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How to Clean and Wash your Tesla

As Tesla owners, we desire clean cars. So many washing procedures make keeping it clean confusing. Here are the finest ways to wash and clean your Tesla.

Best Ways to Wash your Tesla 


If you love your Tesla, do this. It's great since it reduces contamination and scratches.  Some stores use foam cannons. Foam, rinse, and pressure-wash the car to remove heavy grime. Using a two-bucket approach, wash the panels from top to bottom. You can pre-wash your tesla and do handwashing before rinsing between panels and do rockers and bumpers last. Without a pressure washer or foam cannon, use the two-bucket approach. Rinse first to loosen the dirt.


Waterless wash means just that. No bucket of water is required. The spray bottle is usual and you can have spray paint and clean it with a microfiber towel. Best results come from 300+ GSM microfibers. Some cosmetics contain wax for shine and protection. Avoid using it after mudding or in dirty regions to avoid scratches. Use clean microfibers to avoid scratching your Tesla.


Rinseless wash doesn't sud up, therefore it doesn't need to be rinsed. It must be dried. Rinseless product in water. You may also use a spray bottle to pre-soak the worst areas. This wraps dirt to prevent Tesla scratches. "Gary Dean Method" employs many microfibre towels. 

  • Set aside a wrung-out microfiber.
  • Pre-soak the area you'll clean
  • Wash the panel with a damp microfiber towel.
  • Dry the panel with the wrung-out microfiber cloth.
  • Buff with a clean, dry towel.
  • Keep cleaning panels.


This approach is the least advised since it can scratch your Tesla. Automatic vehicle washes are contact and touchless. Contact car washes employ bristle or cloth brushes to wash cars as they pass through the tunnel. Since automatic car washes wash hundreds of automobiles daily, dirt gets trapped on the brushes and scratches your car. Touchless vehicle washes don't use brushes but employ stronger chemicals to remove grime. I'd prefer a touchless vehicle wash over a contact one. Be careful if you have a vinyl wrap or ceramic coating, since powerful chemicals may discolor or damage them. Before washing your automobile, verify with the vinyl company.

Tips & Tricks

  • Please refrain from using automated car washes unless they are touchless. This is strictly forbidden per the owner's handbook, and it will inevitably ruin the paint job.
  • Avoid doing your laundry in the hot sun. In most cases, white watermarks would appear all over the automobile.
  • Use caution while cleaning with harsh chemicals.
  • Keep at least 30cm of space between you and any stone chips while you use a pressure washer.
  • Never use a soiled sponge or a wash mitt that has been dropped on the floor.
  • Avoid spraying cameras, sensors, light edges, etc. with a pressure washer.
  • Don't spray windows or seals with a power washer for an extended duration.
  • Please don't direct high-pressure water hoses into the charging port.
  • You can also get your Tesla’s interior parts like the camera, protected from dirt and debris using a camera cover and more interior essentials to keep your car in the best shape.

Quick tips for your Tesla interior

One of the primary reasons why a Tesla car depreciates more quickly and, as a consequence, fetches a lower resale value is because the inside is not cleaned on a regular basis and in the appropriate manner. Although the inside, as well as the outside of the Tesla, should be cleaned, the topic of this post is going to be how to clean the interior of the Tesla.

  • To clean your seats, steering wheel, and panels, spray some of the Car Guys Interior Spray cleaner onto a microfiber cloth and then wipe them down.
  • To remove any remaining fingerprints and clean the screen cleaner, use a microfiber cloth that has not been sprayed with any liquid.
  • Vacuum your interior.
  • Organize your accessories using some helpful storage essentials like Glove Box Organizer and trunk organizer

Final Thoughts

Inadequate cleaning and maintenance can hasten the depreciation of your vehicle, so if you intend to sell your Tesla at some point in the future, it is in your best interest to maintain it as clean as possible. Do not put off cleaning your white headboard until it becomes dirty and dingy looking! You would save a lot of time as well as cleaning supplies if you maintained a regular cleaning regimen.


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