Tesla Model Y with a larger battery is coming and cheaper than you expect

Tesla Model Y with a larger battery is coming and cheaper than you expect

A Standard Range AWD edition of the Model Y with a 279-mile range and the capacity to accelerate from zero to 60 mph in only five seconds is expected to be released by Tesla shortly. According to reports, it is also claimed to be less expensive than other Model Y variations from Tesla.

Employees will benefit initially

It is expected that the Tesla Model Y, the company's 'affordable' SUV, will become even more affordable in the near future, with a new model expected to be offered for less than $60,000.

The Model Y was expected to be a game-changer for Tesla when it was introduced in March 2020, and it proved to be just that. In addition to being larger than the Model 3, it was designed to be a better fit for families and would be significantly less expensive than the flagship Model X.

According to a report by Electrek, the business is presently selling the new Model Y to its staff first before distributing it to the general public. Subsequently, sales will be made available to the general public over the next few weeks.

It is going to be cheaper Finally

Unfortunately, the Model Y has only become more costly as time has passed since it first appeared on the market. In the beginning, Tesla claimed that the Model Y will cost $47,000 for the long-range version, followed by a standard-range variant that would be available later for just $39,000.

Currently, the long-range Model Y starts at $64,990 and can be had for as much as $67,990 if equipped with the performance trim. Furthermore, there is no standard range version to speak of at all. The Model Y, which was designed to make Tesla SUVs more accessible, has left a lot to be desired for a car of this kind.

Fortunately, a more affordable Model Y is on the way with a bigger battery size. Electrek just revealed that Tesla would debut the 'Model Y Standard Range AWD' in the near future after speaking with Tesla staff.

This variant of the Model Y is presently only available for purchase by Tesla workers within the company, with plans to make it available to the general public in the future. What's the best part? It will be offered for purchase for $59,990. While this is a far cry from the $39,000 price tag that Tesla promised a few years ago, it is still $3,000 less expensive than the most economical Model Y now on the market.

Tesla appears to be close to releasing a new Model Y with a 279-mile range (449-kilometres) (Source)

What to Expect from the New Tesla Model

There is more to the new Model Y  Range AWD than the lower price. Electrek also verifies that Tesla's new 4680 tesla model y battery capacity cells would be used in this variant.

Model Y is now a better car than it would have been a few years ago because of the new batteries, which deliver greater energy, range, and power. The new $39,000 Model Y was meant to have a range of just 230 miles, but now it's said to have a range of 279 miles, which is a tremendous improvement.

Although the $59,990 pricing may still be too much for some people, it's comforting to see Tesla revamp the Model Y in a way that lowers the price and does not raises it. As long as the Tesla Model Y continues to be marketed as an inexpensive SUV, this is an important first step towards realizing that goal.

Final Thoughts

It's reassuring to know that the new variation is not prohibitively pricey. Moreover, because they will have larger units and hence fewer batteries, they should be simpler to keep up with. This logic also helps to minimize the weight and complexity of the vehicle, which in turn helps to increase efficiency and other aspects of the vehicle. Ideally, further improvements in this area will decrease expenses and savings that may be passed on to the customer over an extended period of time.

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