Used Model X vs. New Model Y

Used Model X vs. New Model Y Comparison: Which Is the Best Value?

Tesla produces two SUVs: the Model X and the Model Y (however, since the Y is technically based on the Model 3 chassis, it is technically a CUV or Crossover Utility Vehicle...basically a compact SUV). But which Tesla is appropriate for you in the current market?

In this post, we will look at the current market, the advantages and disadvantages of a used Model X and a new Model Y, and the locations where you can find the best deals on both.

New Tesla Model Y

Model Y is a fantastic and strong option if you are looking for an EV with more interior space and headroom than the Model 3. In addition, each new Model Y comes equipped with the most recent Tesla technology, including the most recent software and support for Autopilot and Full Self-Driving (though that will cost you extra).

The Model Y is an ideal car for a single person or a small family, as it can easily transition from everyday driver to weekend road trip vehicle.

New Model Y Pros:

  • All Wheel Drive (AWD)
  • Contains a multiplicity of cameras, including internal ones for monitoring children or pets in the rear seat.
  • Complete guarantee coverage
  • A spacious cabin for five passengers, with the most recent model offering seven seats.
  • Excellent storage capacity
  • Small size facilitates parking and occupies less space in the garage.
  • Towing of lighter vessels is available with the purchase of the Towing Package.
  • No miles driven
  • Includes the most recent Tesla safety rating of 5 stars from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)
  • Tesla handles documentation and financing is simple.

New Model Y Cons

  • All the cameras raise issues about privacy.
  • Less cargo room exists than in the Model X.
  • The cramped third row is optional.
  • The airless suspension (could be a pro if you like coil suspensions better)
  • Only cloth seating possibilities
  • Increased taxes
  • Extra delivery expenses, etc
  • There is a considerable backlog for new Model Y deliveries (at the time of writing, that lead time is long: about six months from order to delivery)
  • Tesla is still ironing out factory construction problems.
  • The cost continues to rise.
  • Looks like an egg (sorry, but it does, especially in the base Pearl White Multi-Coat paint)
  • No Unlimited Free Supercharging
  • No Premium Connectivity for Life
  • Towing package costs extra and is only available for light duty vehicles (3,500 lbs)

Used Model X

The pre-owned Model X is a better fit if you regularly transport cargo, value comfort and room for your passengers, and want the maximum payload capacity. It might not feature Tesla's newest and finest gadgets, but it does contain some really cutting-edge technology. If there are Autopilot features that your hardware can't handle, you won't lose out because Tesla is always issuing over-the-air upgrades.

No matter what year or trim level you choose, the Model X's performance and acceleration will impress you. And unlike in six months, used Model Xs can be had right now.

Used Model X Pros

  • If your car's mileage is still below 100,000 miles, you won't notice much of a drop in range.
  • Equipped with high-end fixtures and furnishings (heated steering wheel)
  • One can choose between cloth and leather upholstery (leather is 2017-2018 only)
  • Modifiable air suspension height
  • Heightened separation from the ground (about 8 inches)
  • Superb sound quality
  • Superior Efficiency and Lightning-Fast Velocity
  • The AWD System (AWD)
  • Doors shaped like a falcon's wings!
  • Cargo capacity: 7 adults
  • Storage space that's plenty big
  • Accessories for in-car amusement
  • Capable of pulling up to 2,500 kg (standard hitch included after 2017)
  • In some instances, the new owner will be able to keep the original owner's Free Unlimited Supercharging, Autopilot, or Premium Connectivity.
  • Cons of a Used Model X:
  • Includes wear and tear on the vehicle and a probable drop in range
  • To compete with the price of a brand new Model Y, you'll need to travel back a few years.
  • The falcon wing doors and air suspension of an older Model X can sometimes malfunction.
  • Warranty Duration Too Short or Expired
  • Somewhat excessive for a commuter vehicle
  • Slower in supercharging (pre-2020)

Final Verdict

The 2022 Model X comes in Long Range ($105,000) and Plaid ($120,000) trims. Due to the tight new and used automobile market, a used Model X from 2020 or 2021 will cost the same. Plus.

Why is secondhand Tesla Model X more expensive than new? If you have to wait a year to drive your new Model X, you might be prepared to pay more for one you can drive next month. Spending the Model X's present price, especially from 2020-2021, is a big decision.

Pre-2020 used Model X prices fluctuate. A low-mileage, good-condition 2016 Model X costs close to $60,000, barely under the Y's $58,000 starting price (before the delivery fee, etc). Pre-owned Model X costs $65,000-$90,000 from 2017-2019.

A new Tesla Model Y costs $58,000 before delivery and other expenses, while used prices range from $50,000 (for the Standard Range trim) to $70,000-$80,000 for higher trim levels.

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