How to turn your Tesla into a megaphone

How Can You Turn Your Car Into A Megaphone? Tesla Update

Automobiles have existed for a long time, and we have seen gradual innovations introduced to them as time has gone by. Every year, different car companies launch new models with never-before-seen features. Some of these can be pretty useful, while others are simply eye-catching and help the cars stand out from competitors. For example, autonomous vehicles with real-time social distancing monitoring are a feature that has immense potential in the pandemic situation we are in. Similarly, Tesla is a company that has been touted as a company that will usher in the new generation of electric cars. The company’s models have all caught headlines for various gimmicky and fun features that they introduce to them through software updates. This article will look at the latest Tesla software update that lets you turn your Tesla car into a megaphone. Without further delay, let’s dive into it.


Tesla Software Updates

Before we get into the megaphone update that Tesla released, it is worthwhile to provide some context about how Tesla updates work. Tesla cars all have their own software, much like how your laptop or phone has an operating system. This operating system receives periodic updates that add bug fixes and updates similar to how other operating system updates work. Traditionally, Tesla adds software updates each holiday season, and the recent holiday system that just passed is no exception. For example, previously, Tesla has released updates that allow you to replace the standard horn sound with a custom audio clip courtesy of the Boombox feature. This holiday update also added some games that owners could play in their car, like Sudoku and the original Sonic the Hedgehog video game. It is no wonder that these catch headlines with how unique and gimmicky they are.


Tesla Megaphone Update

In addition to the games we mentioned above, Tesla’s latest holiday season update allows you to turn your Tesla car into a megaphone. This can let you loudly proclaim messages through your car’s speakers to the outside world. This update is an add-on to the Boombox feature we mentioned above, and this does not bring any physical change to the car. This is courtesy of the external speakers installed into newer Tesla cars. These were installed because US regulations mandated that silent electric cars have an audio prompt to alert pedestrians. Therefore, this megaphone feature is only compatible with Tesla models from 2019 or later. The megaphone feature repeats whatever the driver says in an echoey, heavy voice similar to an actual megaphone with a slight delay. It is yet to be seen if this can be modified or not, or whether this choice was intentional. It is a fun way to alert friends that you have arrived in front of their house if such a creative gimmick is interesting for you.


General Consensus

The consensus and response to the megaphone update have been quite mixed. The people who have liked it claim it can be a fun addition to an otherwise annoying regulation that requires electric cars to alert pedestrians. They also feel that it can be an excellent way to prank their friends. Most other people do not like this feature as they believe there is a lot of potential for misuse. They believe that drivers can disturb traffic even though this feature only works when the car is parked. They also think there is potential to harass passers-by. Additionally, some believe that Tesla needs to focus on features that add more functionality or fix more pending issues rather than on useless gimmicks.


The bottom line

Tesla is a car company that has brought various innovations to the automobile industry, both functionality-wise and gimmick-wise. As part of its traditional holiday software updates, the latest one allows you to turn your car into a megaphone to blare out your voice through external speakers. This feature has been touted as a fun addition with some functionality, but its consensus has been quite mixed. Some people believe it has actual use, while others believe it is pointless and potentially harmful. What do you think? We’d love to hear your opinion on it.

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