Common Problems With Tesla Model X and Their Fixes

Common Problems With Tesla Model X and Their Fixes

Because of its unique styling and state-of-the-art electric technology, the Tesla Model X has become a best-seller in the luxury SUV segment of the electric car market. Despite Tesla's reputation for automotive innovation, even the Model X is subject to a rare hiccup. In this article, we'll go through common issues with Tesla cars, and we delve into various challenges that Tesla Model X owners might encounter and the role of the Tesla service center in addressing common problems faced by Tesla Model X owners.

Problems with the Falcon's Wing Doors

The Falcon Wing doors are an eye-catching design element of the Model X. However, there have been cases of malfunction in Falcon doors that have caused owners trouble. Frustrating issues include sensors that don't work, doors that don't open or close properly, and strange noises.

Problems with the Falcon's Wing Doors

Fix: Falcon Wing doors are complicated and demand expert care, therefore if you experience any problems with them you should call Tesla service. Minor faults may often be resolved by performing a simple reset or calibrating the doors, but if the problem persists, a professional technician should evaluate the situation and fix the gullwing doors themselves.

Computer Errors and Autopilot

Autopilot is a popular feature on Tesla automobiles, as are the frequent software upgrades. The Autopilot feature has been well-praised, yet some owners have complained of malfunctions and strange behavior.

Computer Errors and Autopilot

Fix: Typical solutions include software upgrades released by Tesla. It is essential to regularly update the software on your car. If issues persist, get in touch with Tesla's customer service or head to a local service center.

Loss of Battery Capacity

All batteries for electric vehicles eventually deteriorate. Despite the extended life of Tesla batteries, some older Model-X drivers have reported decreased range and performance with age.

Fix: Battery deterioration can be slowed by keeping the battery charged to between 20 and 80 percent rather than the recommended 100 percent. Maintaining a consistent software update schedule for your Tesla might also improve battery life. Consider contacting Tesla's customer support if the decline is severe.

Compressed Air Issues

There have been reports of leaky air suspensions, loud air compressors, and inconsistent and uneven ride height and heights on Model Xs fitted with air suspensions.

Fix: Examine the air suspension system for obvious signs of damage or leakage if you are having issues with the system. If you've exhausted your troubleshooting methods, call Tesla support to have your car inspected and fixed.

Issues with Charging

Frustrating charging problems include poor charging speeds at Superchargers and complicated home charging installations.

Issues with Charging


Fix: The solution is to always use clean and excellent-condition charging wires. It's possible that the temperature or network congestion at Supercharger stations is to blame for your car's delayed charging. Problems with home charging should be investigated, and if necessary, Tesla customer care or a licensed electrician should be contacted.

The most typical issues, along with their solutions, are as follows:

Despite Tesla's several software upgrades, some owners are still experiencing difficulties.

Suspension Issues: Problems with the Model X's air suspension have been reported, resulting in a shaky ride and poor control. Some Model Xs have been recalled by Tesla to fix this issue, and the company has also released software upgrades to enhance the effectiveness of the air suspension.

Concerns with battery life and charging: Battery depletion and improper charging have been cited as complaints by a subset of Model X owners. Tesla has replaced certain batteries under warranty and released software upgrades to address these issues.

For your protection: The automated emergency braking and lane-keeping assist systems in some Model X have reportedly malfunctioned. Despite Tesla's software upgrades, some owners are still experiencing difficulties.

Flaws in the Paint: Paint issues, such as chipping and peeling, have been reported on the Model X. Tesla has promised free fixes for these issues, but some owners have complained of extended wait times.

It's crucial to know about these safety issues before purchasing a Tesla Model X. The Model X may be subject to recalls or service bulletins, both of which may be found on Tesla's website.

Some solutions to these issues are listed below.

Maintain current software versions on your Model X. Updates to Tesla's software are frequently made available in order to address issues and boost functionality.

  • Maintenance on your Model X should be handled at a service center. Any issues that may arise may be caught at an early stage and fixed.
  • Using the Falcon's wing doors requires caution. Before opening or closing them, check for any obstructions.
  • Stay off of bumpy roads if you can. The suspension and other parts may be overworked as a result.
  • Get in touch with Tesla right away if you ever have any issues with your Model X. The organization takes pride in its excellent customer service and will do all in its power to help you.

