Kia Ev9 Has Ample Room Inside And Decent Handling

Kia Ev9 Has Ample Room Inside And Decent Handling

2024 Kia EV9 Automotive Reviews

Consumer Reports Weighs in on the Kia EV9: Roomy, Dependable, and (Nearly) Sporty Early owner impressions of the highly anticipated EV9 were recently provided by Consumer Reports (CR), adding to the buzz around Kia's entry into the electric three-row SUV market. Things are looking good, so fasten your seatbelts, environmentally-concerned families!

Like the Telluride, the Kia EV9 is an electric vehicle. Despite sharing nearly identical dimensions with its combustion-powered stablemate, the EV9 offers passengers a number of benefits thanks to its all-electric drivetrain. But, owners of the zero-emissions SUV may find certain features annoying.

Consumer Reports just released an early owner's assessment of the electric SUV EV9 that highlights the pros and cons, based on their personal experience buying one to learn more about its living conditions. And praises the spacious inside, particularly for those riding in the back and second row, and describes how convenient it is to access the third row: with the push of a button, the back row's seat rises and slides forward to take the place.

Navigating Novelty: The Quirks Of Brand-New Automobiles

The front seats are supportive and comfortable, which is a major benefit. Because of their plushness and squishiness, the unique mesh headrests were also given the green light by Consumer Reports.

Navigating Novelty: The Quirks Of Brand-New Automobiles

Space-Age Spaciousness:

CR promotes the EV9's cabin as an attractive feature. Its spacious interior, which can seat seven people with ample room inside and to spare in each of the three rows, makes it ideal for families on the go. Whatever your capacious demand, be it weekend adventures or carpooling chores, the EV9 appears to be up to the task.

Despite the stereotype of three-row SUVs being hefty behemoths, CR says the EV9 has "decent handling." Its massive curb weight of more than 5,700 lbs serves as a reminder that it is not a sports car, but it handles city streets and highways with ease nevertheless. Even if you aren't quite a stunt rider, you can rest assured that you will have a pleasant and secure journey.

In terms of technology, the cabin isn't simply roomy; it's also very contemporary. According to CR, the dashboard's two 12.3-inch screens provide an elegant and feature-rich environment for infotainment. They do note, nevertheless, that not everyone will enjoy using the touch-sensitive controls located beneath the screen; these controls do not have the pleasant clicks of conventional buttons.

EV9's Drive Battery

The Wind trim level EV9 with all-wheel drive and a 99.8-kilowatt-hour long-range battery is the one that CR uses in its fleet. With an estimated range of 280 miles, it's the most affordable all-wheel-drive variant of the electric SUV. A DC fast charger that is compatible may charge at a maximum speed of 350 KW.

EV9's Drive Battery

Among the many features that come standard on this vehicle are a hands-free power liftgate, heated and ventilated front seats, a heated steering wheel, a dual sunroof, and wireless connectivity for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. With the addition of the destination charge, Consumer Reports' total cost reached $65,620, with the $225 carpeted floor mats being the only option they chose.

EV9's Bandling

The EV9's car handling is respectable for a three-row SUV but at 5,715 pounds—or 1,400 pounds more than the Telluride—the driver is constantly cognizant of the vehicle's massive weight.

Massive Screens

While it may look futuristic to have two massive screens attached to the dashboard, not everyone likes the layout of the controls, which makes it difficult to see them while holding onto the steering wheel. Based on CR's reporting, this is precisely what happens in the EV9: the virtual buttons for features like the defroster and recirculating air are located head up display, in a part of the screen that is extremely challenging to see while maintaining control of the wheel.

In the cabin, two 12.3-inch screens—one for the infotainment system and one for the digital instrument cluster—dominate the dashboard. Under the infotainment screen, you'll find touch-sensitive controls that provide some feedback; nevertheless, these aren't your traditional "clicky" buttons. Consumer Reports notes that there is a significant risk of accidentally pressing a button when attempting to rest your palm on the edge of the device where the touch controls are located.

Down the center console, on the other hand, you'll find physical controls for the climate control, driving modes, and audio system.

