How to Put a Screen Protector on Tesla Model 3 Center Screen?

How to Put a Screen Protector on Tesla Model 3 Center Screen?

The Tesla screen, which is the most engaging component of your high-end vehicle, is also the most prone to damage and stains, even when handled with the utmost care. Regardless of the Model, the Tesla screen is in charge of practically all of the vehicle's functions, making easy installation of a screen protector an excellent product for protecting and keeping it secure.

Are you considering using a tempered glass screen protector kit to safeguard the central screen of your Tesla Model 3? This is a fantastic idea! Look no further than the Pimp My EV Tesla Model 3 tempered glass screen protector 15-inch kit for the best in screen safety and protection.

Let's go through a video and review some general instructions, recommendations, and procedures to install your screen protector correctly.

Screen Cleaning Mode

To begin the installation, you will need to place your screen into 'Screen Cleaning Mode,' which can be found under the settings menu.

Clean the Dust

The second step is to use the cleaning kit that came with your glass Screen Protector's box to clear off the dirt that has accumulated on the screen. This is very necessary in order to ensure that no dust gets caught behind the screen protector before it is applied. Use the alcohol wipe cloth to remove any dust that has accumulated. Then, using the dust trap sticker included in the cleaning package, catch small dust particles and clean the whole tempered glass screen protector until it is streak-free.

Tesla Screen Protector (Tempered Glass) for Model 3

Pimp My EV Tesla Screen Protector (Tempered Glass) for Model 3

Tape and position the Protector

Align the top edge of the glass screen protector with the top edge of the frame of the screen and temporarily tape it into place with masking tape to hold it in place.

The glass screen protector should be precisely positioned and taped perfectly into place at this point for a crystal clear view.

Peel the film and reinstall

Begin peeling away at the film and material that is attached to the rear of the screen protector frame. Slowly reinstalling the screen protector and ensuring that all of the curves are exactly aligned is important.

Push the air bubbles

Push any air bubbles to the corners of the screen and pull the masking tape from the top of the screen, if any are present. You have completed your task once you push the air bubbles. You can exit the screen cleaning mode by pressing the Esc key.

The Best Screen Protectors For The Tesla Model 3 And Model Y 

In the flexible Tesla Model 3 and new Model Y electric vehicles, the 15-inch center console touch screen is the most interactive and delicate aspect of the vehicle. Any inadvertent damage to it will result in a significant amount of money being spent on repairs, hence it is always recommended to get a Tesla Model 3 screen protector to safeguard the touch screen well in advance of an accident occurring.

How Adding a Center Console Screen Protector Will Make an Impact

Protect your Tesla Model 3's touchscreen from dirt, grime, and fingerprints by purchasing a high-quality center front screen protector or console glass screen protector. High-quality materials and precision engineering go into making the best center console screen covers, which fit snugly over the touch screen while yet allowing for a full crystal clear view. They are simple to set up and can keep your Tesla Model 3's resale value high.

Due to the fact that both Models have two displays with the same screen size of 15 inches, we have the best collection of Tesla Screen protectors at Pimp My EV.

Why Should You Buy Glass Screen Protectors for the Tesla Model 3?

Do fingerprints on your phone's screen make you cringe? If you're constantly wiping fingerprints and smudges off your phone, then a screen protector is a must for your Tesla Model 3's display. If you can't see yourself entering your car to find a screen whose display is smudged or coated with fingerprints, read on.

The Tesla Model 3's touchscreen will likely get more of your attention than virtually any other feature within the car. You connect with the car's computer through a 15-inch touchscreen, which is not only susceptible to fingerprint gunk but also a substantial source of glare when driving.

Touchscreens are modern, responsive, and elegant, but if fingerprints and glare are a problem, consider a protective case.

let's watch to see how having a Tesla screen protector can bring you so many benefits:

Glare is a Common Driving Distraction

While the numerous windows in a Tesla Model 3 provide spectacular vistas at highway speeds, they can be a hindrance when trying to read the screen on a bright day. Reduce glare without sacrificing visibility by using a matte screen protector and get a crystal clear view.

Is a screen protector absolutely necessary? Many Tesla Model 3 owners may not "need" one, but they are eager to get their hands on one.

Here are some things to think about before buying a screen protector for your touchscreen device.

  • Most motorists would benefit from windshield protection, just as they do from a screen protector for their smartphone. Those motorists who don't think they need a phone screen protector are also unlikely to think their car needs one.
  • You are a child and pet transporter. Usually, they make a mess.
  • No matter how many times you tell them not to, your passengers can't resist the temptation to touch the screen.
  • The glare is irritating you.
  • The touchscreen is constantly covered in fingerprints because of your oily fingertips.

