How Tesla Makes the Safest Cars in the World?

How Tesla Makes the Safest Cars in the World?

Tesla’s are among the most popular automobiles on the road today with the highest safety score. They're sleek, trendy, fun to drive, and eco-friendly, but what about one of the most crucial considerations when looking for a new car? Safety. Today, we’ll tell you five reasons why Tesla holds the title of the safest car. 

Before we begin, let's review some key information.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety both gave Tesla complete five-star ratings in every category AND subcategory.

The Model 3 and Model Y have both earned the lowest injury probability of any vehicle ever tested. So how could it get these ratings? What precisely makes Tesla's so secure?

Why Lack of Engine Makes Tesla's Safer

The lack of an engine at the front of the car is one of the primary reasons Tesla's are among the safest automobiles on the road. Because there is no engine, the steel and aluminum collapse first and absorb the majority of an accident's impact, preventing it from being passed to the driver and passenger.

Tesla's are extremely difficult to roll over due to the low center of gravity created by the battery and electric motors being located on the vehicle's floor. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the Model Y has a rollover risk of under 8%, which Tesla claims is the lowest of any SUV ever manufactured. When struck from the side at high speeds, or even pushed over the edge of a hill, the Tesla will tilt to the side as if it were to roll over, but the weight of the battery and electric motors will draw it back to the ground.

The Impressive Strength of Tesla Roofs and Pillar Structures

The Tesla Roof can endure over 20,000 pounds of stress, approximately six times its own weight. This implies it can withstand the weight of five Model 3s, or roughly two full-grown elephants, making it one of the world's most robust vehicle roofs. The Tesla Roof has a strength-to-weight ratio score of "G" for Good, which is higher than any other electric car ever evaluated by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. This will protect you in the event that the car is rolled over or an item falls on top of it.

roof of Tesla vehicles enough to protect passengers

Is the glass roof of Tesla vehicles strong enough to protect the passengers inside?

A Tesla's pillar structures and side sills are strengthened with high-grade steel, which helps resist crumpling and absorb as much energy as possible during a collision; remarkably, the sides of the car crumple even less than the front of the car on impact. Moreover, airbags, seat shape, and restraints all contribute to a high occupant protection rating. Heavy curtain airbags cover all four side windows, and a distinctively formed front passenger airbag prevents the driver's head from colliding with the side pillars and infotainment screen in the event of an accident.

Teslas are outfitted with a plethora of safety technology systems aimed at preventing accidents in the first place. It, for example, is outfitted with a mix of cameras, radars, and ultrasonic sensors that can detect and react to impediments. Tesla's Autopilot system contains autonomous emergency braking technology that will break the car on its own to avoid colliding with obstacles, and it received a high grade in front accident prevention testing. Tesla scored a perfect score of 94 percent in the safety assist category, which looks at items like lane assistance and automated pedestrian braking.

Frequent Over-the-Air Software Upgrades to Improve Safety in Tesla's

Tesla's receive frequent over-the-air software upgrades, which add new capabilities and improve existing ones over Wi-Fi. These improvements can keep you safer by making the autopilot system more aware of its surroundings, better recognising and avoiding obstacles, detecting flashing, emergency vehicle lights in low-light circumstances, and even notifying you of low tyre thread. Because their computer is linked to practically every mechanical component of your Tesla, these upgrades have also been discovered to fix safety concerns.

One disadvantage of Tesla's is that, like other new automobiles of this era, they do not come with a spare tyre, and the tyres that do come with the car are not run-flat tyres. As a result, if you have a minor accident that involves your tyres, you must contact Tesla's roadside assistance, who will come out to repair the tyres or tow your car. For added piece of mind, put a tyre repair kit in your Tesla in case of this eventuality. We propose purchasing a portable air compressor kit that can be powered by your Tesla's 12v battery.

Sentry Mode

Sentry Mode is a Tesla function that allows you to monitor suspicious activity around your car while it is parked and secured in specific locations. Your vehicle will respond and record events to your car's hard drive based on the severity of the hazard. You may also utilise sentry mode to remotely examine the area surrounding your parked car to confirm its safety before returning to it. If your vehicle is equipped with an outside speaker, you may honk, flash, and converse. The Tesla, like other automobiles, has a car alarm that will sound if any locked doors are accessed without a key.

sentry mode tesla

Sentry mode: Tesla isn't just a car, it's a Security Device

Cabin Camera

The interior camera in the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y can detect driver inattention and issue auditory alerts to remind you to maintain your eyes on the road when using Autopilot, ensuring your security and safety while driving.

One of the most serious worries we had when researching the Model 3 was the vehicle's safety. Being my daily driver, we were concerned not just about the car's durability, but also about my safety in the event of an accident. It's fantastic to know that we can have a gorgeous car with all of these features and more while still knowing that we'll be safe behind the wheel.

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