, private listing and private sale websites face the same issue. Glass Roof, Glass Wall, or All Glass? Many of them consider the term "sunroof" to encompass the foregoing.

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