Why Tesla Does Not Include a Charging Cable Anymore

Why Tesla Does Not Include a Charging Cable Anymore

You could assume that Tesla's have everything you need built-in. These days, many electronic manufacturers don't bother to supply tesla charging cable with their goods. Does buying a Tesla mean you also have to buy a wall connector or a mobile charger?

The Tesla Model 3, like all other Tesla models, does not come with any cords and the company no longer provide the kit for free. Chargers and cables are no longer included with a Tesla but may be purchased separately. Once provided with every purchase, Tesla has now discontinued doing so in order to save waste and needless costs.

Just what does it consist of, then, that one buys? Don't you think it's wise to have a backup charger on hand in case of an unexpected power outage? To learn more, keep reading.

Available Add-Ons for Your Tesla

Among the options listed below are those that will be shown to you when you place an order for a Tesla Model 3.

In addition to that... The expense of having the wall charger installed is on you and might range from $750 to $1,500. It's possible that the wall connector may require a few supplementary parts, most of which will be extra money.

Here’s a glimpse of what a typical wall charger installation doesn’t cover:

  • An extended length of cable greater than 24 feet (7.3 meters)
  • Concealed wiring, such as behind the walls
  • Wires from an electrical panel to the wall charger
  • Cable organizer, color-matched faceplate, etc.
  • Extra wall plate and pedestal for connecting to the wall

That means you'll need to shell out $400 plus an extra $750 to $1,500 for a full wall hookup setup to charge your Tesla Model 3. You may also use a mobile connection, but it isn't provided either.

 Tesla removes charging cable from new car inclusions but offers "discount"

Tesla removes charging cable from new car inclusions but offers "discount" (Source)

There was a period when a mobile connection was standard on the Tesla Model 3. The EV giant, however, has opted to offer it as a supplementary feature. It's likely that Tesla believes that everyone has access to either a Supercharger or a destination charger at their place of employment.

Tesla Model 3 Mobile Connector

In order to use your phone with the usual mobile port, you will need to shell out $200 for the cable and adaptor. What you get is this:

  • Cable that extends 20 feet (about 6 metres)
  • Adapter for NEMA 5-15 outlets, 120 volts
  • Plug adapter for NEMA 14-50, 240 volts
  • Whether it's for storing cables or other items, this handy pouch has you

Tesla Model 3 Adapters

A kit is available if you need a number of Tesla Model 3 mobile connection adapters. Bag for carrying the following second-generation adapters:

NEMA 5-20

NEMA 6-15

NEMA 6-20

NEMA 10-30

NEMA 14-30

NEMA 14-50

NEMA 6-50

This adapter, along with the others listed below, is suitable for use with a Gen 2 Mobile Connector. Tesla Models 3, Y, X, and S may all use this upgrade, although charging times and increased range will vary depending on the model.

The Tesla Model 3 is compatible with both standard wall outlets and mobile device connectors. Your set-up will determine the charging rate, or the number of kilometres (km) you acquire every hour. Therefore, consider the following when you make your decision:

  • Type of wall outlet
  • Terminal voltage
  • The use of a circuit breaker (amps)
  • Desired charging rate

If you want to use the Tesla Model 3 Wall Connector, you'll need access to 240 V. Yet, the circuit design determines the current consumption. There is no standard for either the charge rate or the mileage obtained each hour.

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