Customers rejoice as new Tesla Model Y deliveries start in the UK

Customers rejoice as new Tesla Model Y deliveries start in the UK

Two years after its initial launch in the States, the Tesla Model Y has finally made its way to the Land of the Rose. Customers have made the most of this opportunity to take deliveries at exclusive locations across the country. Tesla UK began receiving orders for the electric crossover SUV in October last year with promises of delivery by the start of 2022. To the joy of EV fanatics across the country, Tesla has rightfully kept its word.

How it all Started

The Model Y’s Europe launch was originally planned after the company started production at their Berlin Gigafactory. However, Tesla took a little detour as it began importing the vehicles from their Shanghai Gigafactory to some European markets. The Tesla UK market still awaited the Model Y when all of these events were unfolding.

But sometime later, the month of October brought a beacon of light as Tesla UK customers received a mail announcing the start of orders with deliveries expected by early 2022.

The mail read:

You can now order Model Y in the UK. First deliveries expected early 2022.

With up to 315 mi (WLTP) of range, plenty of storage space and a medical-grade HEPA air filter, Model Y is the ultimate combination of performance and utility. Model Y comes standard with Autopilot, Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive and premium interior.”

All was not lost and there were glimmers of hope for the British EV community. They would finally be able to join the party like the people of USA and other European countries. Production for right-hand-drive Model Y’s began midway last year, but as fate would have it, the first batch of the electric crossovers was sold in some Asian markets including Hong Kong. Brits have had to wait their turn since then. But as people have been spotted driving around RHD Model Y’s, the official sales commencement doesn’t come as a surprise.

The Green Light is Signaled

The hype and the anticipation for a signal from Tesla went on through the first month of 2022. No reports, no inside news, nothing. But midway through February, there was a signal – A green light. Finally, the wait was drawing towards an end. Reports circulated that the company planned to hold a “special delivery event” for the people who had booked their Model Y’s. The event would celebrate the vehicle’s delivery to the Brits as they would be the first ones to receive a Tesla Model Y in UK. Sometime later, the company finally called the curtain on the anticipation to bring it to a joyous close. The company relayed an official message to Model Y reservation-holders, allowing them to pick the time slot of their choice for the handover.

The message stated: 

Tesla Update – Your Model Y is ready to be scheduled at our unique delivery event on Saturday, February 19 at Horizon Cruise Terminal, Southampton! Please select your preferred time slot at:[order number].”

It was finally happening.

The Handover Happens

The UK’s newest Tesla owners reportedly attended these handover events to pick up their reserved Model Y at a total of 7 different locations countrywide. Notable locations included Manchester’s Imperial War Museum, Anglesey’s Oyster Catcher, Cambridge’s American Air Museum, Nottinghamshire’s Clumber Park, and the Aerospace Bristol.

The series closed with the final mass handover taking place at Southampton’s Horizon Cruise Terminal. It ranks as the country’s second-most active auto port, processing close to 900,000 vehicles annually. Customers were treated to a display showcase for Tesla's model range, the Model X light show and, a bunch of legacy models, including the Tesla Pride car, before being handed the keys to their personal Model Y.

A Look at the Options

Currently, the dual-motor AWD Long Range stands as the basic model, which makes around 434 bhp and offers 331 miles of range. The Long Range version can jump from 0-62 mph in 4.8 seconds, and gives a top speed of 135 mph.

The Model Y Performance is also available. It features dual motors and AWD, producing 483 bhp and offering a range of 319 miles. It has a top speed of 155 mph, jumping from 0-62 mph in 3.5-seconds.

The UK price tag for the basic Model Y is £54,990 while the Performance model is available for £64,990.

Must Have Accessories To Purchase In Preparation For Your Delivery

We have compiled the most important accessories to go for new UK Model Y owners, you can check out the Model Y Essentials here.

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