Does changing my Steering Wheel affect the warranty with Tesla?

Does changing my Steering Wheel affect the warranty with Tesla?

You and the automaker are bound by the terms of the warranty. It guarantees to pay for necessary repairs as long as you keep the car in good condition. However, just as with any other agreement, if you fail to fulfill your obligations under the warranty, the warranty will be null and useless.

If you've ever delved into the finer points of Tesla's warranty, you know there's a lot to cover. We'll do our best to simplify it for you if you’re wondering if changing tesla steering wheel voids the warranty.

Many buyers think that if they don't use OEM components, their guarantee will be voided. Nothing could be further from the truth, yet the makers would have you believe otherwise. Your new car warranty will not be voided if you choose to install aftermarket components.

How's do installing aftermarket components affect the warranty?

Installing non-original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts into your vehicle will not automatically void your warranty or prevent the company from honoring your warranty claim. The dealer must provide evidence that the issue was brought on by the use of aftermarket components. 

For instance, if you replace your car's original equipment manufacturer (OEM) tire pressure sensors with aftermarket sensors and one of them breaks, your warranty claim cannot be dismissed on the grounds that the aftermarket sensors are incompatible with the vehicle. 

Furthermore, if an air suspension unit or electric drive motor fails while you have aftermarket steering wheels fitted, the dealership or manufacturer would have to provide proof that the aftermarket wheels were the cause of the failure in order to deny your warranty claim. There is no reason for the dealer or manufacturer to dispute your claims under these circumstances.

Tesla Model S Plaid Touch Panel Removal

One of our customer's removing the touch trim from a Model S Plaid Steering.

How does your dealer help?

The manufacturer or dealer reserves the right to refuse coverage for the damaged item and to charge you for repairs if it is determined that the aftermarket part was defective or was not fitted properly. As per the FTC, the OEM or dealer can't refuse Tesla warranty coverage if they can't prove that the usage of an aftermarket part necessitated maintenance.

Quite a bit of ambiguity surrounds this facet of warranty protection. Having an aftermarket part or making modifications to your car will not automatically nullify your warranty, despite what many dealerships might have you believe.

Some auto lots, for instance, can tell you that your tesla warranty is null and void if you install a performance part like a cold air intake. Dealer diagnostic fees are commonplace if the cause of a parts failure is unknown. 

If the dealer determines that improper installation of the aftermarket item or unauthorized modifications caused the failure of a covered component, the applicable warranty will be nullified and you will be responsible for the cost of any necessary repairs. There will be no charge for the diagnosis if it is determined that the use of aftermarket components was irrelevant to the required maintenance. If you also feel like buying your Tesla Model 3, Y, S, or X accessories, check out Pimp My EV. 

A dealer may view the installation of performance-enhancing add-ons to your vehicle as evidence that you regularly subject it to extreme conditions or even compete in races. "Wong elaborated, "Modifications may not breach warranties, but they may raise a red flag when vehicles are brought in for service." 

Car-modification customers who put in the time to investigate may discover that some dealerships are more "mod-friendly." While there are legitimate providers of third-party warranties, the market as a whole is unstable and ripe with scammers. Always choose a warranty from Tesla Motors, as they have the most to gain from your satisfaction with the Tesla brand.

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