Features in the Tesla App That You Must Know

Features in the Tesla App That You Must Know

Tesla has been updating its cars with an increasing number of remote functions controlled via the Tesla smartphone app since the Model S debuted in showrooms in 2012. You can access your Tesla vehicle with the app and do many other things.

The app is compatible with all of Tesla's existing vehicles, including the Model 3, Model S, Model X, and the upcoming Model Y. It also offers vital information such as your car's current position and charge condition, and it may even notify you if someone attempts to break into it.

What Exactly is the Tesla app?

The Tesla app is the company's official smartphone app, allowing customers to link their cell phones directly to their cars and enjoy a variety of remotely controlled functions. It is accessible and you can download the app for ios and Android.

How can you get the Tesla App to Work?

Tesla claims that when you take possession of a Model 3, Model S, or Model X, you will be allowed access to the app within 48 hours through email or text message.

You may also add an extra user to the app by emailing Tesla support with the owner's name, email and postal address, phone number, and the V5C registration document's chassis number. To access your automobile via the app, each extra user must have their own unique login information.

Below is a video streaming a rundown of what the Tesla App, which can be downloaded for either iOS or Android, has to offer:

Keyless Driving

After adding your phone as a key, you can just go up to the car key on the door, turn the knob, and take what you want. It has already recognized your existence by the time you go in the car and take a seat (using a pressure sensor in the front trunk of the seat). Simply depress the brake pedal, select between Drive or Reverse, and go!

Keyless Driving


Car Access 

The number of permitted drivers in your Tesla Account can be changed at any time. All they need is a login and the Tesla app to have access to your car exactly as you do.


You're not only able to have climate control and check the current cabin temperature, but also you can set a temperature and adjust it to your liking (down to 0.5 degrees). Tesla, being Tesla, didn't stop there; they also included controls for the windshield defroster and seat warmers.


The Controls tab of the app allows you to do a lot more than just turn your car on and off; you can also flash the lights and sound the horn so you can easily locate your vehicle in a parking lot. This is also an effective method of discouraging anyone from approaching too close to your vehicles. Also, you will have the ability to parallel park.

Tesla App Vehicle Controls

Tesla App Vehicle Controls (Source)

Get the Trunk Open

You may use the Tesla app to open the frunk or trunk when you get close to the car with groceries in hand. One of the app's best features, this one takes effect instantaneously and is always in use.

The alternative to utilizing the Tesla app while standing outside the car is entering the vehicle and using the touchscreen to unlock the frunk.

Vent Windows

In the event that you feel the automobile growing too warm, you may easily open the windows and doors by pressing a button.

Vent Windows



If you have the Full Self-Driving update and the Homelink hardware installed in your Tesla, you can use a Homelink button in the Tesla app to open and close your garage door.

Linking Tesla to Automatic Garage Door

Linking Tesla to Automatic Garage Door (Source)

Valet Mode

Just like many other safety features, you may secure your electric cars by locking the trunk and glove box, disabling the touchscreen's ability to access private information, and reducing the vehicle's top and speed limits.


Charging may be initiated and terminated, the charging cable and port opened and closed, and the charging quantity set all from a distance. To save battery life, most people drive at just 80–90% of their vehicle's potential on a regular basis. However, if a long journey is in the near future, you may boost this to 100% using the Tesla app.

A list of neighboring Superchargers and Destination chargers can be found on the charging screen as well. If you tap on one of them, the car's navigation system will get the necessary GPS coordinates and route you there the next time you get behind the wheel.

Superchargers are operated by Tesla, and these show how many are available at any one time.

Status of the Range

The software provides a convenient way to view your remaining battery life. This is very useful information for folks who don't drive or charge every day and are trying to schedule their next charging session.


Speed and direction of travel are displayed on the location screen. Moreover, you may easily switch between satellite view maps and road maps. Even better, you can get turn-by-turn directions to the car with the push of a button.


You may send a location (from the internet, Google Maps, etc.) to the automobile while planning a road trip or weekend getaway. There is a listing for Tesla as a sharing location. Your Tesla app will then relay the location to your car's navigation system no matter what Tesla model you have.

"Summon" and "Smart Summon"

One of the best parts of the Summon app is that it allows you to drive the car even when no one is in it. The FSD-exclusive feature Smart Summon lets you summon the automobile to a specific place. You also have the option of having the automobile come to you using the built-in GPS navigation system on your phone.

Tesla Smart Summon

Tesla Smart Summon (Source)

Schedule Service

You may use the app or SMS updates to book an appointment for auto maintenance, share details and photos, and get real-time updates while your vehicle is being worked on.

Service Evaluation and Billing

Customers may check and pay for their final invoices within the app, as well as examine and approve their service estimates.

Take a Look at Your Previous Work

Track all of your service visits and their associated costs in one convenient location.

Loot Box

In my experience, Tesla's referral program is among the finest I've encountered. You'll earn incentives if someone you mention buys a Tesla product. This is often in the form of free Supercharging credits.

If you're a Tesla owner, you can see how much free driving time you have left in the Loot Box portion of the smartphone app. The number of remaining kilometers is reduced by one every time you use a Supercharger.

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 In conclusion, the Tesla app offers a comprehensive range of features that enhance the ownership experience for Tesla owners. Whether it's keyless driving, accessing the car remotely, controlling climate settings, or utilizing advanced security features like Sentry Mode, the app provides convenience and peace of mind.

Additionally, the app allows for seamless charging management, with the ability to initiate, monitor, and locate Tesla Superchargers. Tesla owners can also benefit from the Tesla feature like navigation, Summon, and Smart Summon, making their Tesla cars even more versatile and convenient.

Furthermore, the app offers service scheduling, evaluation, and billing functionalities, ensuring a smooth maintenance experience. Lastly, the Loot Box feature adds an extra incentive for Tesla owners, allowing them to track and enjoy free Supercharging credits. With the Tesla app, Tesla owners can harness the full potential of their Tesla vehicles, taking advantage of cutting-edge features like the Bioweapon Defense Mode, and truly embracing the innovative and eco-friendly nature of Tesla cars.

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