How To Jumpstart Your 12V Battery In A Tesla Model 3 And Y

How To Jumpstart Your 12V Battery In A Tesla Model 3 And Y

You will now be notified of Tesla's updates whenever your 12V battery is likely to run out of juice. You should switch out that battery as soon as you are able to in order to prevent being stuck.

In the event that your Tesla's battery dies entirely and there is no other source of power, the vehicle will be rendered inoperable, meaning that neither the locks nor the power windows will function. Because of this issue, the device needs to be jump-started w

With 12V. Make sure that you do not lock yourself out of the room by maintaining an open door or window.

If for some reason the trunk lid is already open, proceed directly to step 8 instead. If that's not the case, here's how to physically open your trunk and gain access to the 12V:

  • Grab an external 12V jump starter.
  • You may remove the cover for the tow eye, which is the huge circle on the driver's side of the front bumper. To do this, press on the top right of the cover until it pulls inward, and then pull the cover toward you. This is the location of the tow hook.
  • Depending on the type that you have, you will either find two wires linked to that cover or the wires will only be in the hole, in which case you will need to gently pull them out.
  • Make the connection between the car's red positive cable and the red positive cable on the 12V jump starter. The black negative cable of the 12V jump starter should then be connected to the black negative cable of the vehicle.
  • Applying power with your external jump starter will allow you to open the trunk.
  • Once the door is open, disconnect the connections, beginning with the black one and moving on to the red one.
  • To reattach the wires to the tow cover and replace it, first insert the wires into the opening in the cover, then line up the cover so that the bottom left corner is facing forward, and then press the cover firmly into position.
  • Remove the big panel made of black plastic that is covering the 12V battery. This may be found directly above the trunk area. You merely need to pull up, and around 12 clips will release themselves from their positions. There will be no need for tools.
  • Under that, you will find the black cabin intake panel (on the passenger side of the car), which you will also remove by pushing upwards on the clips. This panel is located on the passenger side of the automobile.
  • Be sure to attach the red positive (+) cable carefully to the 12V battery's red positive (+) connector.
  • After that, make the connection between the black negative (-) cable and the black negative (-) terminal.
  • Activate the external supply.
  • If you give it around ten minutes, the vehicle ought to be able to boot up its electronic components. You will see that the touchscreen activates. Please allow it some time to charge.
  • Firstly disconnect the black cable, and then the red cable.
  • Simply replace the two black panels that were previously removed by clicking them back into position. Before pressing them in, you should check to make sure that they are aligned properly because they are easily broken.
  • Charge your battery by driving to a battery charging The 12V battery won't be charged until the main battery pack has achieved a level of charge that's considered adequate.


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