Tesla Cybertruck will finally go on sale next year

Tesla Cybertruck will finally go on sale next year

According to Elon Musk, the Tesla Cybertruck will go on sale next year. The electric pickup was introduced in 2019 and is set to hit the market in 2021. That was moved back to 2022, and now it's official: the EV will come in 2023.

Cybertruck might hit the streets in 2023

It's finally here: a new launch date for the Tesla Cybertruck has been set after months of delays. Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, took to the stage at the company's "Cyber Rodeo" event at its Giga Texas plant, where he revealed that the electric truck will now be on sale sometime in 2023.

Musk did not specify when the first Cybertrucks may reach the road in 2023, but he did say that they will be on the road by 2023. That implies we may be looking forward to the all-electric truck for a year or perhaps longer, even as long as 18 months. In any case, we won't know for certain until the vehicle goes into mass production.

The Tesla Cybertruck was originally scheduled to debut in late 2021. However, its release date was first pushed back to late 2022 due to supply chain concerns. Further delays were caused by worsening supply chain challenges and Tesla focusing on expanding production of its existing vehicles. Tesla CEO Elon Musk would only state at the time that the company aimed to commence manufacturing sometime in the year 2023.

After years of delays and false promises, the tesla Cybertruck is finally set to arrive next year, according to reports (Source)

Gigafactory will begin Cybertruck Production Soon

Musk stated that the company hoped to have completed construction of the Cybertruck by year's end. Once this is completed, the road to mass production will be clear, and Giga Texas will be able to begin producing the bizarre-looking vehicles.

However, the Giga Rodeo was not just focused on the Cybertruck. Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed that a "broad beta" of the company's Full Self-Drivingt technology will be launched in North America later this year. He did not, however, provide any other information.

It is unknown how this beta program will vary from the present Full Self Driving beta program; however, it is possible that Tesla intends to decrease the barrier to admission by relaxing the severe driving standards required to participate in the program.

The second-generation Tesla Roadster and the Tesla Semi, both of which have been delayed much farther than the Cybertruck, will also begin production next year, according to Tesla CEO Elon Musk. Additionally, according to reports, there are plans to offer additional undisclosed items, although we don't know much about them at this time.

The wait is over

Cybertruck has already received a flurry of interest from prospective buyers. In the aftermath of Musk's recent announcement, they have already expressed their delight on social media channels. However, the numerous delays that have occurred over the previous four years have dampened their hopes.

Nonetheless, it will be intriguing to observe how purchasers react when the Cybertruck is made available for purchase in the future. According to rumors, the single-motor Cybertruck will be priced at or above US$39,000, and the prices of the double- and triple-motor vehicles will rise in a stepwise fashion in accordance with their characteristics.

Final Thoughts

For the Cybertruck, potential consumers are already flocking to social media, expressing their delight at Musk's most recent pronouncement on the subject. However, the several delays over the previous three years have allowed competitors to join the market with their own goods earlier than they otherwise would have.

Tesla is also emphasizing the humanoid Optimus “Tesla Bot," which Musk stated is slated to go into production next year. Though given Musk’s penchant to overpromise, and Tesla’s lengthy history of delaying new products, I wouldn’t offer decent chances on Tesla keeping to that timeframe.

Electric pickups have been announced for a variety of vehicles, including the Chevrolet Silverado EV, the Hummer EV, the RAM 1500 EV, and the Rivian R1T EV, to name a few. When the Tesla Cybertruck eventually becomes available for purchase next year, it will be fascinating to watch how it compares to the lengthy list of competitors with which it will be pitted.

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