What's the difference between Tesla's Standard Connectivity and Premium Connectivity?

What's the difference between Tesla's Standard Connectivity and Premium Connectivity?

"Premium Connectivity" is a feature that many people looking for a secondhand Tesla are familiar with. So, let's look into standard and premium connectivity what is Tesla Premium Connectivity all about exactly? What is the price of Tesla premium connectivity? Which automobiles already have it onboard? In 2022, how has this changed?

Let's have a look at Tesla Premium Connectivity

The Major Differences

Autopilot was incorporated in all Tesla Model S vehicles when they were originally created, but it has since been dropped in favor of more affordable automobiles from the company (like the Tesla Model 3). Tesla's approach to Tesla premium connectivity is one of the many things that has undergone significant evolution in recent years.

Real-time traffic Visualization and other features require data usage and change in technology which have forced Tesla to revise the connectivity pricing structure, which was formerly provided with every Tesla. There are two levels of connection now available on a Tesla: Standard and Premium.

Standard Connectivity:

  • Video Streaming (WiFi Only)
  • Caraoke (WiFi Only)
  • Music Streaming (WiFi Only)
  • Internet Browser (WiFi Only)
  • Tesla Over-the-air (OTA) Updates
  • Bluetooth Capability
  • Navigation (WiFi + LTE)

The vast bulk of Tesla Standard Connectivity's functions is only available over wifi. Tesla's Standard Connectivity essentially just offers navigation and OVA updates when Tesla vehicles are out of internet range. Of course, there is nothing to be concerned about; having your Tesla automatically update itself is a really wonderful function.

Premium Connectivity

The following features are included in Tesla premium connectivity (in addition to those included in Standard):

  • Live Traffic Visualization
  • Satellite-View Maps
  • Video Streaming (WiFi + LTE)
  • Caraoke (WiFi + LTE)
  • Music Streaming (WiFi + LTE)
  • Internet Browsing (WiFi + LTE)

Tesla Standard Connectivity misses two more features: Live Traffic Visualization and Satellite-Views. Tesla premium connectivity provides these options. Having these two handy gadgets on your everyday commute and during road trips is a great idea.

Premium Connectivity allows access to most functionalities over AT&T's cellular network (LTE). Like the mobile device's data plan, tesla Premium Connectivity costs are being charged for data access on your Tesla. As long as you have a strong network signal, you can use compatible video and audio apps almost everywhere with a car's cellular connectivity. Obviously, free or paid subscriptions to film and music streaming apps/ video streaming services are still your responsibility, not Tesla's.

Premium Connectivity

Tesla vehicles are constantly updated to enhance operation, add amenities, and even include games (Source)

How Much Does Tesla Premium Connectivity Cost?

Tesla's Premium Connectivity membership costs $9.99 per month (this does not include applicable taxes).

You may subscribe to Tesla premium connectivity on your Tesla account, which gives you access to additional features. Simply open the Tesla app, click on Upgrades > Subscribe to pick Premium Connectivity, and make your transaction if you've already paid for Tesla upgrades (such as the Model 3 acceleration boost). Many times, this may be done using the vehicle's touchscreen; to purchase a Tesla's Premium Connectivity subscription, you can navigate to Controls > Upgrades on the touchscreen.

Premium Connectivity Subscription

Alternatively, there is a $99-a-year premium connectivity package (with no pro-rated refunds or any refunds at all, really). Buying a year at once will save you some money, so this is a good alternative. 

  • You may purchase a Premium Connectivity membership using the Tesla app by going to Upgrades > Subscribe and selecting the option.
  • Visit Controls > Upgrades and select Premium Connectivity from the drop-down menu

Can Tesla Premium Connectivity Be Canceled?

Yes. For $9.99/month, you may cancel Tesla Premium Connectivity by logging into your Tesla account and clicking the "Cancel" button. The days you would have had left on your subscription will not be reimbursed if you cancel while in the middle of a payment cycle. However, for just $9.99 per month, this isn't a major concern. The Premium Connectivity functions won't be removed even if you cancel; you'll still have access to them until the conclusion of the monthly cycle. After then, it's back to the old-fashioned way of doing things.

