Tesla Unable To Charge, Service Required Solution

Tesla Unable To Charge, Service Required Solution

The error message "Unable to Charge – Service Required" usually appears when there is a problem with the onboard charger or charge port. It could also be caused by something wrong with the electricity, like a blown fuse. In the worst case, the error could mean that there is a bigger problem, like a problem with the battery pack.

The "Unable to Charge – Service Required" error is usually easy to fix by following a few simple steps. Most of the time, you won't even need to call Tesla service. If you take a quick look at your user's manual, you should be able to figure out what's wrong and fix it on your own as soon as possible.

Common Reasons Why You Get “Unable to Charge – Service Required” Error Message

Here are the nine most frequent reasons of the dreaded error notice.

Defective Onboard Charger

A defective onboard charger or supercharger is the major cause of the "Unable to Charge - Service Required" error message. The onboard charger of your Tesla converts AC power from the charging station into DC electricity that may be stored in the vehicle's battery.

If your onboard charger is malfunctioning, your vehicle will not be able to charge. In certain instances, you may be able to determine that the onboard charger is the source of the issue if you observe error messages or lights that do not correspond to the typical charging procedure.

Loose Connection

Like any other electrical gadget, your Tesla need a strong connection to charge properly. The "Unable to Charge - Service Required" error message might be caused by a loose connection between the charging station and your vehicle.

A faulty battery pack

In rare instances, the "Unable to Charge - Service Required" error message may result from a faulty battery pack. Despite its rarity, this is something you should be aware of. For starters, a damaged battery pack loses its ability to store energy, resulting in a more than 20% loss in driving range.

Outdated Charging Software

Occasionally, the error message may be the result of obsolete charging software. Generally, this is not a hardware-related issue. Instead, there is a problem with the software that regulates the charging procedure, which is why Tesla releases software updates.

Tesla consistently provides software upgrades for their vehicles. These upgrades might include new features, bug fixes, and performance enhancements. In some instances, upgrades may be required to ensure compatibility with new charging stations or devices.

If the "Unable to Charge - Service Required" problem message appears, you should first check for available software updates.

A Blocked Charging Port

Sometimes, grime, dirt, or snow might obstruct the charging port, preventing the vehicle from charging properly. If this occurs, the error message "Unable to Charge - Service Required" may be shown. When debris blocks the charging port, it might result in a faulty connection between the automobile and the charger. This may lead to delayed charging periods or the vehicle not charging at all.

How to Resolve the "Tesla Unable to Charge, Service Required" Error

Before you contact a tow truck or lose up hope regarding the "Tesla Unable To Charge, Service Required" warning, there are a few things you may do that may result in your car being able to charge again. Some are simple repairs, while others would necessitate a visit to the Tesla service facility.

Not charging! **FIXED**

Not charging! **FIXED** | Tesla Motors Club (Source)

Check for Updates to Software

After receiving the "Tesla Unable to Charge, Service Required" problem notice, you should check for any available software upgrades. Periodically, Tesla distributes updates that are wirelessly downloadable and installable.

When Tesla publishes a new software update, a pop-up message will appear in the middle of your touchscreen display with an installation choice. You may also check for fresh software updates by selecting "Software" under "Control" on your Tesla's display.

Examine Connections for Looseness

To verify that all connections are secure:

  • Verify the charger's connection to the electrical outlet. Make that the charger is securely plugged in and there are no loose connections.
  • Check the connection between your automobile and the charger.
  • Unplug the charger and re-plug it in, making sure the connection is secure both times. You might try shaking the charger cord to determine if there is any wiggle room.

Check for Damage to the Onboard Charger or Your Supercharger

A malfunctioning onboard charger or supercharger is among the most common reasons for the "Unable to Charge, Service Required" error message.

If you think that the onboard charger has been damaged, you must take your car to a Tesla service facility for a comprehensive inspection and repairs. Call Tesla's customer support hotline for assistance with a malfunctioning supercharger, or go to a different supercharger station.

Eliminate Any Debris From the Charging Port

Important for successful charging is a secure connection between the charger and the charge port. Your vehicle may fail to charge if there is debris obstructing the connection. Typically, the charge port is positioned on the rear of your car and is covered while not in use.

To clean it, remove any debris, dust, or leaves that may be obstructing the port's connection by detaching its cover. You can use a can of compressed air to remove any debris clogging the charging port.

Perform a Reset Hard

Attempting a hard reset is the next step if your car won't charge after attempting the previous solutions. A hard reset will remove any transient issues that might be causing the charging issue.

To do a hard reset:

  • Ensure that the car is in Park and that the charger is disconnected.
  • Touch the "Power Off" button after navigating the touchscreen to Controls > Safety & Security. All of the vehicle's systems will reboot.
  • Avoid engaging with the car for two minutes while you wait. Do not press the brake pedal, open the door, or activate any lights. This might conflict with the reset procedure.
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