Can You Change the Voice on Tesla Navigation?

Can You Change the Voice on Tesla Navigation?

Since Tesla only offers one pre-set voice for each language, you cannot alter the voice used for your Tesla Navigation voice command. However, you can alter the voice of your Tesla guidance by modifying the guidance system's language, so the answer to Can I change the navigation voice is Yes. Your issue should be resolved if you are able to grasp the language of navigation voice guidance of your choice.

Tesla's Navigation Voice Limitations and Customer Requests

Tesla cars only come with one pre-programmed navigation voice.

Despite Tesla's supremacy and brilliance, there are a few minor flaws that, at first glance, seem simple to remedy. Tesla, though, continues to ignore the cries for reform from the masses.

The voice on Tesla's navigation system is one such 'defect'. There is no issue with the voice; the female voice that Tesla provides works great most of the time.

Tesla has declined to provide that option, despite the fact that Tesla owners would appreciate more variety—perhaps a male voice, or woman's voice, or the voice of a different lady.

Tesla driver who wants to focus on driving without being interrupted by the voice guidance system can mute voice guidance.


Only when the female navigator of Tesla uses a foreign tongue will you hear a different version of her. For instance, Teslas have female navigators who speak German in German-speaking nations.

It's a little odd that Tesla hasn't added more navigation voices given its simple software update method.

Tesla released a software update in the latter half of 2021 that at long last gave navigation waypoints. It demonstrated that Tesla could, but only when they wanted to, enhance navigation. Tesla might consider the desire to add more voices to be unimportant.

However, some people could consider this upgrade more important than a future function that would let Teslas with external speakers make fart sounds.

Do Teslas have a secret navigation system?

You can simply swipe your finger down over the navigation button if you're on your way home and don't feel like typing in the destination. From there, the vehicle stop navigation and will automatically anticipate your destination, such as home or work.

To play your preferred voice on Tesla Speakers, use other navigation apps.

The navigation voice is a useful tool that gets you where you're going while keeping your focus on the road. As a result, disabling voice navigation isn't always practical or secure.

Waze and Google Maps are just a couple of the third-party navigation apps that Tesla lets you use. You can now install and use Google Maps on your Tesla screen via the Tesla App.

The voice options that are accessible while using the app on your Tesla are not available with Tesla Waze or Google Maps, though. Waze and Google Maps both let you alter the volume of the voice used for navigation when used on a phone.

For instance, Waze offers a wide range of entertaining features, such as celebrity voices and a function that lets users record their own voices for guidance.

You may use the car's web browser to visit Tesla Waze, as shown in this EveryAmp YouTube video. Compared to the standard Tesla navigation system, Tesla Waze offers better traffic data.

The only option to use the voice you want to navigate home to while operating your Tesla is to disregard the built-in navigation system and use any third-party smartphone app instead.

The voice of the navigator can be amplified using the Tesla's speakers. Simply use Bluetooth to connect your phone to the car's speakers. Although the navigation screen will be smaller, you'll manage.

The voice that directs you to your destination, much to your delight, will be the one you choose to hear rather than the one Tesla makes you hear.

Instead of pausing your music, the Tesla navigation voice plays over its

Tesla isn't just interested in how its customers use their vehicles to move from place to place. The business also works to enhance user experience. It did so in order to include functional aspects like autonomous driving.

Sadly, it appears that the business disregarded the navigation voice issues.

The navigation system cannot be programmed to talk at specific periods. No matter what else your speakers are broadcasting, they will talk when it is designed to do so.

It would be practical if the system would temporarily halt your music while the navigation system provides instructions. Tesla, however, does not offer that choice.

The programmed female voice can speak whenever she wants, or you can disable the guidance voice.

Tesla Voice Commands That Add Convenience To Your Driving Experience

Tesla Voice Commands That Add Convenience To Your Driving Experience


Can I Change The Voice On Tesla Navigation?

Unfortunately, there is just one pre-set navigation voice available in Tesla vehicles for now, and there is no internal way to change it. Although personalization options for the navigation voice have been requested by users, Tesla does not yet offer this capability.

