Why Tesla Model 3 should be your next purchase?

Why Tesla Model 3 should be your next purchase?

Which car should I purchase? This is the type of issue that crops up in the minds of every consumer, and even specialists have trouble making a decision on it. But don't be concerned. We're here to assist you. Because the world is changing, and automobiles are evolving as well, electric vehicles will soon replace the standard gasoline engine. I believe that now is the perfect moment to make a change. Electric vehicles (EVs) are the wave of the future, and the Tesla Model 3 is the greatest illustration of this.

The space-age interior

Teslas are recognized for their futuristic interiors as much as their ingenious powertrain, and the Model 3 follows suit. The Model 3's screen is smaller and in landscape mode, but that's because it's replacing the car's dials. True, nothing is in front of the wheel. The Model 3 doesn't come with a speedometer. Instead, the speed is on the touchscreen's left side (on a left-hand drive car, of course). This is not just unique but also pretty darn awesome.

Its understated beauty and comfort

The Model 3 has swooping lines, a glass roof, and no grille openings – a dreaded feature. The end result is fantastic. The Model 3 is classy and understated. Unlike any other vehicle on the market today, the inside of the Tesla Model 3 is really unique. A monolithic touchscreen controls practically every aspect of the interior, making it surprisingly easy. Tesla's interior seems more open and airy with a low, flat floor.

 There is plenty of room in the front seats, but the back seats are too small and unpleasant for people to spend much time in. Expanding the trunk with the 60/40 split-folding rear seats is a cinch. Seatbacks of the Model 3 fold flat as well, allowing for a level cargo floor while transporting bulkier things. The Model 3 has enough capacity for 15 carry-on luggage when the rear seats are folded down. In addition, the cabin is equipped with plenty of large storage bins and nooks. Teslas don't need much maintenance compared to standard vehicles, so you will also have the cost to maintain tesla model 3 saved.

Model 3 has become the best-selling electric vehicle in the world to date (Source)

Infotainment and Connectivity

It is equipped with navigation, Bluetooth, and USB connectivity as standard, but strangely, neither AM radio nor SiriusXM satellite radio is available on the Model 3. There are a variety of internet-streaming radio choices and various engaging tesla model 3 features available as usual. Aside from that, it is unable to be equipped with Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. Model 3 provides lots of entertainment alternatives on its central display to make charging station layovers more acceptable, including Netflix, YouTube, and a variety of arcade games, to make charging station layovers more bearable.

It's all about safety, and Tesla knows it.

When purchasing a vehicle, safety is one of the most important considerations. The Model 3 isn't often seen as the safest vehicle on the road, but it does have a lot of safety for its lithium-ion batteries. Elon Musk declared last night that the car had "five-star safety" throughout, and if we take his word for it, many electric car skeptics should take notice. The Tesla Model 3 might be one of the safest vehicles on the road if structural safety systems and semi-autonomous preventive measures are combined. No one saw that coming.

Photo of engaged Sentry Mode. Taken by Bruno Maiorana.

Range and Supercharging

The Tesla Model 3 has a range of 215 miles, which is more than adequate for most individuals. And 215 miles is a long distance. It's nearly enough to go from London to Norwich and back or to Hull if desired. Sure, you'd need to drive carefully, but the fact that those areas are reachable indicates the Model 3's endurance. In addition, buying tesla Model 3 will give you the access to Tesla's developing network of Superchargers, which offer 170 miles of electricity in just 30 minutes. Even without Superchargers, the Tesla Model 3 will be compatible with the UK's quickly developing network of electric car chargers, allowing for almost any route to be feasible.

Photo of a V3 supercharger. Taken from the Tesla Website.

Final Thoughts

With a near-optimal balance of performance, driving range, and affordable cost, the 2022 Tesla Model 3 is an electric vehicle that lives up to the promise. The Model 3 is an electric vehicle that we, as car aficionados, can get behind since it's quick and nimble, especially in the Performance trim. So, buy Tesla Model 3 Today!

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