Insane Mod Ideas For Your Tesla

Insane Mod Ideas For Your Tesla

Have you recently purchased a Tesla and can't stop thinking about customizing it? Considering that we're also vehicle fanatics, we don't see why you'd be upset. Some minor tesla upgrades, alterations, DIY hacks, and tweaks may be made by Tesla owners in order to make their vehicles more unique. Let’s take a look at some awesome Tesla accessories and parts mod ideas:

Charge your Tesla without the use of cables.

Want to charge your Tesla without having to fiddle with a cord? eCoupled company, on the other hand, promises to be the solution to that problem. Tesla's eCoupled wireless charging method uses induction coils and is 90% as efficient as traditional cable charging.

Custom centre console

Pimp MY EV developed a centre console insert that provides more storage space and a number of cupholders for passengers to use. The addition also provides the option of selecting the deck finish as well as the colour of the upholstery. Get yours here right away here

Centre Console for Tesla cars
Centre Console for Tesla cars from Pimp My EV Image

Upgraded wheels

Brabus also mounted its "Platinum Edition" alloy wheels measuring 21 inches in diameter on this supercar so that it would have a more refined appearance. Because the redesigned wheels are lighter than Tesla's original wheels, the automobile is even more nimble when it is being driven down the road.

Cameras mounted on dashboards

Recently, dashboard cameras, which are also commonly referred to as dash cams, have become a popular commodity among those who are passionate about automobiles, particularly owners of Tesla vehicles. The installation of a dash cam not only improves the safety of the vehicle, but it also enables the driver to record all of the exciting moments that occur while racing through the streets of the city.

Carbon fiber rear diffuser

At least in terms of appearance, installing a carbon-fiber rear diffuser on a Tesla Model S will unquestionably improve the vehicle's performance when driven on public roads. Additionally, Unplugged Performance, the company that manufactures the modified rear diffuser, believes that the device enhances the Model S's aerodynamics.

Screen Protectors

The car's infotainment screen is just as susceptible to dust and fingerprints as the car's gloss black centre console. The huge touchscreen that sits at the front and centre of the interior might get dusty and damaged over time, just like your phone or any other screen. Because of Pimp My EV's screen protector package, your touchscreen is shielded from scratches and glare, which is a welcome relief.

Tesla Screen Protector

Tesla Screen Protector By Pimp My EV (Source)

Dustless Brakes to Stay Clean

Other changes were for the inside or general operation, but this one is for looks. Many Tesla owners can't bear the black brake dirt that builds around the rims. Several sellers provide dustless brakes that prevent this muck from dirtying your automobile. Most wouldn't notice the filth if it slapped them in the face, but this aftermarket mod isn't for most. It's for real perfectionists.

Cup Holder

The Tesla's front center console has two cupholders. There's a gap between the two cupholders that makes it very hard to fit smaller cups and cans into the cupholders, so they perform their job. Fortunately, you can fix this little problem by purchasing a cupholder stabilizer at Pimp My EV. Filling in the area between the cupholders, this handy tiny spring-loaded gadget is designed to hold smaller cups and cans more securely. You won't have to worry about that can of Red Bull slipping and leaking anymore.

Non-slip rubber insert with storage for cup holders for model y

Non-slip rubber insert with storage for cup holders for model y by pimp my ev (Source)

Change your Horn

The idea of changing your car's horn sounds more like changing your ringtone than you would think. But here we are. Listen to sound snippets or even bring in a long-lost favourite that you've always wanted to put to good use. Changing your horn's tone to one you prefer is as simple as doing so. Any sound effect, air horn, or even full-on song that Tesla Motors advises against using as an alternative to the car's horn may be found here. That being said, if you'd rather have a PA system blaring out of your car's horn, you may do so.

Final Thoughts

Most people's ideal automobile, but it doesn't preclude Tesla from making some improvements. Isn't the whole purpose of having a dream that it's unique to you? Make your Tesla even more beautiful by using some of the suggestions outlined above.

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