Fix Rattles In Your Tesla Model Y And Model 3 Doors

Fix Rattles In Your Tesla Model Y And Model 3 Doors

Do you feel or hear any rattling or vibrations inside your brand-new Tesla Model 3? You aren't alone. You can complain about it if you take it to a service center, or you can fix it yourself if you choose. The following is a compiled list of information about how to correct Model 3 rattling noise.

It is possible for a rattling to occur in a Tesla Model 3 whenever the door is closed with the window down. It is a problem that a lot of owners have come across, and there does not appear to be a solution for it.

It's not just you if you hear rattling coming from the Tesla door panels. This is a common problem that occurs as a result of loose wires in the panels and clips that are either not in the correct position or are damaged. The good news is that you don't need to take it to the Tesla Service Center for this because it's something that can be easily fixed by yourself (unless you're very uncomfortable taking apart your panel). In the video, we disassemble the panel on the driver's side door, but the process is the same for all of the doors on your Model 3 and Y.

What do you need

  • Combination Drill/Impact Driver
  • T27 Torx socket bit
  • Equipment for the removal of trim: here and here
  • Drill Extension
  • Light
  • Tape (Frog or Painter's), preferably.
  • Rubber Foam

A Few Pointers

  • To accomplish this, you do not need to totally turn off your vehicle. It can't hurt!
  • Make sure that your door is open, and give yourself a lot of space to move about in. When you roll down the window, you create additional space in which to work.
  • Before you remove the panel, you should make sure that you have a few spare clips on hand, as it is not uncommon for them to break in the process of removal.


  • Put tape all around the pieces of the panel that you will be using a trim tool on while you are removing them. This will protect the paint and the plastic on your vehicle. Remember that an entire panel is a single unit, except for the tweeter-like speaker situated at the very top.
  • Employ prying tools to wedge underneath the panel, and then start pulling the panel directly out toward you. Because there is a very tiny incline to overcome, I usually begin at the very top.

*NOTE: You shouldn't pull very slowly. To release the clips, it is recommended to pull while jerking in the opposite direction. When done in this manner, there is a lower probability of breaking them. You will need to use a significant amount of force as well. These clips are of high quality!

Find and Fix Rattles

  • When the panel is removed, you will notice that there are numerous wires and clips linked to it. You must not allow it to dangle from the cables. While you are working, you can put it on a stool or in your lap.
  • Give the panel a good shake to see if you can detect any squeaking/rattling-type noise when driving. Check for any clips that might be missing (or that might be lodged in the door itself), and then make sure that you have reattached all of them to the panel piece that you removed. Replace broken ones.
  • After making sure there aren't any damaged components or cables hanging loose in the door and putting those things right, move on to seeing if there are any wires that aren't connected properly.
  • Between the panel and any loose wires, place some rubber foam.


  • Begin at the top, positioning the grooves so that they hook over the edge close to the weather seal.
  • After you've aligned that, you may move on to aligning the remaining clips.
  • If they are in the correct location, you should have no trouble pressing them into the slot.
  • Avoid using too much force so that you don't break them; if you do, you'll end up with even more rattles!
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