You're afraid of damaging the display by accident.

Avoid Glare and Fingerprints on the Tesla Model 3 Touchscreen

Tesla owners can be a bit neurotic about keeping their screens clean. If you fall into this category, consider purchasing a matte-finished touchscreen protective case. We recognize there are purists out there who would rather not have anything, no matter how helpful, displayed on their car's screen.

A matte touch screen also helps reduce glare. A matte screen protector is ideal if you frequently glance at your touchscreen while driving and are bothered by the difference between the brightness and the glare.

The need for absolute security is another consideration. Do you really want to risk cracking or scratching or chipping your brand-expensive Tesla Model 3 touchscreen, especially when you consider how much the car itself costs? The screen probably won't be scratched because you won't be carrying it around in your pocket like you would your smartphone, right? You could very well be wrong.


Pimp My EV Tesla Screen Protector (Tempered Glass) for Model 3

Modalities of Safety for Touchscreens:

This anti fingerprints protector Protects the screen from scratches, prevents fingerprints, and reduces glare by having tempered glass with a matte finish. The lack of fingerprints, scratches, and glare is great, but it may take a few days to get used to the screen's "grainy" appearance. You should definitely read the reviews on this.

Matte Premium Screen Protector Model 3

If you're the proud owner of a Tesla Model 3, you probably know how important it is to keep scratches, dust, and other damage from getting on the touchscreen display. The Matte Premium Screen Protector for Model 3 can help with that. This high-quality screen cover is made to fit perfectly over the touchscreen display of the Tesla Model 3. It protects the display and is also scratch resistant. The Matte Premium Screen Protector has a smooth, matte finish that makes the screen easier to see in bright light and is anti-glare. It also resists fingerprints, so it's easy to keep the inside of your Tesla Model 3 looking clean and new.

Will a matte screen protector require some adjustment? Yes

  • A matte screen is thicker than a glossy one and provides superior protection against scratches.
  • You may find it easier to move your fingertips across the matte screen. There is no "sticking" that occasionally occurs on the glass screen.
  • They are unattractive and may detract from the elegant lines of your Tesla.

Look for a touchscreen case that is durable and rated 9H tempered glass.

Glossy/Glass Screen Protector:

This design doesn't take into account fingerprints or glare reduction. If you don't need one, why buy one? The benefit is nothing more than an extra layer of defense between your touchscreen and the elements. This one provides reasonable safety at a low cost.

PET Film, or Polyethylene Terephthalate

It's embarrassing that some could think to install this clip safeguards the Tesla Model 3 touchscreen. Not happening. It's only a protective film from the factory that needs to be removed before you can start driving your new ride. This is the most cost-effective option available.

Putting a sticker or a cover on the surface of the touchscreen is completely optional. The issue of fingerprints can be easily remedied by using a microfiber cleaning cloth. That shouldn't be assumed. The microfiber towel might scratch the screen if dirt or other particles become stuck in it.

Even if fingerprints aren't a deal breaker for you, a glossy or matte tempered glass screen cover is another layer of protection to think about.

Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

If you own a Tesla Model 3, investing in a tempered glass screen protector can protect the touchscreen display from scratches, fractures, and other damage. These tempered glass screen protectors are designed particularly for the Model 3 and provide a high level of protection while preserving extreme clarity and functionality. They are also simple to install and maintain, making them a convenient and cost-effective solution for preserving crystal clear LCD display on your Tesla Model 3 vehicle.


Pimp My EV Tesla Screen Protector (Tempered Glass) for Model 3

Advantages of Glass Screen Protector

  • There are many advantages of protecting your Tesla Model 3 with a glass screen protector. The first advantage is that a good glass protector can be shock-resistant, safeguarding the touchscreen from damage in the event of accidental accidents or impacts. The touch screen is located in a high-traffic area, making it more likely that it will be damaged by accident. A glass protector, however, can preserve your touchscreen display in pristine condition for years to come and save you money on repair bills.
  • In addition to protecting your touchscreen from scratches, a glass screen protector can also work as a dust absorber. This can keep the screen as bright and crystal clear as possible, protecting your eyes from damage. Your touch screen can be kept clean of fingerprints and other marks by using an anti-fingerprint glass protector. This can help keep the inside of your Tesla Model 3 looking as new for as long as possible, increasing its resale value and desirability.

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