Tesla confirms Tilt display & other hardware updates for Model S & X

Tesla confirms Tilt display & other hardware updates for Model S & X

Following a period of conjecture, Tesla has at last provided official confirmation that its Model S and Model X automobiles are now being manufactured and sold with a 17-inch tilt display. In addition, the firm outfitted the Model S with brand new taillights as well as front matrix LED headlights.

There were rumors circulating three days ago suggesting that Tesla has begun production and delivery of the Model S and Model X with tesla tilt screens. The Model S, which is being shown off in Taiwan at the moment, was initially spotted with a display that was angled in the direction of the driver.

You can move the display for optimum visibility

Larry Li shared a video of what appears to be a Model S with a motorized, swiveling center screen in the wild. When Li presses a button on her phone, the screen is tilted to the left, then to the right. There is an aftermarket motorized front trunk (sometimes known as "frunk") in the video.

Tesla customers will notice a minor boost in their quality of life with the addition of a swiveling centre screen. With this system, instead of having a static display, it may be shifted by the driver or a passenger, depending on the situation.

Bringing more entertainment and convenience

Tesla has spent the previous several years focusing on entertainment within its vehicles. Tesla Tesla Software updates have brought Tesla Theater and video games to its electric automobiles. The carmaker is even designing entertainment gadgets along with new tesla software features. The redesigned Model S and Model X show this. Tesla's two flagship vehicles got a new huge horizontal center display and gaming-powered rear display. Now Tesla has improved the Model S and Model X's center displays, even more, entertainment friendly by adding a swivel:

Model S is finally getting a swivel (Source)

Larry Li Confirmed the news

Li clarified that the swivelling display is not an aftermarket modification, but rather "from [the] Tesla factory," and that the Model S displayed in the video was delivered on April 29th, as he originally tweeted. Podcast Host at Tesla Tesla's newest Model S and Model X cars are equipped with the necessary hardware to handle the function, according to Ryan McCaffrey. 

Li claimed that the car was created around the final week of April, although it is unclear when Tesla made the update to the Model S and Model X. It is reasonable to infer that all Model S and Model X automobiles manufactured after that point in time have been fitted with this updated version of the central display as standard equipment.

As can be seen, the swivel provides a sufficient amount of an angle to either turn the screen so that it faces the driver more directly or completely turn it so that it faces the front passenger.

The modification allows for an improved experience that is more focused on the driver, but due to the degree to which it can rotate to the right, it is also ideal for the front passenger to use the screen.

Video playing on the centre display is not currently available in Tesla vehicles while the car is not in park. However, this limitation is anticipated to be lifted in the not-too-distant future as Tesla advances to higher levels of autonomous driving.

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Tesla's display screen has set a standard for the whole automobile industry's display screens. The Tesla display panel is still the largest, best, and most useful in any car category.The Tesla Model 3 tilt will also be welcomed by many Tesla Model 3 drivers. Model S and X will be included. Swivel Mount for Model 3 and Y now allows users to swivel the screen according to their personal preferences. The screen may be adjusted for greater visibility and to reduce glare for the driver. Rotation allows passengers to view and engage more clearly with the screen. Finally, the Pimp My EV Swivel Screen Mount for Model 3 and Model Y dramatically enhances the ergonomics of Tesla's industry-leading display screen.


Model S and X screens will be able to rotate on their own according to new videos that show off the new design. Both the driver and the passenger will benefit from the new design. This is because the screen may be swiveled from the center to point to the right or left of it. Fans have been begging for this little but important change for some time.

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