Best Tesla Carbon Fiber Accessories

Best Tesla Carbon Fiber Accessories

As Tesla Motors has grown, Elon Musk has done an outstanding job as CEO. The Tesla Model 3 and Model Y are among the greatest cars money can buy in 2022 because of Musk's dedication to creating functional, comfortable, and eco-friendly automobiles. 

Accessory personalization may not be a major factor in the car owner's decision to acquire this vehicle. To counteract this, the price and demand for customized Tesla Model 3 and Model Y convenience parts, and accessories are expected to skyrocket this year thanks to the company's increasing popularity.

Having a Tesla is about more than just saving money on petrol and getting from A to B quickly. The thrill of Tesla ownership comes from taking pleasure in the experience as a whole, ups, and downs included. A new Tesla owner may add a lot of personality to their ride by installing Carbon Fiber interior accessories. It's important to use caution, though. After installing a carbon fiber attachment on a Tesla, many owners say they can't stop there.

Carbon Fiber Spoiler

The ever-popular plot-twist-killer. One of the most recognizable features of a specially equipped car is its spoiler. Thankfully, there is a wide variety of spoilers available for the Tesla Model 3, Model Y, and Model S. Stylish and functional, the Tesla factory-installed spoiler improves economy and stability at high speeds while maintaining the car's signature aesthetic. At high speeds, the carbon fiber spoiler also improves rear downforce.‍

Carbon Fiber Spoiler Model S

Carbon Fiber Spoiler Model S 2016-2022 (Source)

Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser

Larger in size than the competition, the carbon fiber rear diffuser for the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y is one of the more abrasive-looking additions here. The diffuser, like the carbon fiber spoiler, will increase rear downforce, making the vehicle more stable at high speeds. It's important to remember, though, that driving over a speed bump with a diffuser installed increases the likelihood of scratching the device.

Genuine carbon fiber rear diffuser Model 3

Genuine Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser Model 3 (Source)

Carbon Fiber Hood

When it comes to comprehensive replacement parts, Tesla accessories are severely lacking. This new hood, however, not only vastly improves the car's aesthetics, but also makes it lighter overall. Those who want to draw the most attention to their Tesla will find that the carbon fiber hood is the way to go.

Carbon Hood for Tesla Model Y

‍ Carbon Hood for Tesla Model Y (Source)

Carbon Fiber Dashboard Replacement

Several Tesla owners have complained that the factory wood dashboard doesn't match the rest of the car's aesthetic. First on the list of carbon fiber interior accessories is a carbon fiber dashboard, which can be installed in lieu of the factory dashboard in your Tesla. As one of the things a Tesla owner will see on a regular basis, it is important to remember that the driving experience is highly dependent solely on what the driver sees within their cockpit.

Carbon Fiber Dashboard Replacement Trim Set For Tesla

Carbon Fiber Dashboard Replacement Trim Set For Tesla (Source)

‍Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel

When Tesla Motors unveiled its revolutionary new Yoke steering wheel in late 2021, the automotive world took notice. While there have been some heated debates and differing viewpoints about the change, the U-shaped steering wheel is quickly becoming the norm. The Pimp My EV carbon fiber steering wheel upgrade options are available for the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y, and they may be personalized to fit the driver's needs.

Custom Dry Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel Replacement for Model 3

Custom Dry Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel Replacement for Model 3 (Source)

 Carbon Fiber Tesla T Logo for Every Tesla Model

Carbon fiber items don't always have to be flashy. There are instances when the minutiae are what really make the overall image. When looking to spruce up the look of your Tesla, the Carbon Fiber Tesla T Logo is an excellent addition to make. The T logo may seem little, yet it plays an important role in the overall scheme of things.

‍ Carbon Fiber Door-Trim Replacement

Tesla began producing its new and improved Model 3 series in 2021. Among the numerous improvements over their previous product line are the removal of chrome, the installation of new headlights, an increase in range, a modified trunk gasket, and the addition of trim pieces to the doors. Many Tesla customers were opposed to seeing additional wood in their interior, despite the fact that many of the changes aid increase the practicality and simplicity of usage. To remedy this, replacement carbon fiber door trim for the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y was developed.



Here at the Tesla Carbon Fiber Blog, we discussed and compiled a list of the top carbon fiber items, gift ideas, and applications. You've come to the correct place to shop if you admire the sophisticated and robust appearance of forged or woven carbon fiber.

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In conclusion, carbon fiber accessories can be a fantastic way to personalize and enhance the appearance of your Tesla Model 3 or Model Y. From the stylish and functional carbon fiber spoiler and rear diffuser to the eye-catching carbon fiber hood, these accessories not only add flair but also improve the vehicle's aerodynamics. Inside the car, a carbon fiber dashboard replacement and a custom carbon fiber steering wheel can elevate the driving experience and match the overall aesthetic.

The small yet significant Carbon Fiber Tesla T Logo adds a touch of sophistication, while the carbon fiber door-trim replacement complements the interior design while increasing practicality. When shopping for these accessories, it's important to look for genuine molded carbon fiber products sold at regular prices to ensure their authenticity and quality. So, whether it's the center console, original dashboard, or any other part, opting for real molded carbon fiber will guarantee durability and a high-quality finish. Explore your options and find the perfect carbon fiber accessories to showcase your Tesla's individuality at a regular price.

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