How to Avoid Getting Water Spots

How to Avoid Getting Water Spots On Your Tesla

Water spots are like acne. Whether you have a little or a lot, the shame connected with them is undeniably great.

Like acne, water spots are more than just an aesthetic shame since they leave permanent scars. Their outwardly unpleasant presence is typically the first thing that people notice, but the damage they leave behind is much less appealing.

Constant concerns with water spots include clear coat etching and 'spider webbing' scratches, while vehicle owners spend billions of dollars every year on car maintenance solutions, many of which are designed to mitigate the hazards connected with water spots.

Whether using the classic "elbow grease and sweat-equity" method or frequently spraying a cleaning spray to remove hard water residue, it is an ongoing effort to maintain a daily driver free of watermarks.

This has prompted a number of inventive minds to seek simple, inexpensive methods for eradicating ugly watermarks. Improving your vehicle's appearance might also increase its resale value.

There are two kinds of water: soft water and hard water. The amount and kind of minerals in your water might vary depending on where you live. Occasionally, the type of water you have is dependent upon the season. You'll likely have to deal with hard water that leaves behind a residue. How can this be avoided? By drying.


Utilize a blower of some type to remove water spots Tesla. A corded leaf blower will always have greater power than a cordless blower. This method allows you to blow the water out of tight locations, such as door handles and wheel spokes while minimizing scratches by avoiding touching the vehicle. I use this to remove most of the water before using a microfiber drying towel to remove any leftover moisture.


To dry the car you must use simply a big microfiber drying towel. Repeat this process of dragging it across the paint and drying off the automobile in successive passes. Use a clean towel so you don't damage your automobile and don't allow it drag the ground and gather up dirt. Verify intermittently that no foreign particles have become embedded in the yarn. The wheel spokes and rocker regions will likely still be the dirtier parts of your car at this point.

How to Avoid Getting Water Spots


No-Rinse Cleaning + Damp Microfiber

Finally, an extra step that may be taken to increase surface area is to take a typical waterless wash microfiber, soak it completely, wring it out, and fold it into fourths. Apply some of the waterless wash + wax on a cloth and use it to clean the surface. It could leave some streaks, but they should go quickly. The added gloss and UV protection from the wax will make it easy to move about on your automobile without harming the paint. Verify periodically that dirt hasn't been embedded in the microfiber's fibers. Keep unfolding it until every side has been used. In addition, wring it out as it fills with water; you want it to be just wet, not drenched, and once it's full, it will stop absorbing moisture.

Wrapping up

At the end of the day, water spots are something that can't be avoided. However, if you use the appropriate ceramic coating, take the necessary safety measures, and remain vigilant, you will never come across a stain that is difficult to remove. Keep in mind that a healthy finish requires your undivided attention at all times!

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