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How to plan your journey with Tesla superchargers on route

Long road trips with an EV seemed near impossible back in the day. However, the modern day has realized it into a convenient possibility, credits to the Tesla supercharger network. Now you might be wondering, “How long does it take to supercharge a tesla?” These state-of-the-art charging points take just 15 minutes to add nearly 200 miles of range. Goodbye, gas worries! Usually, an 80% charge is more than enough, which provides for short and trouble-free stops along the way to your destination. It is the perfect counter to inevitable range anxiety: that dreaded feeling that you’re going to run out of charge on the road. 

Planning Your Tesla Road Trip

A Tesla road trip isn’t as simple as it sounds though. Whether you’re a newbie or a know-it-all, the task at hand can be both exciting and daunting. Don’t take it the wrong way - Tesla road trips are remarkable, but they do pose some challenges here and there. And there’s nothing better than a perfect plan to take those challenges head-on. Let’s dive right in and discuss how to plan a journey with Tesla superchargers on route.

Choose your Charging Spots wisely

A good charge stops plan is the first step in making sure your journey goes along smoothly. It helps you save time and maybe even add some exciting detours to keep you fresh through the journey. There are 30,000+ charging spots marked on the global Tesla supercharger map to help drivers plan their journeys. The in-built route planner app gives you a good idea of available spots on the way to your destination. Make sure you plan wisely.

But what is a wise plan? Let’s start with detours. Picking scenic spots along the highway as your charging stops can make for a lot of fun, especially if you’re travelling as a couple or have kids on board.

You could even pick a stop with a hotel or vacation rental. Book yourself a room for a peaceful rest. Recharge yourself too, not just your Tesla. It can come in very handy if you have a quite a long journey on your hands.

Quick tip: Be prepared to give yourself extra charging time during the cold season, as the battery tends to take a bit longer than usual.

Be prepared for a small but effective sacrifice

You’re not going to able to dine in where and when you want. Accepting this simple sacrifice is probably the best approach if you want to reach your destination on time. You’ll be dining on supercharger stops, and a large chunk of them offer the typical roadside chain restaurants. 

Some of you may be unaffected by this. For the others who like to explore local cuisines along the way, it’s not a minor sacrifice. But the benefits that come with it are genuinely major. The charging duration can’t help you either. 15 minutes for an 80% charge will grant you just enough time for a fast-food meal at the very best. So, unless your lifestyle on road trips was always to eat fast food when you need to recharge, you'll have to accept the compromise.

Use Tesla features to your advantage

Choose your endgame before starting your journey. Ask yourself, “Do I want to reach my destination ASAP or have a memorable affair at a mild pace?” The answer will help you use your Tesla’s features accordingly.

First, if you’re the punctual type and need to save up on time, enter your destination on the Tesla touch screen. The fastest route will pop up and all you have to do is drive along!

Secondly, for those who prefer quieter roads, turn on the Traffic Based Routing Feature in your map settings. It’ll help you dodge the traffic and reroute you to your destination. Might take up a little time, but you’ll have the benefit of a calm journey.

And lastly, if you have an adventurous nature then the Tesla Go Anywhere feature is just the thing for you. Use it to make your stops on routes that have the best views. Make the most of your journey along the way!

Final Thoughts

Ranked amongst the safest cars on the road, with chargers placed shrewdly across various destinations, Tesla is a suitable choice for long road trips.

Overall, the whole thing depends on the level of planning you put into your journey. With modern features like the Tesla Go Anywhere feature and Tesla supercharger network, you have an array of opportunities to make your experience worth it.

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