Tesla Center Display Unavailable. Resolve This Issue

Tesla Center Display Unavailable. Resolve This Issue

Tesla owners may find it upsetting to experience the "Tesla Center Display Unavailable" issue, as the center display is an essential part of the user interface and gives access to a number of features and settings. It's crucial to diagnose and fix this issue quickly in order to give your Tesla vehicle its full functionality back. This article will examine typical reasons for the "Tesla Center Display Unavailable" problem and offer detailed instructions on how to troubleshoot and fix it when your Tesla screen won't turn on. You can recover access to your Tesla's center display and continue taking advantage of the sophisticated functions and controls it provides by adhering to these instructions.

Reasons for Tesla's “Center Display Unavailable” Message and How to fix them

Tesla's center display serves as the central hub for controlling various functions and accessing important features in their vehicles. However, Tesla owners may encounter an unsettling issue known as the "Tesla Center Display Unavailable" message, where they become unresponsive or goes blank. This problem can be frustrating and hinder the overall user experience.

To help Tesla owners troubleshoot and resolve this issue, we will explore five common reasons behind the "Center Display Unavailable" message and provide effective solutions to fix them. By understanding these reasons and following the appropriate steps, Tesla owners can regain the full functionality of their center display and continue enjoying the advanced features of their electric vehicles. Let's delve into the details of each reason and discover how to resolve them for a seamless Tesla driving experience.

Media Control Unit Is Damaged

The primary computer that drives the Tesla's center display is called the media control unit (MCU). If it is damaged, the display may become unresponsive or go blank. You will have to get the MCU changed in order to repair this.

How To Fix

There are a few things you may do to try to fix your Tesla Center display if it isn't working. Try restarting your car and you will see Tesla restart screen. Try updating the software if that doesn't work. The MCU might need to be changed if the issue continues.

Firmware Bug: Tesla Center Display

Firmware Bug: Tesla Center Display


A software flaw occasionally renders the Tesla center display inoperable. Tesla will provide an update that may be downloaded to your vehicle to address this software issue.

Contact Tesla customer support and ask for a software update to solve this issue. To solve all the data and issues you're having, they ought to be able to send one, over-the-air update. This is a simple solution to fix the problem without disassembling your complete center display.

Why Does the Tesla Screen Go Blank?

Your Tesla screen could go black for a number of reasons. The media control unit (MCU) may have crashed, for example causing a Tesla screen black. The hard drive or disc can also be completely filled. You might attempt eliminating certain files to make space available if the hard drive is full. You'll need to get the MCU replaced if it crashed.

How Do You Adjust a Tesla Display?

You may use the center console touchscreen to modify the Tesla display. The volume, brightness, and other settings on the screen of the center screen can all be changed using the steering wheel controls.

You Have a Faulty Cable

A damaged wire may result in the display being unavailable on Tesla. You will need to get the cable changed in order to remedy the permanent problem with this.

Calling Tesla customer support and asking for a technician to come out and look at your car is the best course of action if you don't have any electrical knowledge to identify and fix a bad cable. If the faulty cable needs to be replaced, they can do so, and all of your center display issues should be solved.

The Hard Drive for Sentry Mode Has Crashed

The Tesla center display may go dark if the Sentry Mode hard drive or disc has crashed. The display may go blank if the hard disc that houses the operating system and other data on the Tesla is overloaded. You'll need to make some room for over-the-air updates by deleting some files in order to repair this.

Always remove old footage from your Sentry Mode hard drive when it fills up to avoid this. You can call Tesla customer support and ask for a technician to come out and fix this for you if it fills up and your screen goes blank.

Is there a recall for Tesla Center Display Problems?

Yes, Tesla has recalled a few of its models due to issues with the center display. Model S and Model X Tesla vehicles produced between 2016 and 2018 are included in the recall. A defective MCU component is the root of the issue. You should get the issue rectified if you own a Tesla Model S or Model X that is subject to the recall by getting in touch with Tesla.

Diagnosing Specific Issues

If your Tesla center display isn't working, try to identify the issue by using the procedures below:

  • Start your car again.
  • Update the program.
  • Examine the cables.
  • Examine the hard drive.
  • For assistance, call Tesla.
  • The Death Screen in black

You've Got a Blown Fuse Box

The center display of the Tesla may become a blank screen if a fuse box blows. You'll need to have the blown fuse box fixed or replaced to resolve this.

To have a technician come out and replace your car or fuse box, you must phone the Tesla service center. Fuse replacement is often advisable every several years because they do eventually wear out.

The eMMC memory chip could be damaged

Tesla's operating system and other data are stored on a tiny chip called the eMMC memory chip. If it is damaged, the display may go blank or have other issues. You'll need to get the eMMC memory chip changed in order to remedy this.

Replacing this memory chip is the only method to have the display working properly once more. Call Tesla customer support to place an order for a single chip replacement, which you can either install yourself or have a technician come to your location. The memory chip will be changed, and everything will function normally after that.

Black Screen of Death

A significant issue known as the "Black Screen of Death" can make the Tesla center display go entirely dark. This issue is typically brought on by an MCU hardware or malfunctioning display unit. The MCU needs to be changed if you encounter the "Black Screen of Death."

Are There Any Alternative Ways For Tesla Customers to Control Vehicle Settings Without the Center Display?

Yes, Tesla users have a few other options for managing car settings if they don't want to use physical buttons on the center display. Making use of voice commands is one option. Use the controls on the steering wheel as an alternative. To change various vehicle settings, you can also utilize the Tesla mobile app.

The Tesla Screen Won't Reboot

There may be a software bug, a serious error message, a hardware issue, or a power supply issue if the Tesla screen won't reboot. You can try restarting your car, installing new or software updates, replacing the MCU or hard drive, or having the problem fixed.

Contact Tesla Customer Service

To contact Tesla customer service, you can follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Tesla website: Go to the official Tesla website at www.tesla.com.
  2. Navigate to the Support section: Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the "Support" link. This will take you to the Tesla Support page.
  3. Choose your region: Select your country or region from the provided options.
  4. Select "Contact Us": On the Support page, locate the "Contact Us" section. Click on the "Contact Us" button to proceed.
  5. Select the appropriate category: Choose the category that best matches your inquiry or issue. For example, you might select "Vehicle Support" or "Technical Support."
  6. Specify your request: Provide a brief description of your request or issue in the text box provided. Be as specific as possible to help Tesla customer service understand your needs.
  7. Choose your preferred contact method: Tesla offers various contact methods, including phone, email, and chat. Select the method you prefer for communicating with their customer service team.
  8. Follow the instructions: Depending on your chosen contact method, you will receive further instructions on how to proceed. This may include providing additional details, scheduling an appointment, or initiating a conversation with a representative.

By following these steps, you will be able to reach out to Tesla customer service and receive assistance with your specific inquiry, including any issues related to the "Center Display Unavailable" error message or other Tesla-related concerns.


Tesla owners may find the "Tesla Centre Display Unavailable" issue upsetting because it prevents access to sound systems and crucial functionality and settings. It is possible to fix the issue and restore the sound system and the center display's full functionality, though, by comprehending the various causes of this issue and carrying out the necessary troubleshooting actions. To accurately diagnose and resolve the issue, whether it be a broken media control unit (MCU), a firmware flaw, a blown fuse box, or other problems, consulting Tesla customer support or going to a service facility is frequently required.

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