Why Tesla Needs Accessories Try Carbon Fiber

Why Tesla Needs Accessories, Try Carbon Fiber

Depending on the buyer's priorities, the ability to personalize the car's accessories may not be a major factor in the buying decision. Yet the need for customized Tesla Model 3 and Model Y accessories is only expected to increase rapidly in 2022, thanks to the increasing demand for Tesla vehicles overall.

The benefits of owning a Tesla extend far beyond the financial savings afforded by its lack of petrol use. The thrill of Tesla ownership comes from taking pleasure in the experience as a whole, including the ups and downs, the trip, and the work involved. Adding Tesla Carbon Fiber accessories is a fun way for new owners to personalize their ride and set it out from the others. You should use caution, though. When installing a carbon fiber attachment on a Tesla, many owners say they can't stop there.

Carbon Fiber Spoiler

Indeed, the dreaded plot twist. One of the most recognizable features of a car with aftermarket parts is the spoiler. Thankfully, there is a wide variety of carbon fiber interior accessories including spoilers available for the Tesla Model 3, Model Y, and the Model S. The Tesla factory provides an optional spoiler that not only improves economy and high-speed stability, but also looks great. The rear downforce is improved at greater speeds thanks to the carbon fiber spoiler.


carbon fiber effect wing spoiler raised back

Carbon Fiber Effect Gloss Wing Spoiler (Source)

Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser

For the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y, the carbon fiber rear diffuser is one of the more imposingly styled add-ons to have an carbon fiber exterior. The diffuser, like the carbon fiber spoiler, will increase rear downforce, making the vehicle more stable at high speeds. It's important to remember, though, that driving over a speed bump with a diffuser installed increases the likelihood of scratching the device.

cmst genuine carbon fiber rear diffuser

Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser

 Carbon Fiber Hood

When it comes to comprehensive replacement parts, Tesla accessories are severely lacking. This new hood, however, not only vastly improves the car's aesthetics, but also makes it lighter overall. For Tesla owners who want to make an impact, the carbon fiber hood is a must-have.

cmst genuine carbon fiber hood with glass window

Model 3 Carbon Fiber Hood

Carbon Fiber Tesla T Logo

Every piece of carbon fiber jewelry does not have to be flashy. The overall picture is often made up of several smaller ones. To add a touch of style to the exterior of your Tesla, the Carbon Fiber T Logo is a fantastic option. Changes as little as the T logo's have an impact on the whole. As the bulk of Tesla Model 3 and Model Y vehicles have the same design, the addition of carbon fiber to the T is a fantastic jumping-off point for those interested in the material.

Carbon Fiber Tesla T Logo

Carbon Fiber Door-Trim Replacement

Tesla began producing its new and improved Model 3 series in 2021. Among the numerous improvements over their previous product line are the removal of chrome, the installation of new headlights, an increase in range, a modified trunk gasket, and the addition of trim pieces to the doors. After hearing from a number of satisfied customers, Tesla determined it was time to switch to a more fuel-efficient design. Several Tesla owners were opposed to having additional wood in their interior, despite the fact that many of the changes aid increase the practicality and simplicity of usage. New carbon fiber door-trim replacements were therefore developed to improve the aesthetics of the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y.


genuine carbon fiber single piece dashboard trim

Genuine Matte Carbon Fiber Dashboard & Door Trims Replacement Kit

Carbon Fiber Dashboard Kit:

Improving your Tesla's interior's visual appeal while also protecting it from normal wear and tear is easy with the Carbon Fiber Dashboard Kit. Kit components are manufactured from carbon fiber, a lightweight and extremely strong material. Its exquisite engineering guarantees a flawless, factory-like look on your Tesla's dashboard. This accessory serves two purposes: it gives your car a more upscale and fashionable look while also shielding the dashboard from harm. This kit is ideal for any Tesla driver who wants to upgrade their vehicle's performance with minimal effort and without the need for specialized knowledge or equipment.

genuine carbon fiber dashboard trim kit

Carbon Fiber Dashboard Kit

Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel Kit:

Installing a custom-designed carbon fiber Steering Wheel Set in your Tesla is a terrific way to upgrade the cabin's overall look and feel. This set's carbon fiber coating conveys sophistication and class. It has a special texture that feels excellent in your hands and gives a firm grip, so you can drive safely and in comfort. This set is constructed from high-quality, lightweight carbon fiber material with an emphasis on durability and longevity. Because it requires no extra equipment or knowledge to install, you may start reaping the benefits of this add-on right away. If you want to improve the quality of life inside your Tesla, you need this package.

custom dry carbon fiber yoke steering wheel replacement

Custom Dry Carbon Fiber Yoke Steering Wheel Replacement for Tesla Model 3 & Model Y 2017-2023

Carbon Fiber Centre Console Kit:

If you're seeking to spruce up the cabin of your Tesla, the Carbon Fiber Centre Console Package is a great option. This set is built to last and has high-quality, lightweight carbon fiber construction. It gives your Tesla's center console an upscale, fashionable look and feel while maintaining its sporting character. Fitting snugly into your Tesla's center console, it looks like it was made for it. Every Tesla owner looking to improve their driving experience should look into this kit because of how simple it is to install and how little in the way of specialized tools or knowledge is needed.

genuine forged carbon fiber console fascia kit

Genuine Gloss Forged Carbon Fiber Center Console Fascia Kit for Tesla Model Y 2020

Carbon Fiber Centre Console Side Kit:

You may improve the look of the inside of your Tesla by installing the Carbon Fiber Centre Console Side Kit. This aggressive-styled accessories set is built to last and features lightweight, high-quality carbon fiber construction. It adds a sophisticated touch and a touch of athleticism to the side of your Tesla's center console. With its precision engineering, it will fit your Tesla's center console like it was made for it. To improve the inside of your Tesla, consider this kit. It can be installed in a matte of minutes and doesn't call for any specific equipment or knowledge.

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