PPF DIY KIT Vs Bulk PPF Install For Tesla Model 3

It's a robust and long-lasting polyurethane film layered between a transparent coat on top and an adhesive on the bottom. PPF is 3-11 mil thick - that's a wide range, but it's at least three times the thickness of colored vinyl. This is due to its primary function of protection.

What's the difference (Bulk Vs Template)?

Installing PPF in bulk entails taking a whole sheet of PPF (Paint Protection Film) and installing it in parts on your car. Installers employ various tracking, squeegeeing, and stretching techniques. Taking apart the automobile, such as removing headlights and handles - the autopilot on Tesla's - is also common. Then comes the possibly most difficult part: carving it out on the panels (and sometimes wrapping over edges).

Pre-cut kits, on the other hand, are commonly referred to as PPF templates and may be purchased from a variety of internet retailers. Simply put, they are made in such a way that the installer does not have to cut anything out at the end. However, we discovered that those packages do not provide ordinary DIYers with the necessary equipment and instructions to wrap their automobile properly. It's aimed more toward expert installations.

What are the advantages and features?

It safeguards your vehicle against rock chips, scuffs, scratches, and the weather (bug acid, bird droppings, UV rays, etc.). It has self-healing characteristics, making scratches dissolve with heat over time, a very glossy surface, and some even have hydrophobic capabilities, making cleaning easier. It also guards against acid rain, mineral deposits, and water stains on painted surfaces.

The most prevalent types are matte or clear, however colorful and textured variants have lately been brought to the PPF scene. Tinted headlights are a common customizing option, although PPF is normally more of unseen protection.

How is PPF set up?

PPF is installed moist. First, you prepare your car by doing a thorough cleaning and then paint correction, being sure to remove all swirls. Then, spray a soap solution below the film, on top of the film, and on the surface of the automobile to allow the adhesive to slide and the squeegee to glide. A front package takes roughly 2-3 days to install ppf on a teslal, while a complete vehicle PPF might take up to 10 days. You should get it removed properly so that it does not remove the clear coating, but basically, you use steam and carefully pull close to the surface.

How long is it going to last?

It has a lifespan of 5-10 years, depending on how well it is cared for and how often it is left outside rather than in a garage. Most higher-end manufacturers provide a 10-year warranty against yellowing and cracking. PPF used to fracture and yellow readily, but this should no longer be the case. If it does, look for another film.

What should I cover?

You can cover the entire vehicle, but we wouldn't encourage it. It will be too pricey. The front bumper, fenders, hood, headlights, and mirrors are the most crucial locations to inspect. This is known as a font package. we would also advise you to cover your rockers because the paint in these areas is quite thin. These are the most heavily used places, which means they get the most bugs, pebbles, and dents.

Even though the term implies "paint protection," it also applies to your headlights and interior sections such as the glovebox, seatbacks, and door kickers. It's installed the same way!

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