Hansshow Power Frunk On Model Y

How to Install Your Power Frunk On Model Y

Sometimes you just want something extra to show off on your Tesla. We understand. By utilizing your smartphone, key fob, or tailgate button, you may update your frunk to an auto power frunk (open and close). The Power Frunk Kit instructions that came with it weren't very useful for me, so we decided to undertake some trial and error to create this more comprehensive tutorial for you all. We hope it is useful! It's not a difficult installation, but it does require some patience and additional hands.

What you need

  • Trimming tools
  • Tiny pry bar OR small flathead screwdriver (this is for wedging in the struts)
  • A pole of some kind to support the frunk
  • Socket 8mm
  • Socket 10mm
  • 13mm stud
  • 13mm hex key
  • Allen wrench set with hex keys
  • Milwaukee Electric 3/8′′ Extended Reach Ratchet
  • A small ratchet is important for getting into tight spaces; we can use Neiko with a size 5 bit here.
  • bungee cords
  • The electrical tape

Removing Frunk

  • Remove the top cover located above the frunk. Simply elevate your head straight up. It's kept together with clips all the way around.
  • Remove the four bolts from the frunk (2 close to the latch, 2 in the floor of the frunk).
  • Remove the clip on the driver's side with a pry tool.
  • Remove the button panel.
  • Remove the button clip.
  • Set aside the frunk by raising it straight up.

Remove the original struts

  • Locate a solid pole to support the frunk.
  • Find the struts beneath the back two hinges. These are difficult to find, so be patient!
  • To wedge your way into the top of the strut, use a tiny pry tool, pick tool, or flathead screwdriver.
  • Once the tool is in place, use your other hand to push the hinge out and let it fall to the side while we work on the bottom.
  • Don't worry about using the pry tool again; simply loosen the bolt that keeps it in place.
  • Remove the entire strut, being careful not to drop any washers or tiny parts.

The supplied struts should be installed

  • The letters L and R will appear in the brackets. R will stand for passenger and L will stand for driving. Consider yourself in the driver's seat.
  • It is critical that the sides be flush with the walls.
  • Screw them into position.
  • Now comes the struts. The wires are hooked to the bottom. Place it where you want it and pass the cords through to the front.
  • Insert the base into the socket.

Install Latch Components

  • Remove the clip from the right side.
  • Mark the original location of the bolts using a sharpie. Then, take out the two 10mm bolts.
  • Combine the latch component with the original. The video demonstrates how to attach.
  • Connect the safety latch to the front tow hitch.
  • Replace it with the bolts and washers provided by in the kit. You don't have to tighten them all the way because you can always adjust them afterward.
  • Check to ensure that the latch clip aligns in the center of the V form. There should be a spot for it. If it doesn't appear to be hitting, shift the bolts up and down.


It's much preferable to watch the video for this section. There are a lot of things that don't have names.


By pressing the button, you may observe if it shuts. Then launch it using your app. Close it, as well as the app, and reopen it. While doing so, keep an eye on the latch and make sure it's well-fitted.

Wire organization

Apply glue to the front of the power box and the actuator. Choose a location where there will be less stress when the frunk is replaced. The wires should then be bunched up and zip tied in suitable areas. You just do not want them to move, so make sure they are safe.

Latch Alignment Troubleshooting

If the hood does not close flush with the bumper, determine what has to be lowered or raised. Then, reopen the hood and adjust the two latch bolts as necessary. You may have to repeat this process numerous times until you get it just right.

If it's extremely awful and nothing you do helps, the brackets shown above might not be in the appropriate spot. You'll have to go back and correct it before continuing.

Model Y Power Frunk re-installation.

  • When everything is in position and correctly shutting, bring the button clip to the front and hook it on the latch region somewhere easily available when you replace the frunk.
  • Lower the frunk back into position, aligning the bolt holes at the front. Examine the openings on the bottom of the frunk as well. They should be in sync.
  • Put the edges back over the sides with care.
  • Replace the clip on the driver's side.
  • Clip the cable you hung by the clasp into the button. Then replace the button cover.
  • Replace the top cover by aligning up the clips and snapping it back in. The clips might break if you strike it too hard while it's not aligned.
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