2023 Hyundai Ioniq 6 Redraws the Electric Sedans, May Topple Tesla Model

2023 Hyundai Ioniq 6 Redraws the Electric Sedans, May Topple Tesla Model

In preparing for the coming electric era, several full-line automakers have prioritized crossovers. This is due to factors beyond the vehicles' undeniable appeal. Even while aerodynamic efficiency is crucial for driving range, sporty mid-size cars like the Hyundai Ioniq 6 require more push and pull off looking correct.

It is either necessary to compromise the proportions of the cabin by raising the roofline, which is undesirable, or accept a more confined cabin as a trade-off for fitting large battery packs under the passenger floor. However, classic three-box sedans suffer in the wind tunnel, which is why many car manufacturers have shifted to the tall-tail "kammback" shape, which features a hatchback in place of a trunklid.

When combined, they make for a terrifying prospect. It's not surprising that few car companies have attempted to develop an electric sedan because sedans are no longer the primary vehicle type sold in the United States.

However, with the Ioniq 6, Hyundai has successfully navigated this tricky territory, and the result is truly groundbreaking. The Ioniq 6's innovative design and efficient aerodynamics make conventional sedans seem dated in comparison.

Potential naysayers might be won over by Hyundai's early preview of range results. According to Hyundai, the Ioniq 6 would have a WLTP-estimated range of up to 382. Taking into account the Ioniq 5 crossover's performance on the EPA cycle as opposed to the more optimistic European WLTP, this puts it within striking distance of the Model 3 Long Range's 358 miles.

Tiny Details that Stand Out

The Ioniq 6 might have copied the Tesla Model 3 or the scarce Ioniq 5 hatchback. Hyundai chose neither.

Hyundai calls the Ioniq 6 profile "one curve." In person, a French curve may be laid across any part of the automobile. Side profile photos reveal separate arcs. Curvy everywhere. The 1930s Stout Scarab, Phantom Corsair, 1950 Saab 92, and 1920s aviation aesthetic influenced this "streamliner." However, anyone familiar with current automobiles can notice Porsche influences front and back. Whale tail?

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The Ioniq 6's 0.21 coefficient of drag comes from its rear spoiler, making it Hyundai's most aerodynamic production vehicle. The super-marine spitfire British World War II aeroplane inspired it. Avoid removing the spoiler if you value highway range. An dynamic air flap at the lower front air intake allows airflow through and around the front wheels, as well as modelling and wind-tunnel work.

Hyundai's parametric pixel design, lighting, and tiny door handles are the Ioniq 5's sole exterior similarities. Hyundai wants its Ioniq series to stand out, especially the boxy Ioniq 7 SUV.

Useful Space

Hyundai's first E-GMP sedan is the Ioniq 6. The first Hyundai model to provide full-vehicle firmware updates over the air.

The 191.1-inch-long, 74.0-inch-wide, 58.9-inch-tall vehicle has a 116.1-inch wheelbase. The Ioniq 5 is only four inches taller than the Ioniq 6, but with them on opposite ends of a garage, it seems taller.

Hyundai designed each Ioniq model uniquely, focusing on an interior "living environment," parametric pixel cues to unite the appearance and sustainability in tech and materials.

Hyundai global design leader Simon Loasby stressed managing the car's apparent height. The passenger space-ensuring wide arc starts low in front and back.

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2023 Hyundai Ioniq 6 electric car

As in the Ioniq 5, the dash is more forward than in comparable cars, making the front floor space feel spacious and airy. Like the Tesla Model 3, the dash has no wasted space, and the hood disappears while driving upright, providing an excellent view ahead. The driver sees two 12.3-inch displays—one for instruments and one for infotainment—but they're not in the way.

Skateboard platform and large wheelbase increase passenger room. The flat cabin floor gives the rear seat plenty of leg room even when the front seat is fully back. Just don't anticipate much head room. Hyundai's two-tiered centre console doesn't slide like the Ioniq 5's, but it has space for bulkier objects below and a laptop-level top.

The frunk is a little storage container for wires or a laptop bag. Although broad and lengthy, the trunk is just deep enough for groceries.

A Well-Balanced Car

Rear-wheel-drive single-motor Ioniq 6s produces 225 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque, while all-wheel-drive dual-motor vehicles produce 320 hp and 446 lb-ft. Hyundai claims a 7.4-second single-motor acceleration time and 5.1-second dual-motor acceleration time.

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Hyundai Unveils the All-New IONIQ 6

In this era of "immediate torque," our well-equipped dual-motor variant with 20-inch wheels felt fast, and the motors and traction system never needed the Pirelli P Zeros to grip. What if this car had the Kia EV6's 576-hp dual-motor setup and a stiffer suspension? The Ioniq 6 N is being developed with unspecified horsepower. Given the Ioniq 6's lower, more grounded feel, it's exciting.

The Ioniq 6 is untuned. It's stiffer than the 5, but since you're lower, you don't feel the roll. Light, simple steering returns to centre. It weights up well in tighter bends, although it might unravel more precisely. Unlike the Ioniq 5 and other electric crossovers, you sit in the car rather than on it, which makes a big difference while cornering and enjoying driving.

Hydraulic bushings and frequency-sensitive shocks with various flow pathways let the 6 absorb road roughness. Hub-integrated outboard joints stiffen the integrated driving axle. The Ioniq 6 has sound-absorbing materials, decoupled carpet/floor, and low-noise tyres. Smooth shielding and acoustic glass protect the underbody.

Four steering-wheel paddle-selected regenerative braking settings and smoothly integrated brakes let drivers customise their experience. Auto Hold mode may be turned on and off with a button, letting drivers rest the brake pedal in traffic. Like the Ioniq 5, the Ioniq 6 has Eco, Normal, Sport, and Snow modes, but the EV Tune-up function lets owners customise steering, acceleration sensitivity, and horsepower.

Ioniq 6 Pricing

Hyundai hasn't announced the base pricing of the Ioniq 6, which will launch in Korea this autumn and in North America in early 2023. We predict it to start somewhat lower than the Ioniq 5 and peak out slightly higher in its top-performance Ioniq 6 N version, based on corporate hints. $40,000–$65,000. It feels like a premium automobile but won't be.

Importantly, the Ioniq 6 will finally challenge the Model 3. This contest should be interesting if Hyundai makes enough of these.

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