Things To Do Before Your Tesla Warranty Expires

Things To Do Before Your Tesla Warranty Expires

Car warranties are rarely discussed until something goes wrong with a vehicle. However, once your warranty has expired, you will be responsible for paying for any repairs. You should begin preparing for life after your car's warranty expires as soon as possible. What to do if your car warranty is about to expire, and the best methods to use it now to keep your auto costs down, are covered here.

Even though the Tesla warranty is only good for 4 years or 50,000 miles, it's still worth checking the car out to see if there are any potential future money-saving opportunities. Additionally, it's important to make sure you perform some of the simple maintenance tasks and tesla end of warranty checklist Tesla suggests as well as these Essential Maintenance inspections.

Self-checks you can perform:

Of course, before the warranty expires, take pictures of them all and submit them in your Tesla app. This list is not all-inclusive, so use your common sense and double-check:

The entire automobile by simply going around it, opening all of the doors, compartments, etc., and inspecting every component of it for flaws, problems, or corrosion (it's better to do this after the car has been thoroughly cleaned, according to the Guide).

  • Make sure that the lights are free of any flaws, such as water intrusion, failed LEDs, etc. Guide
  • Every door handle functions as it should (mostly with Model S)
  • Under the paint, there is rust or bubbling at the trunk lock.
  • Any trembling or strange noises when accelerating or traveling at low speeds (make sure you remove EVERYTHING from the car before doing this, otherwise Tesla will charge you for wasting their time if they find a pen rattling in the boot, etc.).
  • Consider jacking up the automobile to have a look if you have the necessary expertise, assurance, and tools
  • Rubber around every door, trunk, etc.
  • rust on the bolts and boot struts
  • Chrome alignment
  • Check the interior of the charge port to make sure it is tight and secure (before this happens)
  • Examine the list of typical or well-known problems with your vehicle and see if you have any of them.
  • Perform important maintenance inspections as well; you may find something.

Third-party Checks

  • Companies like Cleevely Motors (other companies are available or via HEVRA) offer a "end of warranty check" for £60+VAT at their headquarters (slightly more for home visits; price correct as of June 2021; keep in mind we have a list of discounts here for paid supporters including for Cleevely Service+MOT), but other garages ought to be able to provide a similar service. These inspections often include raising the car up to verify that the wheels, brakes, suspension, and other components are functioning as they should. Most owners are unable to or lack the confidence to do these inspections.
  • Consider the previous service schedule points and having Tesla or a 3rd party do them

Tesla inspects

  • Tesla does provide several inspections (such as winter and summer inspections); to find out what's available, contact your local center or just make an app reservation.
  • Save money on upcoming repairs, extend the warranty, or purchase an additional warranty. Other businesses provide third-party warranty coverage but make sure you are aware of any exclusions.
  • Alternately, some Tesla owners "self-insure" themselves by saving the money they would spend on an extended warranty; if the car has a problem, they can draw from this, but if everything is good, they keep the entire amount.
  • Consider upgrading your RAC/AA/Greenflag insurance to enable you to transport your vehicle to any UK location of your choosing.
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