Is Tesla Premium Connectivity Worth It?

Those who often use features like Tesla's live traffic visualization, remote camera monitoring, and music/video streaming will find Tesla Premium Connectivity worth the cost. Some motorists would rather utilize their own wifi hotspots or remain with Standard Connectivity rather than pay the monthly subscription charge. So, you can plan to subscribe to premium connectivity.

Navigation Improvements

You should activate Tesla Premium Connectivity options, especially if you plan on using most connectivity features:

Navigation Improvements

Satellite View Maps

People were complaining about basic maps and not having satellite views, so there will be satellite view maps, live traffic visualization, and others.

Navigation Improvements

Entertainment Improvements

Video and music streaming services like Netflix, Disney+, YouTube, and Spotify account are all available to Tesla Premium Connectivity customers so that they enjoy the entertainment features, and stream music and videos in a premium interior. Listen to and watch movies and music without worrying about finding a Wi-Fi connection. You may also hear better sound quality on the road, so it makes Tesla premium connectivity worth giving a try.

Security Improvements

Tesla encrypts vehicle-to-server data end-to-end. This implies that location and personal data are encrypted during transmission, making it harder for attackers to intercept and read.

Tesla protects user data via encryption and other safeguards. Tesla protects its servers from threats through firewalls, IDSs, and other security measures. Tesla has a security staff and checks its systems for suspected behavior.

Tesla introduced an over-the-air software update for security. Tesla can swiftly fix vulnerabilities and security concerns without forcing vehicle owners to visit a service center. Tesla can address security vulnerabilities faster, lowering attack risk.

Is There a Free Trial for Tesla Premium Connectivity?

Tesla provides a free premium connectivity trial period for its Premium Connectivity service. Typically, new Tesla vehicle owners receive a 30-day trial period during which they can test out the Tesla's Premium Connectivity service for free.

Tesla drivers have access to all of Tesla's Premium Connectivity functions, including satellite maps, streaming music services, and over-the-air vehicle software updates, during the trial period. so, yes you will find that Tesla premium connectivity is worth it.

Are There Any Discounts for Tesla Premium Connectivity?

Tesla provides a trial period for its Premium Connectivity service. Typically, new Tesla owners receive a 30-day trial period during which they can test out the Premium Connectivity service for free.

Tesla owners have access to all Premium Connectivity features, including satellite navigation, media streaming, streaming music services, and over-the-air software updates, during the trial period.

Does Premium Connectivity Transfer if You Buy a Used Tesla? What About CPO Cars?

The age of a used Tesla, the Premium Connectivity service's features, and the prior owner's subscription status determine whether Premium Connectivity transfers.

The new owner may continue utilizing Premium Connectivity if the used Tesla is still in the free trial period or the prior owner has an ongoing membership. The new owner must subscribe to Premium Connectivity if the prior owner did not or the trial time has elapsed.

Tesla's Premium Connectivity may or may not be available on certified pre-owned (CPO) Tesla's, based on the Tesla vehicle, Tesla model, and how old it is. CPO Tesla's under 4 years old should have Premium Connectivity. CPO Tesla's older than 4 years or with a particular mileage level may not feature Premium Connectivity.

When buying a used Tesla or a CPO car, it's always a good idea to check with Tesla or the former owner to see if the Premium Connectivity service will transfer. For the latest Premium Connectivity transfer policies and discounts, contact Tesla.

Do connectivity plans affect autopilot?

Tesla Premium Connectivity does not influence Autopilot. Autopilot, which comes standard on most Tesla vehicles, does not need Premium Connectivity.

How Do You Know If Your Tesla Has Premium Connectivity?

In the “Software” part of your on-screen menu system, look for “Premium Connectivity” with an expiration date in the center of the screen.

Final Thoughts.

Tesla gives its owners most features like live cameras, streaming videos, receiving phone notifications, Tesla navigation, and much more that are loved by current and future owners It's nice-to-have premium connectivity but not a deal-breaker. Why? You may subscribe to your own premium service for $9.99/month. It is not comparable to a used Tesla with Enhanced Autopilot (EAP) or Full-Self Driving (FSD), which are worth much more.

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