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Uncovering 10 Fun Facts About Mercedes Benz

The Innovations of the Past Century

Mercedes-Benz automobiles are noted for their excellent quality, powerful engines, and cutting-edge designs. Spanning all the way from the very first Mercedes, built in 1886, to the cutting-edge, class-defining automobiles of today dominate the road today, there's a lot about the brand's history and grandeur that you might not know. Join us as we delve into 10 interesting facts about Mercedes that you definitely missed the first time around.

The first car was a Mercedes

Carl Benz created the first gasoline-powered vehicle in 1886. Bertha Benz, his wife, was the one who provided the funding.

The gas-powered "Motorwagen" only had three wheels. An example of a Benz

The patent Motorwagen was propelled by a 0.9-horsepower, single-cylinder, four-stroke engine.

Auto Theft: The Origin of the Crime

The burglar returned the Motorwagen undamaged, therefore this is only partially accurate. Since

As Bertha Benz, Carl Benz's wife had contributed financially to the development of the Motorwagen, she likely felt a connection to the car and drove it on a journey across Germany, covering more than 130 miles, without telling her husband.

Already in 1906, Mercedes was Producing Hybrid Automobiles

Do you know about Mercedes Benz's first hybrid car? Mercedes produced a hybrid vehicle in 1906, long before hybrids became fashionable. The Mercedes-Benz Mixte mode was propelled by a gasoline engine up front and two electric motors in the rear, all of which were ignited by a dynamo. Even more astounding was the Mixte's maximum speed of 75 miles per hour.

All-Wheel Brakes were First Introduced on Mercedes Vehicles

It wasn't until the middle of 1924 that Mercedes-Benz began selling cars with four-wheel brakes as standard equipment strengthening their commitment to protecting their people. That success led directly to the 1931 debut of the Mercedes 170, which featured four-wheel independent suspension. An ingenious spring suspension system smoothed out the bumps in the back, while leaf springs soaked up the rough spots up front.


In 1924 Mercedes-Benz vehicles were the first to feature brakes on all four wheels.

When it Comes to Crumpling Zones, Mercedes was an Early Adopter

The Mercedes team is committed to improving road safety and has so maintained its investigation into the topic. By deviating from the American belief that a larger vehicle would be safer, Mercedes engineer Béla Barényi initiated the study that eventually resulted in the invention of crumple zones. Vehicles with impact-absorbing cells were first tested in 1959. These cells were built into the vehicle's structure and were meant to flex upon contact to evenly distribute the shock and protect the people within.

Mercedes Invented Antilock Brakes

Anti-lock brakes, co-developed by Mercedes and Bosch for the 1978 S Class, quickly became standard on all Mercedes vehicles and are widely regarded as one of the company's greatest technological achievements.


Mercedes-Benz and the invention of the anti-lock braking system

In 1995, Mercedes Unveiled the First Fully Autonomous Vehicle

Even if self-driving cars are being hailed as the future of the auto industry, Mercedes 1995's W140 S Class was the first production vehicle to include a fully autonomous driving system. This vehicle's microsensors made it the technological equivalent of a supercomputer of its day. It travelled nearly 1,000 kilometers on the Autobahn at speeds of up to 115 miles per hour with minimal human intervention. Since the system's introduction into mass production vehicles, several intelligent driver assistance technologies have been created and integrated into newer models of Mercedes Benz automobiles.

Built All Over the World

Mercedes was founded in Germany and is a global brand with production facilities in 30 countries. A Mercedes-Benz Technician Performs Maintenance on Every Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle. Assuring the continued excellent quality of each CPO car so that it may continue to serve its original purpose. Each Certified Pre-Owned Mercedes-Benz undergoes a comprehensive inspection by a trained expert. technician.

Certified Pre-Owned Automobiles Have A Lifetime, Unlimited Mileage Warranty

A Certified Pre-Owned Mercedes-Benz comes with a guarantee that lasts up to five years and covers unlimited miles, which is unmatched in the industry. A Mercedes's protection is with you whether you travel 10 miles or 100,000.

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