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How Much Is Full Self-Driving (FSD) Worth on a Used Tesla?

Since its initial release in 2016 as a paid upgrade to Tesla's standard Autopilot system, the company's Full Self-Driving (FSD) software add-on has undergone significant development. The cost of FSD has also come a long way, from $3,000 six years ago to an exorbitant $12,000 now (at the time of writing).

Tesla gives buyers a choice between paying $12,000 upfront or paying $199 per month for FSD on demand. To further complicate matters, Tesla occasionally offers Enhanced Autopilot (now $6,000) as an option to FSD, which includes all the functions of FSD (except for traffic signal and stop sign control) for 50% of the cost, making this a popular choice.

Taking this into account, how much more does Full Self-Driving cost on a pre-owned Tesla? How much are consumers typically willing to spend on FSD (and EAP)?

Does Full-Self Driving Add Value to a Used Tesla?

The short answer is that a used Tesla with Full Self-Driving capability will fetch a higher price. Secondhand Teslas with FSD are more valuable than those without it, but they are not worth as much as many sellers believe they are on the used market for a number of reasons that we'll go into below.

We regret to inform you that the $12,000 you just spent on your new Tesla to get the fully-funded safety-divided option is a waste of money. Used Teslas are not worth what you paid for them, even if you turn around and sell them.

Although it may seem paradoxical, this could make your Tesla less appealing compared to other Teslas that don't have FSD.

What gives? The primary reason is that Tesla owners who have paid for Full Self-Driving (FSD) expect to recoup the full $12,000 when selling their vehicles, and the higher asking price makes their vehicle less competitive with other Teslas that are less expensive but still include Base Autopilot features at no extra cost.

When compared to the on-demand option, which costs only $199 per month, the truth is that fewer people are prepared to spend $12,000. on a secondhand Tesla and its software that is, at best, unfinished.

A used Tesla with EAP is a better investment. Just how much would you like to spend? Currently, at a price of $6,000, EAP recovers a greater proportion of the initial software investment, by between 30% and 50%. This is comparable to the final cash worth of FSD on the used market.

What Should I Ask for My FSD-Enabled Tesla?

A lot of people ask us this, so we decided to write a blog post specifically to answer this topic.

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Does FSD Transfer When I Sell My Tesla?

Yes, in most cases it does, though secondary buyers may view this as less of a deal breaker, and this is still another factor in why the FSD price of a used Tesla is discounted.

Transfer of FSD

Transfer of FSD (Source)

Can We Expect Used-Vehicle FSD Appreciation in the Future?

Elon has previously stated that Tesla FSD has the potential to increase in value if the company succeeds in solving the problem of computer vision.

However, this is not the situation at the present time, and the value of FSD drops dramatically when purchased on the secondary market compared to the price of paying for it in full when purchasing a brand new Tesla.

The real value of a Tesla might be currently worth tens of thousands of dollars if the company implements true Full Self-Driving, and the value of existing Teslas could "appreciated" for buyers who bought them at lower prices.

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