Gear Selector

The CR crew also found a few obnoxious things about the layout of the gear selector (which houses the starter button) and the temperature settings for the seats. Underneath the headlight control stalk and behind the steering wheel is the gear stalk, while the driver's door has the HVAC controls, including a button to heat the wheel. These aren't horrible spots for them; they're simply different.

Gear Selector

And that's the catch with brand-new automobiles. In an effort to save money or seem different, manufacturers will occasionally rearrange the buttons on the dashboard or center console in a fashion that no one has ever seen before. It's not ideal, but the novelty wears off and everything is fine after a while. Even without the stalks, Tesla owners appear to have managed just well.

Dive Into The Kia EV9: Get Charged, Get Connected, Get Informed, Get Fully Charged:

Dive Into The Kia EV9: Get Charged, Get Connected, Get Informed, Get Fully Charged

Get Fully Charged

Embark on an exhilarating adventure in the Kia EV9. You can go farther without stopping to plug in because of its 349-mile range and ultra-fast charging features.

Connect with a dealer for pricing, offers, and more

Inquiring about prices, deals, or the possibility of towing out of a trial run? Get in touch with a Kia dealer in your area to explore your options and talk about your needs.

Is The Kia EV9 A Good Car?

There have been numerous positive early reviews:

  • The Interior is roomy and cozy, making it ideal for gatherings of all kinds, whether with friends or family.
  • Modern technology and amenities: Indulge in a seamless and hassle-free driving experience.
  • Effective operation: Pick the perfect combination of power and electric vehicle range from two different battery options. Kia employs environmentally sensitive materials and processes in its sustainable design.

But we can't yet say anything about the data or its durability or make any firm comparisons to the competition.

Is The Kia EV9 Reliable?

It is premature to judge the EV9's durability because it is a brand-new model. The EV9 is based on the same E-GMP platform as previous Kia and Hyundai models, and reliability surveys tend to favor Kia cars.

The Ultimate Verdict?

An exciting new electric SUV competitor is the Kia EV9. Potentially ideal for families and environmentally concerned drivers, it boasts a roomy cabin, cutting-edge technology, and a long range. But before you make a final choice, it's wise to do some more reading and test drives.

Problems Abound:

Some small gripes are inevitable with any new car. The "annoying things" mentioned by early owners are briefly touched upon in CR, but no details are provided. To get a thorough view, you should wait for their complete review.

Talking Tech:

The inside is ultra-contemporary and roomy. CR highlights the two 12.3-inch screens that are prominent on the dashboard, providing an elegant and feature-rich environment for infotainment. The touch-sensitive controls below the screen, however, may not appeal to everyone because they don't have the gratifying click of regular buttons.

There are a few small gripes, but overall it's a good car. There are few specifics, but CR does touch on a few "annoying things" that were mentioned by early owners.

The Kia EV9: Innovations And Affordability In Electric Mobility

The Kia EV9 presents a compelling package for electric vehicle enthusiasts, boasting a range of advanced features and innovations. With remote smart parking assist and highway driving assist, navigating tight spaces and long journeys becomes effortless and safe. Despite its cutting-edge technology, the manufacturer's suggested retail price ensures affordability without compromising on quality.

The Kia EV9: Innovations And Affordability In Electric Mobility

The EV9's generous battery capacity ensures ample power for extended drives, while its EPA-estimated range provides confidence for longer trips. Safety features like safe exit assist and LED headlights further enhance the driving experience, making the Kia EV9 a top contender in the electric vehicle market.


The Kia EV9 has received mostly positive reviews from Consumer Reports thus far. It appears to be a tempting alternative for environmentally concerned families in search of a competent and pleasant electric SUV, thanks to its ample room-y cabin, respectable handling, and contemporary technological features. Nevertheless, be sure to read their full assessment for a comprehensive understanding, including any possible downsides.

Based on their preliminary findings, Consumer Reports had a favorable view of the Kia EV9. Families concerned about the environment looking for a reliable and pleasant electric SUV may find it appealing due to its roomy cabin, reasonable handling, and cutting-edge technological features. But if you want the whole story, including the downsides, you should wait for their comprehensive assessment.

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