Best Tesla Accessories for ALL Tesla Models S 3 X Y

Best Tesla Accessories for ALL Tesla Models S 3 X Y

Whether you currently own a Tesla or are still comparing prices and costs, there are a few Tesla interior accessories that might enhance your Tesla experience. The following are important, handy, and elegant Tesla accessories that current (and prospective) owners should consider.

Tesla Touchscreen Protection

Replace a screen protector rather than a whole screen is better, as anyone who has cracked a phone screen knows. So what if your Tesla's massive, super-integrated touchscreen cracks? If the console screen fails, you lose navigation, climate control, and other features that make driving a Tesla enjoyable. 

While a Tesla can be driven without a touchscreen, many features are inaccessible. With a $1,500 Tesla service center touchscreen replacement bill, we think you'll agree that screen-protecting covers worth less than $50 are a bargain. We prefer matte screen protectors of tempered glass to reduce glare and fingerprints. At Pimp My EV, you will find touchscreen protectors for your Tesla cars.  



Wireless charging mount for Tesla

A wireless charging mount eliminates the need to constantly connect and unhook the cable as you enter and depart the car by just clicking your phone into place and starting charging right away. This charger is capable of holding even the newest iPhone models in place. After installing the Tesla wireless charging iPhone mount, we advise that you wait at least 12 hours before using it.

Tesla wireless charging iPhone mount

Tesla Wireless Charging iPhone Mount

Trunk Organizers and Trunk Storage Kits for Tesla

The Trunk Organizer gives you a storage option that is straightforward, easy, and efficient, and it is made to fit exactly in the foot well of the Model Y, Model 3, and Model s trunk. It features storage compartments that can be customized and altered quickly to match the individual requirements of each user's storage needs. It is a perfect fit once it is inside. You are free to arrange the space in your trunk any way you choose, while still ensuring the safety of the luggage and the trunk. The Tesla trunk organizer has such a large capacity that it is no problem at all to store enough food and drink for an entire week!

Tesla Trunk Organizer

Tesla Trunk Organizer

Wheel Accessories For Your Tesla

Wheel accessories come in a wide variety, and if you want to personalize or otherwise modify your Tesla vehicle, you have several options to choose from. The Tesla Model 3 mud flaps keep your beloved vehicle clean while adding a subtle, stylish touch. They are mud flaps that protect the bottom of your car from dirt, mud, rocks, debris, or whatever the wheels throw around. Similarly, among many others, brake caliper covers for Tesla Model Y provides existing calipers a bold upgraded look.

When you need to get up close to speed quickly, you can rely on the effective support provided by the Tesla neck pillows. With the Tesla neck rest for your Model 3, Model Y, Model S, and Model X.  You can make your drives far more comfortable. It is important to have in order to make that dreaded long car ride more bearable and enjoyable. This headrest for your car seat can alleviate any concerns you have about your driving posture. In order to make the driver's seat even more comfortable, dual layers of spring-back comfort foam and plush memory foam have been added.

Brake Caliper Covers For Tesla Model Y

Brake Caliper Covers For Tesla Model Y

Tesla USB Hub

A USB hub is another beneficial accessory for your Tesla car. The Tesla Model 3, Model X, Model Y, and Model S accessory is good to be added to your vehicle. A covert addition that stows away in the cubby hole and seems as though it was always intended to be there. The Type-A ports on the Tesla USB hub may be used for gaming controllers, audio accessories, wireless chargers, and other similar devices. On the other hand, the Type-C ports are the ones you should use for charging devices quickly. A necessary addition to add to your vehicle if you plan to spend most of your time there.

Tesla Model 3 Accessories

One of the most well-liked electric cars available for sale today is the Tesla Model 3, which is renowned for its sleek and svelte styling, cutting-edge engineering, and excellent performance. If you possess a Model 3, you might be curious to look into several accessories that can improve your driving experience.

Charging Pads and Floor Mats

Wireless charging pads are a preferred Model 3 accessory. This is made to fit precisely in the center console of the Model 3' cabin and enables you to charge your smartphone without having to deal with cords and connections. A set of all-weather floor mats, which can shield your vehicle's carpet from dirt, mud, and other debris, is another practical addition.

What about the aesthetic upgrades?

If you want to give your car a sportier look, you can get a carbon fiber spoiler, or you can get chrome delete kits to do rid of the stock exterior's gleaming chrome elements. Additionally, a variety of wheel choices are offered, such as modern black or silver rims.

