What Exactly is Clay Barring?

What Exactly is Clay Barring?

We use the clay barring method to remove any material from the vehicle that a standard wash cannot remove. Because the clay is malleable, pressing it against the paint creates a large area of direct contact with the paint. And you run the clay back and forth, when it strikes a piece of debris, there is a great deal of surface tension pulling on the debris, forcing it to break off. If you run your fingertips across the paint and feel lumps or rough spots, it may be time to clay the surface. When doing clay bar, you will be able to hear the clay scooping up debris till it becomes silent! Quite neat.

When should it be used?

This is not a necessary step every time you wash your car. (Except if you choose to, which is entirely up to you!) Clay barring falls under the category of preparation, which implies it prepares the object for another process, like as waxing or polishing.

Clay Bar Treatment

It is common knowledge that Tesla paint is unusually delicate, rendering it susceptible to swirling and scratching, especially on light-colored vehicles. Even the most meticulous car washes can result in swirls and light scratches that make the vehicle appear awful at the end of the day.

Hand-washing your vehicle with a clay bar will remove contaminants from your paint accumulated on its surface over time without damaging the paintwork.

The difficulty with washing vehicles with soap and water is that it might leave behind significant swirl marks. These swirls can result in difficult-to-remove scratches, and if left untreated for too long, they can potentially create rust. Consequently, you must use a product made exclusively for washing Tesla's, such as the Clay Bar Detailing Kit, which includes all the equipment necessary for cleaning and polishing your Tesla Model S or X.

The easiest approach to determine whether or not your car has swirl marks is to examine its surface from around 45 degrees above it. Claying a car is most commonly performed using a clay bar mitt or clay bar. Using a clay lubricant and a clay bar to remove impurities from your paint is the usual way.

What clay lubricant should be used?

The purpose of using a clay lubricant with the clay bar  is to establish a liquid barrier between the clay bar and the car's clear finish, making it easier to glide over the surface. Without a lubricant, rubbing the clay back and forth would cause a great deal of friction, and it would be difficult to manipulate. Therefore, it does not matter what you use so long as you create a liquid barrier!

Which type of clay should be utilized?

There are numerous types, ranging from extremely soft to tougher, more abrasive clay. If you’re thinking if clay bar leave scratches, the answer is, the harder the clay, the greater the risk of scratches, therefore it's best to go with decent medium-grade clay.

How to Bar Clay

Start with a freshly cleaned automobile. Our two-bucket technique wash video demonstrates how to accomplish this. Save the wash bucket that contained the auto shampoo. This will serve as your lubricant. Also, get your clay bar. Keep your hose ready so you can continue to rinse the area after claying it.

Begin at the top and proceed downwards. Soak an area with your wash mitt and then prime the clay bar by dipping it in your bucket. You should alternate back and forth or left to right as you progress. No circle motions! As you complete a segment, you will feel the clay grip and then become increasingly smooth. This is the clay attempting to remove all the minute particles. Rinse the area once you no longer feel any roughness, and then examine the clay bar to ensure it did not pick up anything that would cause scratches. After kneading the clay a few times to create a new working area, go to the following stage. Maintain this cycle of soaking, clay barring, and rinsing, and constantly keep the working area moist. Continue and complete the entire automobile.

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