Problems With Tesla Model S Door Handles What You Need To Know

Problems With Tesla Model S Door Handles What You Need To Know

With its innovative styling, powerful performance, and state-of-the-art technology, the Tesla Model S was an early leader in the EV market. It has its quirks and faults, but that's to be expected from such a complicated computer. Some Model S owners have complained about issues with the door handles. The door handles on Tesla Model S vehicles are both stylish and inventive, yet they have a reputation for malfunctioning. The door handle presents with paddle gear and a micro switch for seamless functionality. In this post, we'll discuss the most prevalent issues with the handle of the door of the Tesla Model S, as an owner or potential buyer, need to know about them.

The Science Behind Door Pulls

The Tesla Model S's flush door handles are a notable design element that disappears into the car's body when they're not in use. For better aerodynamics and a more streamlined appearance for rear doors, they stretch automatically when you get close and fold away when you leave the vehicle. The design is fresh and fashionable, but it hasn't been without its drawbacks.

Tesla Model S's flush door handles

Common Door Handle Problems

Failure to Get Doors to Extend: Some Model S owners have complained that the door handles don't extend when they're approached, necessitating them to pull open the door manually. In inclement weather or at peak hours, this problem may be quite inconvenient.

Common Door Handle Problems

Door Handles Fail: In some instances, the door handle may become caught or jammed, making it impossible to move them from the open or closed position. This may make it hard to get in or out of the car, or it may be hard to lock the driver-side door.

Sensor Sensitivity: How to open the Tesla Model S door from the outside? The flush door knobs have sensors built into them so that they may open when they sense someone is around. Incorrect calibration or oversensitivity of these sensors might cause the handle to behave unexpectedly.

Door Handle Not Presenting: One of the most prevalent issues with the Tesla Model S is that the door handles do not appear. A malfunctioning sensor, actuator, wiring, or broken computer program might all be to blame.

Door Handles not Retracting: The problem of door handles that do not have retracting door handles is not as prevalent as the problem of door handles that retract or do not present, but it does occur. In most cases, this is due to a malfunctioning actuator or door handle mechanism.

Door Handle Misaligned: Misaligned door handles might be the result of a fault with the door or with the mounting brackets for the handles.

Some factors:

Because of the Model S's intricate door handle arrangement, several elements might be at play here. Possible triggers include the following:

Mechanical breakdown: The door handle mechanism's moving parts are prone to fail due to wear and tear over time, reducing its dependability and repair.

Electrical issues: Due to the door handles' dependence on sensor wires, switches, and other electrical components, issues may arise if there is an electrical fault.

Environmental factors: The door handle motors may stop working if they are exposed to very cold or hot temperatures, or if they get wet or dirty.

Actions to Take

If you happen to own a Model S and have problems with the door handle, you should fix them right away. In order to take advantage of Tesla's extensive warranty and service network, calling your local service facility is free and highly recommended. If your car is still protected by its manufacturer's warranty, you won't have to pay for these services.

problems with the door handle

It's a good idea for potential customers to find out whether the door handle issues with the Model S they're considering have been fixed. Door handle issues are less likely to occur in a regularly serviced and maintained Model S.

There are a few things you may do if the door handle on your Tesla Model S is malfunctioning:

Try restarting your car: It could help to turn the car off and back on again. In certain cases, this might cure the issue by smoothing out any small bugs in the version of the program.

few things you may do if the door handle on your Tesla Model S

Try using the key card: If the door won't open for you, try using the key card. Holding the key card up to the B-pillar will unlock and release the door if the handle is hidden.

Contact Tesla service: Try getting in touch with Tesla's support staff. Contact Tesla service when the Tesla door handle latch does not retract fully or when the Tesla passenger door won't open.


The Tesla Model S represents electric car innovation and cutting-edge technology. It's famous for its features and performance, but its idiosyncrasies, especially the door handle concerns, must be considered. The Model S' flush door handles are bold, but they've been linked to failure: door handle failures to extend, stuck or jammed handles, sensor sensitivity, and more. Owners may find these challenges aggravating, but they can overcome them.

Door handle issues in a Model S must be addressed immediately. Tesla has an extensive warranty, so contact your nearest service facility. Potential purchasers should ask about the vehicle's service history to make repairs and ease ownership.

The Model S door handle concerns have garnered notice, but Tesla is recognized for ongoing improvement and Tesla fixed the issue with the wiring loom, ensuring the car's electrical system ran smoothly and efficiently. Newer models may have fewer faults, and software updates can fix them. To achieve a more sustainable, reliable, and technologically advanced future in electric cars, be educated about common issues and solutions.

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