Tesla Model 3 Accessories Upgrades

      271 products

      271 products

      Enhance Your Experience with Premium Tesla Accessories Model 3

      PimpMyEV brings you a curated selection of Tesla Model 3 accessories, offering a range that includes aftermarket upgrades and performance accessories. With our wide selection of premium aftermarket modifications, you can customize your Tesla Model 3 to suit your tastes and style perfectly.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      • 1. Are these accessories compatible with all Tesla Model 3 versions?

        Yes, our accessories are designed to be compatible with all Tesla Model 3 versions, ensuring a perfect fit for your vehicle..

      • 2. Do I require expert help, or can I install these components myself?

        Many of our accessories come with comprehensive installation instructions and are made to be easily installed. It might be advised to hire a professional installer for intricate improvements, though.

      • 3. Will my Tesla warranty be voided by these accessories?

        Our accessories are made with maintaining the integrity of your car in mind. It's always a good idea to inquire with Tesla about how this may affect the warranty, though.

      • 4. What distinguishes PimpMyEV from other suppliers of aftermarket accessories?

        PimpMyEV sets itself apart with its dedication to quality, inventiveness, and a carefully chosen assortment of accessories designed with Tesla Model 3 customers in mind.

      • 5.If an item doesn't live up to my expectations, can I return it?

        Our goal is to make sure you're satisfied. Please see our return policy or contact our customer support team if an accessory does not live up to your expectations.

      Why PimpMyEV?

      At PimpMyEV, we're not just a retailer; we're a community of electric vehicle enthusiasts passionate about providing top-quality accessories and aftermarket upgrades. Drive a Tesla Model 3 with flair, performance, and innovation to enhance your driving experience. Discover your Tesla Model 3's full potential by perusing our selections now. Don't settle for ordinary – choose PimpMyEV, where excellence meets electric.

      High-Quality Accessories for Tesla Model 3 - Choose From a Wide Variety

      Trusted by wholesalers, retailers, and direct buyers, we ensure premium quality and fast delivery. PimpMyEV deals in genuine Tesla model 3 exterior accessoriesfrom the most reputable suppliers. This includes - 

      • Cabin air filter
      • Interior camera cover
      • Neck pillows
      • Dual motor emblem
      • Headrest Hanger Hooks
      • Rear fog lights
      • Mud flaps/mudguards
      • LED door projector
      • Door handle protection cover
      • Universal Car Side Door Trash Can
      • Climate control screen and more

      Keep checking the space for what’s new in the product catalog. Chat with one of us and make a call for all your questions on our car accessories.  

      Tesla Model 3 Aftermarket Upgrades

      • When you shop with PimpMyEV, you shop with a company that’s always on the leading edge of the motor industry.
      • We sell 500+ Tesla aftermarket accessories model 3 that will help you protect, personalize, organize, and even make your car quieter.
      • With years of experience behind us, we have earned direct customers and business clients worldwide. Our products have been sourced from different suppliers and physically tested for quality.
      • For an exceptional presence on the road, let us treat you to useful and distinctive Tesla Model 3 essential accessories.