Climate Control Functions

You can conveniently handle a number of climate control functions in your Tesla using voice commands. You can easily move car controls, change the air conditioning settings, fan speed, and temperature, or turn on/off features like the defrost and defog systems by utilizing Tesla's voice commands. With this hands-free system, distraction-free comfort while driving is guaranteed.

Navigation Settings Icon

The navigation system in Tesla has a number of options available settings that may be quickly changed with voice commands. You can adjust various navigation settings icons like the distance measurement unit (miles or kilometers), the preferred route (fastest, shortest, or energy-efficient), the traffic data enable/disablement, and the map or satellite view. You may easily adjust your navigation settings to suit your preferences using these voice commands.

How Do I Change The Language On My Tesla Navigation System?

You can use the voice command "Change language" or "Switch language" to switch the language on your Tesla's navigation system. The system will then be prompted to show a list of possible languages. Simply choose the language you want from the list, and the navigation system will change to that language, offering a more customized experience.

What Can You Do to Let Your Voice (Command) Be Heard?

Speak carefully and directly into the microphone of your Tesla in order for the voice control system to recognize your requests correctly. Stay away from distractions and background noise that could affect voice recognition. Additionally, make sure your Tesla's software is current because regular updates can enhance the functionality and precision of voice commands.

Home, Work, and Favorite Destinations

You may bookmark and quickly navigate to frequently frequented locations, such as your house, place of employment location, or favorite destinations, using Tesla's own navigation route and system. Your everyday journeys will be easier to manage if you enter these destinations into the system and then use voice commands like "Navigate to home" or "Take me to work" to start the route assistance.

Selecting an Alternate Route

Tesla's navigation system gives you the opportunity to choose an alternative route if you want to look into other travel options while you're out and about. By using voice commands like "Find an alternate route" or similar commands to "Choose a different route," which will give you access to alternate route possibilities which depend on your vehicle configuration, current location, and destination, you may make informed decisions and possibly avoid traffic jams or obstacles.

Do Different Tesla Models Have Different Navigation Voices?

The navigation voice in Tesla automobiles is currently the same for all models. The navigation voice is the same whether you drive a Tesla Model S, Model 3, Model X, or Model Y. As of right present, Tesla does not offer alternatives for several navigation voices.

Voice Control Tesla Model Y

Like other Tesla models, the Model Y has a voice control system that enables you to carry out a variety of operations using voice commands. You can operate and manage many elements of your Tesla Model Y by using voice commands tailored to the Model Y, such as "Open trunk," "Turn on autopilot," or "Set temperature to 70 degrees," without taking your hands off the steering wheel, or your eyes off the road.

Unofficial Tesla Voice Commands List App

Unofficial third-party apps that offer extensive lists of voice commands for Tesla automobiles are available. You may use these apps to manage a variety of voice commands to operate many different voices and aspects of your Tesla, such as navigation, climate control, entertainment, and more. They can be used as practical guides to learn how to use your Tesla's voice commands to their maximum potential.

Google Maps Voice

While Google Maps' voice assistance may be preferred by certain users, Tesla automobiles do have their own built-in navigation systems. Turn-by-turn directions from Google Maps can be heard through the car speakers by utilizing voice commands to link your smartphone to the audio system. With this integration, you may utilize the convenient audio system in your Tesla while using the well-known Google Maps interface, Tesla map settings and all of its features, including real-time traffic information and updates.


Despite the fact that Tesla vehicles only have one pre-set voice for navigation at the moment, there are a number of methods to improve voice assistance and the overall driving experience. Voice commands can be used by Tesla owners to control the thermostat, GPS settings, and media playing in their cars. Additionally, saving preferred locations as bookmarks and accessing map overviews can make navigation even easier.

Although the Tesla system currently lacks the ability to modify the navigation voice, using third-party navigation programs like Google Maps can offer several speech options. Despite these drawbacks, Tesla's voice command system is still a practical and effective means to communicate with your car while you're driving thanks to regular software updates.

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