MCU (Media Control Unit) Failure

The Media Control Unit (MCU) is the brains behind the show in the Tesla Model X, managing everything from the stereo to the temperature. However, some Model X owners have complained about MCU failures, which can cause the screen to freeze or become unresponsive.

Depending on the terms of your warranty, Tesla may repair or upgrade your MCU if you have any issues. Updating your software can help prevent certain problems, but if they persist you should get in touch with Tesla's support team or visit a repair facility.

Control arm issues

Some Model X owners have reported concerns with luxury vehicles, ride quality, and handling due to control arm wear and tear, which is a major problem for any vehicle's suspension system.

Control arm problems should be caught early by performing routine maintenance and inspections. If your Tesla is making strange noises or is difficult to drive, have a professional go over the control arms.

In-Car App Issues

Tesla's in-car applications bring convenience and enjoyment, but customers have reported issues including crashes and improper loading.

If the app problems remain after updating the firmware, try performing a soft reset by holding down the left and right scroll wheels of the steering wheel simultaneously for around 10 seconds. Get in touch with Tesla's help desk if the issues persist.

Problematic Safety Features

Autopilot and Full Self-Driving are only two examples of Teslas's cutting-edge safety technology. Some Model X drivers have complained that the autonomous emergency braking and lane-keeping functions don't work as advertised.

Corrective action: Always use the most recent software for your car. If troubles remain after following these steps, please contact Tesla support, who may be able to remotely diagnose and fix the problem, or recommend a service visit.

Yellow Border on Touchscreen

Some Tesla Model X customers have reported seeing a yellow border around the touchscreen display, which is a strange occurrence.

The screen adhesive may need to be replaced if the yellow border continues to emerge after having been fixed by Tesla's service facility. If you need help fixing this problem, you should get in touch with Tesla's support team.

2 Problematic Steering And Faulty Steering Assist

Problems with the vehicle's steering might be quite dangerous. Some Model X owners have complained about a lack of response in the steering or an inability to use the vehicle's steering assist capabilities.

If your Tesla has steering issues, you should get it checked out as soon as possible by a Tesla service professional. Concerns about the steering system's integrity should not be dismissed.

Tesla Model X Pros and Cons

Long Range and Plaid versions notably have an impressive electric range.

For an SUV, it has impressive acceleration and handling.

Unique and functional, the Falcon Wing doors and roomy inside make for a great package. Superchargers are part of a large-scale charging infrastructure.

Autopilot and fully autonomous driving capabilities are among the cutting-edge safety measures available.


Compared to similar SUVs, its price tag is significantly higher.

There have been complaints about the quality.

Lack of third-party service choices may result in expensive repairs.

Cargo capacity is restricted in comparison to regular SUVs.

There may be variations in feature availability based on geographical location and car trim.

Tesla Model X Reliability Compared to Similar Cars

The Tesla Model X performs admirably when compared to other premium electric SUVs in its class in terms of dependability. But it's important to keep in mind that both electric cars and vehicles, in general, may have special service needs that might impact their dependability. For those looking for a high-tech, high-performance electric SUV, the Model X is a safe bet thanks to Tesla's large service network and frequent software upgrades that address and avoid any difficulties. Maintenance and prompt repairs are essential to the long-term reliability of your Model X, as they are with any vehicle.


The Tesla Model X is undeniably a spectacular electric SUV, thanks to its cutting-edge features and striking appearance. But it still has the same occasional problems as any other vehicle. Problems that Model X owners may face From Falcon Wing door malfunctions to software glitches, and the unnecessary complexity vehicle controls, wind noise, and declining battery life a concern raised by some Tesla drivers, and the role of Tesla service centers in resolving these issues.

Furthermore, we touched upon problems like worn-out control arms, poor alignment, and poor paint quality, emphasizing the need for vigilance when it comes to your Tesla Model X's maintenance and overall driving experience, which can also serve as a valuable reference for other Tesla models. Thankfully for many owners, Tesla has options available, including software upgrades, expert inspections, and replacement parts, to deal with these issues. Smooth and dependable driving in a Model X is possible with regular maintenance and anticipatory problem-solving.

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