Storage Options

Finally, if you want to expand the Model 3's storage space, think about spending money on a roof rack organizer or trunk door organizer. Larger objects like bicycles or camping equipment may be easier to move with the help of these accessories.

Adding USB Connections

How to Add a USB Port to Tesla Model 3

A few common tools and a working understanding of electrical wiring are all that are required to finish the relatively straightforward task of adding a USB connection to your Tesla Model 3. The steps you can take to add a USB port to your Model 3 are as follows:

Assemble your essential resources: A 12V to 5V step-down converter, a USB port with an integrated power switch, and some simple wiring tools like wire strippers, crimpers, and electrical tape are required.

Choose an appropriate location: Choose the location for the Model 3's USB port installation. In the centre console, close to the cup holders, is a popular spot.

Disconnect the battery: It's crucial to disconnect the 12V power source before performing any electrical maintenance on your Model 3.

Run wiring: Using wiring, link your Model 3's USB port and step-down converter before connecting the converter to the 12V power supply.

Install the USB port: The USB port can be installed in the desired location once the wire is in place. In order to prevent any rattling or movement while driving, make sure you fasten it securely.

Reconnecting the battery is necessary when the installation is finished. Test the USB port to make sure it's functioning properly and giving your connected devices electricity.

A practical and helpful upgrade for your Tesla Model 3 might be a USB port. Just be sure to adhere to all safety guidelines and proceed slowly when installing the USB port.

Overall, there are many accessories for the Tesla Model 3 that can be purchased to customize and meet different needs and preferences. There are accessories available to improve performance, personalise the appearance of your car, or simply make your everyday commute more convenient. Tesla may use facial recognition technology for identification purposes in its vehicles in the future.

Tesla Model S Aftermarket Accessories

There are many aftermarket accessories available if you possess a Tesla Model S and want to improve or customize your car. Here are a few well-liked choices:

Exterior improvements

The Model S is compatible with a range of exterior improvements, including body kits, carbon fiber spoilers, and unique wheels. These can enhance aerodynamics and performance while giving your automobile a distinctive and athletic flair.

Interior add-ons

You can customize the interior of your Model S with add-ons including all-weather rubber floor mats, personalized seat covers, and a centre console organizer. These can enhance the comfort and functionality of your car's interior while protecting it.

LED lighting

Modifications are a popular choice for Model S owners as they can increase visibility and give your car a unique look. LED interior lighting kits, taillights, and headlights are available options.

Performance modifications

There are a variety of aftermarket upgrades available if you want to improve the performance of your Model S, including high-performance brake pads, suspension upgrades, and performance air filters.

Charger accessories

The Model S is compatible with a range of charging accessories, including portable charging cables, wall connectors, and charging adapters. These might make charging your car more effective and convenient.

Tesla Model S accessory

Tesla owners can personalize their vehicles with Model S accessory, whether they want to improve the vehicle's aesthetic or add practicality and convenience. These add-ons are created to cater to the wants and preferences of Model S owners, giving each vehicle a personal touch.

Tesla Model s accessories

Accessories for the Tesla Model S can be used for convenience, protection, and customization. The aesthetic, functionality, and performance of the Model S can be enhanced by using these accessories, which are designed to meet the demands and tastes of users.

Top 3 Best Tesla Accessories for the Model X

Here are the top three Tesla accessories for the Model X, as rated by customers:

Tesla Model X All-Weather Floor Mats

These robust, waterproof mats are made to keep spills, mud, and grime out of the inside of your Model X. They are a preferred option among Model X owners because they are simple to install and remove for cleaning.

Centre Console Organiser for the Tesla Model X

This organizer is made to properly fit into the centre console of the Model X, adding more storage space and making it simpler to keep your car organized. It has several compartments, is constructed of durable materials, and includes.

Tesla Model X Roof Rack

For owners looking to expand their car's storage space, the Model X roof rack is a popular add-on. It is simple to install and useful for carrying a range of objects, including cargo boxes, baggage, motorcycles, and kayaks. Additionally, the roof rack is aerodynamically formed to reduce wind resistance and increase productivity while driving.

Remember that the finest Model X accessories for you will depend on your unique demands and tastes. There are many different attachments available for the device.


Overall, the Tesla Model is compatible with a wide range of aftermarket accessories to meet different needs and tastes. There is an accessory for everyone, whether you want to improve performance, change the style and appearance of your car, or increase comfort and functionality.


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